Do you want to build email lists, generate leads, design landing pages, automate your email marketing? You must surely need an intuitive email marketing tool. What if you’re on a tight budget and want an affordable email marketing tool?

Then you’re in the right place because that is what we are going to discuss in this piece.  I have reviewed and ranked 10 of them below. It is now up to you to make a choice based on your need. Let’s dive in.

Are you pressed with time and want to know the best on this list? Then it is GetResponse.

At $15/month you have access to an intuitive automated email marketing tool that is beginner-friendly and provides all the advanced features you need to grow your business. You can begin with the free trial.

What Is An Email Marketing Software?

Before we delve into the definition of what an email marketing tool is, it’s best to understand what email marketing entails. 

For starters, email marketing is regarded as the practice wherein marketers briefly reach out to their target audience through emails. 

They can use it in acquiring new customers and engaging the current ones. Email marketing tools are simply referred to as tools that assist marketers in:

  •    Planning
  •    Setting up, and;
  •   Executing their email marketing campaigns. 

When you use them, you can successfully create an email list then proceed to draft, schedule, and send the emails to your current and prospective subscribers. 

Since these tools will help you automate your email marketing campaigns via drip emails, I’ll be providing you with the best affordable email marketing tools to have in your corner. 

What Are The Features You Should Look Out For In Email Marketing Software?

In selecting the best email marketing tools, the features you should be on the lookout for include:

 The Email and Visual Design

If you want to launch a successful email campaign, you will need to ensure that you can leave a splendid first impression on customers who view the email’s content. 

For this reason, you must choose an email marketing tool that will provide you with unlimited possibilities in both styling and visual designing. 

While the drag and drop functionality is most times taken to be the most crucial aspect, you will need to also consider having a responsive design and  in-built photo editing abilities


Aside from the email and visual design, templates are highly essential. Creating your email campaigns with pre-designed templates will save you both time and effort. 

However, it will also allow you to create strategic and unique email campaigns. More so, the pre-designed templates will enable you to generate consistent email campaigns for your clients swiftly. 

In addition to all of these, the email marketing tool should allow you to change and update pre-designed templates. 

This means you can create templates using your brand’s feel and look without hiring a freelancer. 

   Support and Reliability 

Before you commit to a particular email marketing tool, you need to check if it’s reliable. 

It’ll help reduce the chances of risking the campaign’s success all because of a failed delivery. Also, you will need to check the options for sending bulk emails and the quality of service the tool can provide. 

When you do all these, you can finally determine the consistency of the tool’s services plus the downtime you may likely encounter. Unfortunately, downtime can have a bad impact on your campaigns. 

This is the point where customer support and service come in handy. These features will enable your business to come a long way. 

Some factors you are to consider to make sure your tool is reliable range from the support crew to the support hours of the service center.

A huge factor to consider has to do with the documented procedure of the response. Plus, the person to contact if you are unsatisfied with how an issue was resolved. 

  Data Management and Integration

When creating campaigns and marketing strategies, you will need to make use of diverse tools. And you must ensure that they work together seamlessly. 

With the aid of integration, you can surely level up and enhance your email marketing campaigns.

When you integrate your email campaigns with the CRM of your business, it boosts success.

For example, an integration with CRM will enable you to update your data, and send promotional emails to target clients.


Automation is among the key features of any email marketing tool. A survey of Statista in 2019 revealed that 57% of companies globally that automate email marketing record a successful email campaign. 

Note that the automating saves time and energy. 

While doing this, you can easily optimize your organization’s workload and set up targeted emails that get delivered to the right people. 

It can reduce churn, user onboarding and, cart abandonment. 

Below are my 10 best affordable email marketing software

  1. GetResponse

GetResponse email marketing software

GetResponse is one of the best affordable email marketing tools. It offers advanced email marketing tools which large companies, small businesses, consultants, digital marketers, freelancers, etc need to automate their email marketing.

With its email editor, you can create emails in minutes. You have access to pre-made templates and stock photos.  It has a landing page creator that allows you to design 100%  responsive web forms and landing pages. Its user interface is beginner-friendly. No learning curve. 

Plus coding skill isn’t needed. 


Some of its features include:

  •  It comes  with a comprehensive reporting feature 
  •  Webinar integration feature 
  •  It has a landing page builder
  •  You can automate your emails


  •    It comes with a vast range of email templates
  •    It uses a decent analysis suite 
  •    Its segmentation capability is awesome
  •    Supports  A/B testing
  •    Supports integration with your favorite tools 


   Customer support is sometimes not quick and fast

   Its customization options are limited

Pricing Plan

This ranges from $15 to $99 per month including its Max custom pricing. It also offers a discount for annual plans.

