GetResponse Review

I used the GetResponse free account which gave me 30-day free access to the premium features of GetResponse, one of the best email marketing software to see what it got to offer. 

I know you want to start your email marketing campaign with GetResponse but first want to read a GetResponse review to be sure it’s worth it.

I will share my experience with you based on key features GetResponse offers and how they help to achieve your marketing goals.

 You will learn about the pricing plans, pros and cons, and other important things that will help you decide if GetResponse suits your needs.

My Top Pick

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My Verdict On GetResponse 

After using the 30-day free trial, I see  GetResponse as an email marketing tool that’s worth it. Beyond email marketing, it offers easy-to-use advanced marketing features like webinars, conversion funnel, sales funnel, landing pages, website builders, email automation, autoresponder, etc. Ecommerce merchants can leverage GetResponse’s ecommerce features to recover abandoned carts, promote the latest products and use AI to recommend products that their audience will like.

Large enterprises and agencies aren’t left out as the GetResponse Max allows you to have customized features tailored to your operations. The only downside of it is that it doesn’t have a refund policy. But that shouldn’t be an issue because the 30-day free trial is enough for you to have a first-hand experience and decide if you want to be a paying customer.

I even went further to research it on top-rated review sites and below is a chart of reviews verified customers gave about GetResponse on

GetResponse review on G2

Pros & Cons Of GetResponse

Pros: What I Like About GetResponse 

  • Supports 15+ languages 
  • It has a clean and easy user interface
  • Integration with other marketing tools is easy you won’t experience technical hitches
  • Dashboard and widgets are customizable  so you can decide which tool or function comes in handy
  • You can create, use, save, and re-use your own templates for different purposes 
  • Offers webinar hosting and a website builder to complement your email marketing campaign
  • Tools and features are advanced and in line with the latest developments in email marketing such as the use of AI – it has already introduced the use of AI to generate subject lines that can boost your open rate
  • The user interface is beginner-friendly and almost all the features are easy to use

Cons: What I Don’t Like About GetResponse

  • It supports a few email marketing software when it comes to the automatic migration of contact lists. This means that if your previous email marketing software isn’t ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Aweber, or Constant Contact, you may have to use a connection service, manual method, or upload of a list. 
  • It  can take a longer time when updating the landing page for mobile devices 
  • Pricing plans can be expensive 
  • Has no refund policy

GetResponse  Pricing

GetResponse has  4 pricing plans:

getresponse pricing plans

Email marketing plan: Starts at $19/month ( Up to 1000 contact lists)

Marketing automation plan: Starts at $59/month ( Up to 1000 contact lists)

Ecommerce marketing plan: Starts at $119/month ( Up to 1000 contact lists)

GetResponse Max: Custom pricing

GetResponse Max Plus: Custom pricing

The more you add subscribers to your list, the higher you pay on GetResponse.

Let’s say I subscribed to the Marketing automation plan which is the most popular and my list grew from 1000 to 10000. To efficiently reach all my 10k subscribers, I have to upgrade your list. And that will see me pay $114/month. 

Like this:

Getresponse automation marketing plan

To have you committed to its services, GetResponse offers discounts which are as follows:

  • 12-month plan – 18% discount 
  • 24-month plan – 30% discount 

In addition to this, I discovered that GetResponse offers discounts to charities and non-governmental agencies (NGOs).  This is its own way of giving back to society. 

So, if you run an NGO or charity organization, GetResponse offers you a 50% discount monthly, but you must first reach out to them and provide proof you are one.

All the GetResponse pricing plans mentioned here aren’t equal. Their features differ and I will walk you through each of them as we progress in this GetResponse review. 

You can also read this article where I reviewed GetResponse pricing

A Quick Tour Of GetResponse Dashboard 

After signing up for the free account, I quickly toured the dashboard since that’s where I can carry out every task.

getresponse dashboard

There are quick actions you can take, one of which is to create a newsletter and send it to your subscribers.

Creating a newsletter – This is the same as sending emails to your subscribers. 

The process is simple:

  • Enter sender and reply email addresses
  • Write your subject line
  • Add recipients
  • Design your email content 
  • Schedule or send it immediately 
  • Then track clicks 

I noticed a  downside here which is you can’t do ecommerce tracking or track click with Google Analytics unless you upgrade to a higher plan. 

