Are you looking for the best webinar software for your small business? I guess yes. I welcome you to this ultimate guide where we’ll discuss 10 of them. A lot of small businesses want to host webinars these days.

The reason is that webinar is an effective way to attract new clients, generate leads, and convert them into paying clients. Hosting online seminars, training sessions, video presentations, workshops, and meetings is now the new cool.

However hosting a webinar comes with challenges like capturing registrations, background noise, technical issues, poor connection, poor sales funnel, etc. This is where choosing the best webinar software for small businesses becomes important.

In this guide, I reviewed the 10 best low-cost webinar platforms for small businesses based on key features, pros, cons, and pricing plans.

Which Webinar Platform Is Best For A Small Business?

The best webinar software should be able to do the following:

  • Cancel background noise
  • Allow for multiple presenters
  • Share presentation slides
  • Integrate with other marketing tools
  • Record and save webinar sessions
  • Offer quality customer support
  • Devoid of technical issues during the webinar session
  • Offer live chat for presenters and participants
  • Provide a sales funnel that can convert

Below are my 10 best webinar software for small businesses

1. Livestorm My Best Pick ( Features Tailored To Small Businesses)

Livestorm is one of the best webinar software trusted by 300+ companies for their online events. It’s a powerful video communication tool for companies of different sizes. In a few minutes, it helps to plan your online event leaving to only worry about bringing people to participate in your webinar.

This tool helps you build attractive register pages and sends out reminders to your participants. Its modern webinar technology allows your participant to take part in your webinar from any device.

Key Features

Integration: Livestorm allows you to connect with your 100+ favorite apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, Webhooks, Facebook pixel, Mailchimp, Drip, YouTube live, Calendy, Google Analytics, etc.

Multitask: Livestorm helps automate all the key moments of your webinar leaving you to focus on your presentation.

Invite Moderators: You can easily invite other moderators to help you with your webinar. It could even be a participant.

Interact With Participants: During the webinar, you have the option to chat with your attendees without having to load a different app or leave the webinar environment.

Reports And Analytics: Livestorm has a reliable tool with which you can analyze your webinar to check for the number of attendees, registrants, messages, questions, and polls. This will help you determine if you reached your goals for the webinar. It gives room for you to see where you will improve on.

Other features include:

  • Ability to record your webinar
  • Unlimited playbacks
  • Screen sharing
  • Follow webinar conversation by phone
  • Share a pre-recorded during the webinar
  • Host your webinar in HD


  • Offers free plan
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish
  • User friendly
  • Video tutorials to guide you
  • Suitable for large businesses and companies
  • Follows GDPR directive to protect your data
  • No credit card required for the free plan
  • You don’t have to install any software
  • Offers customer support


  • Available in just 3 languages
  • No phone call or email customer support
  • The free plan has no advanced features

Pricing Plan

Livestorm offers 3 pricing plans

  • Basic ( Webinar Basic and Meet Basic) Free
  • Premium ( Webinar Premium) €80/month – billed yearly
  • Enterprise ( For large organizations) Offers the best in class service. Contact them for price plan

2. Easy Webinar

Easy Webinar is a powerful software a lot of small businesses use to host their online events. It comprises a full suite marketing platform that makes it easy for you to connect with your clients, scale your campaign, and automate your engagement.

Easy Webinar allows you to build your webinar funnel with the help of different integration tools. This software has a customer tracking tool that allows you to connect with potential customers and convert them to paying customers. With this software you can achieve the following:

  • Organize online training seminars
  • Sell your digital and physical products
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche
  • Build your email list
  • Generate quality leads
  • Acquire new customers
  • Showcase your products and services to your target audience

Key Features

Now let’s look at the key features of this software

Integration: This software is integrated with some auto responder marketing tools like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Drip, Active Campaign, and Aweber.

These tools make it easy for you to add registrants to your email provider which you can use to stay in with them before, during, and after your webinar. EasyWebinar works perfectly with PayPal, Infusionsoft, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Chats.