 2. SendPulse 

Sendpulse email marketing tool

The first thing to note about SendPulse is that it will take care of your email campaigns, Web push, and SMS notifications. 

Interestingly, all of these will come at a very affordable price compared.

Its email features will enable you to set up your emails using a drag and drop editor plus ready-made templates. You can easily check the performance of your email campaigns using its A/B testing tools. 

SendPulse will provide you with email servers that have reputed IP addresses. This helps to ensure adequate email delivery. 


  •  Management of address books
  •  SendPulse easily creates content for email campaigns with the aid of drag and drop editor
  •  It automates email send-out
  •  It communicates with other devices via SMTP channels
  •  SendPulse creates fascinating emails due to its professional-looking templates, and;
  •  Its analytics features allow you to monitor key email marketing metrics like open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc.


  •   Beginner-friendly  interface
  •  Previews push notifications
  •  Affordable  pricing plan
  •  AI-driven
  •  Library of pre-made templates


  • Some features will require you to watch videos to understand how they work

Pricing Plan 

  • The standard plan costs €10 monthly
  •  Pro plan costs €12 monthly
  • Enterprise plan costs €16.8 monthly. 
  • There is a VIP plan. This plan is for entrepreneurs that have a huge number of customers and leads. 
  • If you are an entrepreneur that wants to reach out to more than 5 million subscribers, you’ll need to call or email SendPulse customer care to discuss it with them. 

Note the currency can vary depending on your country.

 3. Benchmark Email ( Best For Small Businesses)

Benchmark email marketing tool

Benchmark email marketing tool comes with all the features that small businesses need to create a successful email marketing campaign. 

A/B split testing, responsive designs and templates, detailed analytics, and even autoresponders. 

Also, it integrates with services like WordPress, PayPal, Facebook, etc.


  • Makes use of drip campaigns, autoresponders, tagging, and segmentation 
  • Supports RSS  email 
  • Automated customer journey funnel
  • Unlimited video hosting it provides 


  •  You can edit photos 
  •  Allows you to  input custom code to your emails
  •  Offers an email editor
  •   24/7 chat and phone support available in 9 languages.


  •   Image storage costs $5 monthly

Pricing Plan

Aside from its free starter plan, Benchmark Email has paid plans that range from $13/month. You can contact the sales team for custom pricing.

  4. Mailigen ( Suitable For Micro & Small Businesses) 

Mailigen email marketing software

Mailigen is a cloud-based email marketing solution designed for both micro and small businesses across diverse industries. 

These industries include advertising, e-commerce, media, and even banking. 


  •   Email list segmentation
  •   It offers sign-up form builders
  •   Analytics ROI Tracking 
  •   Pre-made templates
  • Integrates with third-party services


  •  The pricing plan is affordable
  •  Integrations with lots of third-party services
  •  Supports SMS Marketing
  •  It has webhooks 
  •  Offers customer support
  • Offers a 30-day free trial


Customer support is not always quick

   Pricing Plan

  • Its pricing plan is based on the number of email subscribers you have. 
  • If you have a small list of about 500 subscribers, you will have to pay $10 monthly. 
  • For those with 2500 subscribers, the price is $25 each month. 
  • More so, it goes up to about $400 for business owners with 100,000 subscribers. 
  • It offers a 30-day free trial. 

   5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an amazing email automation email tool. It has more than 250,000 customers including Adidas and Huffington Post are among.

It is one of the industry-leading powerful email marketing tools for medium and small businesses.


  •  It has a visual journey designer that helps in setting up a personalized customer journey
  •  Offers a  segmentation feature
  •  Ready-made email templates 
  •  Has drag and drop editor
  •  Sign-up form templates
  •  Countdown timer to create a sense of urgency for yout special offers
  • Integrates with over 250 third-party marketing tools


  •   You can make use of it without having any designing or coding experience
  •   It has suggestive tips for your email formatting 
  •  Campaign Monitor enables users to send bulk emails
  •  You can automate emails 
  • Many templates are available to use


  •  Limited customization options

Pricing Plan

Campaign Monitor’s pricing plans begin at $9/ month.

The unlimited plan starts at $29/month while the Premier plan begins at $149/ month. It offers a 10% discount for nonprofit organizations but you need to send proof of your nonprofit status. 

  6. Aweber

Aweber email marketing tool

 This is an intuitive email marketing software that is highly recommended for bloggers, consultants, and freelancers. 

AWeber integrations with tools such as Wix, PayPal, Salesforce, and lots more. 

It’s a basic platform that is quite simple for beginners who just want a cheap yet simple email marketing solution. 