Also, GetResponse launched a new feature – AI Subject Line  Generator which you can use to generate catchy email subject lines that will increase your open rate. I will explore it more when we look at the core features of GetResponse. 

Create form or popup – You can quickly create a pop-up and have it triggered for your target audience to take action like signing up or downloading your special offer. You can also embed your form anywhere on your page.

Create a landing page – Create a landing page for sign-ups and registration, promotion, digital downloads, sales, webinars, etc. 

Add Contact – Add email addresses you have to your contact, so you can email them. You either add them one by one manually or upload a file, using an external service.

Create autoresponder – Reach your subscribers fast with automatically triggered emails at a particular time.

Now when you click on the Tools, you see all the tools GetResponse offers, starting from Contact to Web Connect

Click on each of them to see how you can use them for your email marketing campaign. 

Click on Contacts to see the email list you created, search option, segments, reports, list hygiene, suppression lists, custom fields, import statistics, and tags. The summary of the features of the Contact Tool is that you have all you need to manage your Contacts. If you are starting with a free account, you have a limit of 500 contacts. 

The next tab is Email marketing!

Here you have tools to create a newsletter ( email), Draft where you save created emails that you aren’t ready to send, and do A/B test where you test two different emails with certain parameters to know which generates better results.

If you have created templates, saved and used them for email marketing, you will see them in My Templates – it’s like a folder. 

There is also an option to send RSS emails to get your subscribers to know about your latest blog post immediately after you hit the publish button. 

And finally is the Report tab

Here you get the reports of your email marketing. Whether it’s autoresponder, email campaigns, automation messages, contacts, RSS emails, and email clients.

GetResponse even launched new features for the report tab – Ecommerce and product recommendation. This is for ecommerce merchants to get reports on email campaigns aimed at generating sales. 

Watch this video below where I walked you through on GetResponse dashboard. It’s an overview of all I showed you above and will help you understand better.

Core Features Of GetResponse 

Email Creator 

GetResponse makes it easy to create emails with its drag-and-drop email creator. There are layouts and sections which you can use to design your email. You can schedule your emails, and preview your designs on your mobile and desktop versions before hitting the send button. 

Email Templates 

You have access to a  library of over 120 pre-build email templates with professional designs that suit your email marketing campaign. And they are categorized, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

For example, there are templates for new product launches, holiday promotions, webinar invitations, etc.

GetResponse email templates

You can preview, edit and customize any pre-made template you choose to suit your needs.

If you are a guru in design, and you feel the pre-designed templates aren’t good for you, no worries because you can use the blank templates to create your own and even save it in My Templates, so you can use them for subsequent campaigns. 

If you have templates that are in HTML, GetResponse has the HTML editor where you can paste them or even upload them from a ZIP.

AI Subject Line Generator

GetResponse recently launched this feature to help you generate powerful email subject lines. I think this is a huge improvement considering that a low open rate is one of the challenges email marketers face. Also, with the rate AI copywriting tools are spreading, marketing automation tools like GetResponse will be missing out if they don’t incorporate it into their system. 

I think GetResponse was able to get this AI email subject line running via Open AI API, the creators of ChatGPT.

GetResponse subject line writer

This feature comes up when you want to send newsletters, so you can use it to generate catchy email subject lines. And it’s available to users on the paid plans.

A/B Test 

A/B test is a feature that helps you identify a winning email campaign. You can split test your headlines( Increase Open Rate), images, and layout to ascertain the images and layouts that capture the attention of your subscribers. Plus your CTA( Call-To-Action) buttons to increase your Click-Through-Rate. 


You can automate the emails you send to your subscribers at a particular time in a sequence using GetResponse autoresponder. The aim is to maximize conversion and boost sales. The process of setting up your autoresponder is similar to sending emails. GetResponse has pre-made templates and blank templates you can use to design your autoresponder. You can use the AI subject line writer to generate a catchy subject line for your autoresponder emails and then set the days it will trigger.

Looking at my settings in the screenshot below, which is from the GetResponse free account, you can see that I set weekdays as the days I want my autoresponder to send.

GetResponse Autoresponder

 There is also an option to track clicks. But you need to upgrade to paid plans to do ecommerce tracking or Google Analytics tracking. 

Forms & Popups

Forms and popups are for you to grow your email list, and get more sales or even feedback from your audience. GetResponse has different pre-made templates you can use for various kinds of popups you want to create. Where it’s full screen, bar, slide-in, or box popup, there is a template for it. 