Multiple Presenters: With Easy Webinar, you can have up to 4 presenters at a time presenting to your participants. Each of them have access to a microphone and camera and can also share their screen

Turn A Participant To A Presenter: Your participant can be a presenter with a click of a button. Once you pick the participant, this software locates their audio and camera for immediate presentation.

Easy Cast: This is a new feature that allows your webinar to stream live on different Social Media platforms.

True Voice: This feature ensures that your webinar is noise-free even when two persons are speaking at the same time.

Presentation Media: This feature allows you to share presentation slides without leaving the webinar environment.

Other features of this software include;

Easy live chat

On-demand event access

Enhanced analytics and reporting

HD screen sharing

Multiple moderators and co-hosts

Record and Archive any webinar session


  • Responsive and customizable
  • 14-day free trial, cancel anytime
  • WordPress plugin can be used to automate live webinar
  • Easy registration for new users to sign up
  • Inbuilt email notification before and after the webinar
  • Social sharing feature
  • Easy export of webinar CSV report
  • Customer support
  • The registration box is embedded on the web page.
  • Streams event in the local time of your attendee


  • No phone support
  • Set up is a little confusing

Pricing Plan

This webinar software has three pricing plans

  • Standard – From $78/month
  • Pro – From $129/month
  • Enterprise ( For Large Scale Businesses) – From $499/month

3. LiveWebinar

A lot of top business leaders and entrepreneurs rely on Livewebinar for not just hosting their webinars but for superb video events.

As one of the most advanced webinar software that offers a cloud base solution, you can use it to organize seminars, sales presentations, training, webinars including meetings. Its features are personalized for any kind of business you run.

Participants to your webinars or video events can connect using their smart TVs, smartphones, and PCs seamlessly. Over 150,000 businesses trust Livewebinar for hosting their online events.

Some Key Features

Whiteboard: With whiteboard, you can make illustrations on your webinar by drawing on videos, images, and text. This helps your audience understand the point you’re trying to make.

Surveys and Poll: As a webinar presenter, it is important you get valuable feedback from participants. The simple and easy way to go about it is by creating surveys and polls. This can be during or after the webinar.

Live Streaming: As your webinar is live, your stream it on different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Plus external sources like Periscope and Vimeo. This is to allow for more audiences to participate.

Screen Sharing: As the webinar or meeting is going on, you can share your screen with other attendees.

Integration: Livewebinar allows you to connect with your favorite marketing automation like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Aweber, Freshmail, etc. This Integration works seamlessly with the API interface.


  • It’s GDPR compliant.
  • Offers a free trial. No credit card is required.
  • You can record your webinar in full HD.
  • Has a 5-star user rating on Capterra and Crowd.
  • Provides customer support through email plus it has written articles that answer your FAQs.


  • No live chat and phone support.
  • No landing page. You have to embed it into your website.
  • The user interface can be confusing for a beginner.

Pricing Plans

Livewebinar has 3 different pricing plans apart from its free plan:

  • Pro Plan: $14.99/month
  • Business Plan: $ 119/month
  • Custom Plan: Here you customize the features you want and you what it amounted to either monthly or yearly.

To save cost, Livewebinar offers you a 20% discount for an annual subscription to any of its pricing plans.

4. GetResponse

Starting with the very first platform for webinar software for small businesses is GetResponse. This is basically an email marketing app that permits you to:

  • Generate a mailing list and record data in it
  • Design newsletters that can be sent to subscribers on your mailing list
  • Automate your emails to subscribers through the use of ‘’autoresponders’’
  • Create to help businesses increase sales

 In addition, Get Response initiates a whiteboard feature in the new webinar interface that permits you to:

  • Draw
  • Write
  • Insert images

Furthermore, for getting more audience the Facebook and YouTube streaming features allows you to Livestream your webinar on your Facebook or YouTube profile.GetResponse has a great achievement as the award-winning customer service team, winning gold, silver, and bronze Stevie Awards in 2013 and 2014

The pricing for GetResponse webinar varies from email size list as follows:

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Plans starting from $49 per month for up to 100 participants
  • Extended plans for $165 per month for up to 500 participants

5. ClickFunnels

This webinar software is suitable for anyone who wants to quickly set up sales funnels to capture the audience and convert them into customers.