  •   Advanced  in-built analytics dashboard
  •   Has a Drag and drop editor
  •   Simple segmentation and contact management 
  •   Email template library 


  • Pricing plans are  affordable
  • It is RSS compatible
  • Connects with lots of other marketing apps
  • Its analytic dashboard is easy to understand


  •  Requires a credit card to subscribe for the free trial
  • There is no free plan

Pricing Plans

Its monthly plans range from $16/month. It has a free plan allows you have up to 500 subscribers. The more subscribers you have the higher your monthly subscription fee.


Automizy email marketing tool

This is an email marketing tool you will need to boost your email open rate. Automizy comes with the necessary email marketing tools, automation, contact management, and even contact forms.

Even if you do not have email marketing experience, you can easily send emails and create automation using its drag and drop email editor feature.


  • Artificial intelligence-powered subject line tester
  • A/B testing
  • Contact segmentation
  •  Automatic resend to all non-openers
  •  It has the drag and drop email editor feature
  •  It has a visual automation builder 


  •   It has a simple to use automation builder
  •   It comes with intuitive  email builders
  •   It is affordable
  •   The customer support is fast 


   It has a limited number of email templates for users

  It does not offer  landing pages for the generation of leads

Pricing Plan

Automizy offers a 14day free trial with a money-back guarantee after 60 days. 

Once the trial period is over, users will be charged based on the number of active contacts. This begins from $9 monthly. 

  8.Omnisend ( Suitable for ecommerce)

Omnisend email marketing softare

This is regarded as an Omnichannel email marketing tool and seen as a rising star in the automation world. 

With its core being email marketing, it provides powerful automation that enables users to automate their emails and enhance the marketing results using other channels. 

You can use Omnisend in addition to Web push notifications, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and more into your automation workflow. 

The aim is to capture insights about your subscribers from diverse touchpoints and you can establish omnichannel marketing campaigns. 


Its key features are:

  •  Its visual email editor
  •   It makes use of a micro-targeting feature
  •   Advanced segmentation feature
  •   It makes use of A/B testing for crucial email elements 
  •    Sign-up forms for the collection of email Ids
  •    It uses click rate booster tools, Gift Box, and product Picker 


  •   It is easy to set up
  •   It comes with helpful tutorials
  •   The customer service is superb
  •   No learning curve
  •   Suitable for e-commerce merchants who boost their conversion rate 


  •     It does not have an RSS to email feature
  •    Its interface is not very intuitive

Pricing Plan

  • Its pricing plan ranges from $16/month to $59/month. It also offers a free trial.

  9. Mailerlite ( Best for personal projects)

Mailerlite email marketing tool

Mailerlite is another affordable email marketing tool that provides all the essential features you launch a successful email campaign. It is more useful for individuals who are starting a small business, side-hustle, or offering freelancing services.


The main features of Mailerlite are:

  •  It has a drag and drop editor feature 
  •  Text editor and custom HTML editor
  •  There are different kinds of  templates
  •  It has an A/B testing feature 
  •   Supports e-commerce campaigns


  •   It has a free plan
  •   24/7 email support and Live chat
  •   14 days free trial for premium features
  •   Results can be tracked using the campaign surveys and reports 


  •     It lacks CRM functionalities
  •     It has limited integrations

Pricing Plan

  • Its pricing plan starts from $10. It has a free plan that allows having up to 1000 subscribers.

It offers a 30% discount for a yearly plan subscription. 


Moosend email marketing tool

This is an email marketing tool suitable for businesses of any kind that want to deliver a powerful email campaign. Its features are aimed at ensuring you personalize your campaigns so as to build relationships with the right audience.

This is one of the best affordable email marketing tools that markets itself as a 


Some of its features include:

  •   It has an email personalization feature 
  •   It has automation features as well as drip campaigns 
  •   Free email autoresponder
  •   A free landing page builder
  •   Data analytics feature
  •   List segmentation


  •  You have the option to pay only when you send the emails
  •  It has phone support, and you can get help via chat
  •  Its templates  are simple to customize 
  •  Has a free plan. No credit card is required 
  •  The price is affordable 


  •    Users cannot send emails from a Hotmail or Gmail address
  •    It has limited integrations

Pricing Plan

The pricing of Moosend begins at $8/month and also has a custom plan. It has a free version, and it offers a free trial. It offers discounts for 6 months and annual plans. 

Final Thought 

That’s it with the list of best affordable email marketing tools. Yours is to compare the features stated here against your needs and make the best decision.

However, kickstart with the free trial of any of these email marketing tools to be sure that it is what you would like to commit to. 

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