GetResponse templates to design popups and forms

You can choose the black templates popup and create your own design if you think the pre-made ones aren’t good enough.


Just like you use analytics tools to track the performance of your website, GetResponse has an email analytics feature that helps you optimize your email marketing campaign. You get to know the behavior of your subscribers, and how they react to your emails. Plus you have actionable insight that will help you make a better email marketing decision. 

List Management 

Not all email subscribers will be valuable to your business. That’s where list management becomes useful. You can use it to segment your list automatically. Thereby making it easy to reach the right subscribers with a personalized email at the right time. 

Landing Page

GetResponse has over 100 different pre-made landing page templates. Whether you want to generate leads, get webinar registrants, or launch your online school, there is a pre-designed template you can preview, edit and customize to suit your needs. 

getresponse premade templates to design your landing page

Just like email and pop-up blank templates, you can also build your own landing page templates using the plain template from scratch.

getresponse blank template for landing page

I used the premade templates to walk you through to see how GetResponse’s landing page works.

So, I choose the lead generation template, enter the name of my landing pages and click Next. I was directed to a canvas where I can design and customize my landing page. 

Canvas to design getresponse landing page

Here you can add a logo, and headline that will attract your audience to take action. 

There is a space to embed your signup form. 

Then another space to tell your target audience about your offers and why they should join your email list or download your freebie.

There is also a space to upload a video or image. GetResponse allows you to upload from your website or PC. 

And just recently, GetResponse made an improvement on its landing page creator.  Now you can use Free GetResponse images or connect to Shutterstock gallery to get unique images you want for landing pages at a fee. You can also add GIFs brought to you by GIPHY.

GetResponse supports uploading files and images

There is another space to reinforce the value your products and services offer. This time around it should be what makes it stand out from your competitors.

Then a section to add testimonials. 

And your closing convincing statement to get an audience to take action with a strong call-to-action button below it.

On the right-hand side of your canvas is a toolbar that you can use to design and customize your landing page. 

You can preview the appearance of your landing page on a mobile or desktop device, save it as a template, or convert it to HTML code. 

The final stage is when you tick the SEO boxes so that your landing page is optimized for search engines. But this is optional. You can ignore it if you don’t want to rank for landing pages on search engines. 

Set your landing page URL. Here you can decide to assign your own domain or use any of the subdomains GetResponse offers.

 Choose a subscription list for your landing page and enable other important settings. You can use the default thank you page or design a “Thank You” page using the same landing page template –  GetResponse makes it easier here.

setting up getresponse landing page


If everything looks good, you can save or publish immediately.

Generally, GetResponse has advanced features to create a landing page that converts and the process is self-explanatory. If you decide to subscribe to GetResponse, designing your landing page is a breeze if you follow the steps I showed you here.

Automatic Adding of Contacts

You find this feature useful if you are migrating from one email marketing software to GetResponse. Remember you have built lists with your previous email marketing software, and you want to have all your subscribers on GetResponse. Adding this one by one manually which GetResponse supports is a waste of time. So doing it automatically is the best way to go. You can export it from your previous email marketing tool and upload it as a file. GetResponse also supports importing your contacts using services like Zendesk, Salesforce, or Magento. 

And the final option is the migration list where you select your previous email marketing software. GetResponse supports migration from ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Aweber, and Constant Contact. Draft the file or upload it from your computer. Then select Add and update existing. 

Migrating your contact list to GetResponse

The downside of Adding contact on GetResponse is that it supports only a few email marketing software when it comes to the automatic migration of contacts. So if you use SendPulse, Mailmunch, or other email marketing tools outside the ones in the selection box, you either paste from a file or use connect services to migrate your contact lists to GetResponse.

Marketing Automation Builder 

Marketing workflow is key if you aim to boost your sales. It is difficult to build one especially if you are new to automation software. However, you can leverage the pre-built marketing workflow on GetResponse to capture new leads and convert them to sales. Since it is an automated system, it uses your customers’ data and behavior to deliver a personalized marketing experience. It saves you time, reduces cart abandonment rate, and recommends to your target customers the products they love. 