Its purpose is to help businesses owners advertise, sell, and deliver products to their customers. Clickfunnel covers all the things which you need to use different platforms and solutions to accomplish the same effect.

Clickfunnels automated webinar provides you with more, compared to its competitors to help you generate an astonishing website.

The editor is uncomplicated to use and all you need to do is drag and drop the different constituents on the page and change the given text as well as the aspect to fit your needs. 

Clickfunnels is a highly victorious platform for everybody because it permits any person with a business startup idea to be able to construct landing pages inside of a sale funnel. Any person who has an idea, product, or service they want to sell can get an advantage from Clickfunnel.

For pricing plans, you can start this for a 14-day trial but after you are done with that, there would come three pricing plans in it:

  • The pricing of $97/month
  • The $297/month plan
  • And the $997 mass discount rate plan(recommended)


Clickfunnels automated webinars are quite easy as well as fast to keep your business well-organized. It offers 14 days free trial is there for you to experiment and see if it suits your need. 


Clickfunnels has  monthly price plans that are not cheap compared to other webinar software

Recommended reading: Clickfunnels Vs GetResponse comparison

6. Zoom Webinar

Best Webinar Software for Small Business

Zoom webinar is the most convenient and perfect way for taking online classes and for meeting purposes too.

On this software, you may add or share some audio, webcam, and your screen with others. It is somehow similar to Skype, Google Hangouts, and is used mostly by companies for the purpose of meetings with their clients and members.

This is one of the best webinar software for small businesses. It makes it easy for hosts and attendees to interact with each other.

It contains features like chat tools,  surveys, Q/A, and polls to make a perfect webinar.

If we talk about its pricing it’s way more convenient for everybody.

For beginners, it offers a forever free plan that may support 100 live attendees,40 minutes duration limit for the group meetings, and an unlimited 1 to 1 meeting.

The basic plan starts from $14.99 /month


It provides a secured calling via zoom and the easiest way of having meetings or conferences with clients and members. Zoom webinar a reliable platform. It also makes file sharing easy and fast.


Sometimes saving the meeting recordings to the cloud and then sharing it sometimes is a challenge. Also, the chat features are not available especially when a meeting is on. Its video quality can sometimes be unpredictable.

7. WebinarNinja

Webinar Ninja is a popular webinar platform used by a lot of small businesses. This software webinar permits you to host, share, and attend webinars with no worries.

It is an all-in-one software that gives you everything you need to run your webinar successfully.  Webinar Ninja allows for the following integration:

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • Infusionsoft
  • Hubspot
  • Drip 

It also permits the administrators to gain perception into the performance of webinars, conversion, and belonging rates.

Moreover, it can reinforce incorporation with numerous third-party applications. In addition, it offers essential tools for an amazing presentation. You can find the option of sharing screens, videos, and inserting images on this software.

WebinarNinja has 4 kinds of webinars and they are as follows:

Live Different kinds of events take place at a specific time.

Automated: It’s a pre-recorded webinar that takes place once.

Series: Contain a series of live events scheduled.

Hybrid: It’s a pre-recorded webinar in which the host shows how to interact with the people and chat.

 WebinarNinja starts from $49/month and provides a free trial.

8. GotoWebinar

This is one of the oldest platforms of webinars out there, also known as the sister platform of Gotomeeting.

It is easy to use and may involve some poll questions, handouts, multiple speakers, etc. This platform is very effective and mostly the one many  small businesses trust for their webinar

One astonishing feature of this software is the polling feature. You can time your polls, select exactly when you want to present, and which poll. When you share a poll it “incorporates”. Your audience will see the vivid screen of the poll and it would be so easy for them to interact.


  • GotoWebinar performs well in reporting metrics
  • Perfect for online training
  • It has a good screen share
  • Records for future play backs


  • Limited number of themes
  • Doesn’t have a lot of customization option
  • Delays in video streaming
  • Let us look at the pricing

Pricing Plans

This webinar software has three price plans:

  • Starter: $89/month with 100 participants
  • Pro plan: $199/month with 500 attendees
  • Plus plan: $429/month with 1000 attendees

9. EverWebinar

Best Webinar Software for Small Business

Ever Webinar is one of the best webinar software for small businesses. It is a browser-based platform with a user-friendly connection that provides a logical experience.

It is suitable for recording live webinars and there are training videos at each step to guide you in case you need additional guidance.

On this webinar software, you are able to interact with your attendees as a group without having to individually interact with them. It allows you to entirely automate webinars easily using a 10 step offensive wizard.

It offers a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. Unlike other webinar platforms. Everwebinar contains just one pricing plan with three different payment choices. They include;

  • Installment plan
  • Annual plan
  • Biennial plan


  • Automated chat feature
  • Easy to check if it’s working or not
  • Simple to set up 
  • Free unlimited hosting
  • Track payment easily


  • You can’t replicate the live chat
  • Page templates are quite bad
  • Data and reporting aren’t strong

Pricing Plans

Its pricing plans start from $499 per year

Check out this article where I reviewed Ever Webinar.

10. Bigmarker

Bigmarker is a cloud-based webinar hosting and marketing tool for administration and education purposes. It can also be used by small businesses. It was initially meant for educators but it was been developed to accommodate small businesses. It has three price plans and they are as follows:

Basic: It costs $29/month with 25 attendees.

Plus: It costs $49/month with 100 attendees.

Elite: It costs $149/month with 500 attendees

Bigmaker has the following features:

  • Reminders
  • Polls/voting
  • Q/A
  • Email marketing
  • Social sharing
  • Online payment
  • On demand webinars
  • Multi presenters

11. Zoho

Zoho is the best webinar software for small businesses that want to manage customer relationships through webinars. It offers multiple inexpensive price points, a full range of characteristics, and customization options.


This webinar software affords you the luxury to customize functions to suit your need.

Developers can take further steps to use the Zoho CRM Developer Edition. CRM is an integration with a third-party system that connects people with one another wherever they are.


The load time of Zoho can be slow sometimes.

Its customer service sometimes is not quick as you may have to wait for a longer time.

Let us look at the features that come with this webinar software below

  • Multiple currencies
  • Real-time date
  • Custom modules
  • CRM analytics
  • Custom signal
  • Gamification
  • Social CRM
  • Document library
  • Workflow management

Price edition of Zoho

Zoho has five different price editions

Free edition

standard edition – $12/user/month

Professional edition -$20/user/month

Enterprise edition – $30/user/month

Ultimate edition -$45/user/month

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Webinar Software For Small Business

Let us look at some of the questions people ask as it relates best webinar software for small business

What is the best platform for webinar?

All the platforms mentioned above are good for webinars. It all depends on your need for them. GetResponse, Clickfunnels, Webinarjam, WebinarNinja, Zoho, Bigmaker, etc. Yours is to take your time to review each and every one of them to identify the one that meets your webinar needs.

Is Zoom good for webinar?

Yes, it is. It had good video and audio quality. It is suitable for a live webinar. You can also record webinars on your computer as it is taking place. It is perfect for online meetings.

What is the best free webinar service?

The fact is that there is no webinar service that is totally free. However, almost all the webinar software has free trials which you can use to check them out before you settle for the paid plan.

Any webinar service that offers you quality audio and video will come at a cost. You can check out the free trials of the webinar software discussed above. 


Well, that pretty much assembles up the list of the best webinar software for small businesses. While choosing the best webinar for your small business, make sure that you identify the one that suits your need.

Picking up the best webinar software is necessary to achieve your business goals. I have explored the best 10 for you and it is up to you to compare them side by side to see if they meet your requirement in webinar software.

However, it is important you start with the free trial for anyone you settle for to see how it works for you. 

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