You don’t have to look for webinar hosting software because GetResponse has a feature that allows you to host unlimited webinars. You and the other two presenters can be on the stage at the same time. Plus your live participants can be up to 1000. On-demand webinar is now a trend and Getresponse allows you to record your webinar for up to 20 hours. This is to allow your audience who didn’t watch the live session to watch at a later time. 

GetResponse webinar feature allows you to do the following: 

  • Promote your special offers to your audience during the live session 
  • Optimize your webinar landing page to increase the opt-in rate 
  • Use Facebook pixel to retarget the audience. 
  • Follow up with your audience who registered for your webinar but didn’t attend
  • Set up your subscription to suit your goal with the option to add different payment gateways. 
  • Brand or customize the URL of your website landing page 
  • Share files of different formats including YouTube videos during the presentation 
  • Share your screen with your audience for demonstration purposes
  • Use whiteboards to create a better learning experience 
  • Enable live conversation through chat 
  • Analyze your webinar to identify areas you need to improve on

GetResponse Website Builder 

In its bid to prove that it is an ‘all-in-one’ marketing solution, GetResponse added a website builder as one of its features. 

This means that users who launch email marketing campaigns and also design and host websites on this platform without looking for website builder platforms.

 That is using a stone to kill two birds. This feature is available on all GetResponse paid plans. It may interest you to know that you do not require coding skills to design any website on this platform. The website builder is AI-driven, and it helps you identify the features that are suitable for your website. All by answering a few questions.

getresponse website builder feature

You have access to templates to build your site. You don’t have to bother about hosting because GetResponse takes care of it. You have the option to use a free domain name it offers you or connect your old domain. Plus you can buy a domain name from GetResponse with an SSL certificate to show that your site is safe and secured. 

Read this article where I reviewed GetResponse’s website builder.

Conversion Funnel 

Conversion funnel is an automated system that takes your customers on a journey starting from the awareness stage till they convert to sales. GetResponse has over 30 professionally designed conversion funnel templates that can help you boost your sales, recover abandoned carts and attract new customers. 

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to build a conversion funnel as it does the heavy lifting for you. On your own part, choose any of the pre-made opt-in funnels, to capture new leads through the traffic that comes to your website. Offer valuable content for free for your audience to exchange their email addresses to get your freebie.

Set up an automated email campaign to welcome your new audience and nurture them with personalized emails. Use webinars to build relationships with them. Thereafter, start promoting your offers to them. You can sell any kind of product on GetResponse and receive payment via different payment gateways automatically.

If you run an ecommerce business on Shopify or BigCommerce, you can connect your shopping cart to GetResponse which makes it easier to import your products. The interesting thing about the conversion funnel is that you can cross-sell and upsell your customers which is a way of increasing your sales. 

GetResponse Chat 

There is nothing like being there for your customers when they need you most. That is what GetResponse Chat is all about. This feature makes it easy to convert website visitors into leads. You can set it up in your email campaigns, landing pages, the website built on GetResponse, or your existing website. It is interesting to know that you can let your audience know when best to hit you up for live conservation. Plus analyze your chat history to understand what you need to improve on to satisfy your customers. 

Integration & Apps

Connecting seamlessly with other marketing tools makes it easier to grow your business at a faster pace. About 150 tools or platforms integrate with GetResponse. These tools are into different categories, so you can find your favorite tool which you want to connect to GetResponse.

Apps and tools that integrate with getresponse

 There are integrations by GetResponse which are official and Integration by Zapier, a third-party tool that can attract additional cost.

  GetResponse allows you to connect your own App which is not available on its official or Zapier integration list.  A developer can get it done using GetResponse API, (Application Programming Interface).

 This lets you receive and send data from GetResponse in a manner that suits your marketing needs.

AI-Powered Features

AI has become a new cool in email marketing and GetResponse as a leading email marketing platform has rolled out its AI-powered features to help you generate more leads and sales.

Let’s look at the AI-powered features GetResponse provides you with:

AI Email Generator

If you suck at writing email copy and have been spending huge amounts hiring email copywriters, the new AI email generator from GetResponse will put a stop to it. With the power of GPT, the AI will generate email copy that captivates the attention of your subscribers and also converts them to leads and sales. The interesting thing about GetResponse AI email generator is that it generates an attention-grabbing subject line which is important to get your subscribers to click and open your email.

Using it is a breeze, you don’t need to be good at prompt or tech-savvy.

Click on AI email generator and enter the following:

  • The keyword that summarizes your email
  • The type of business you operate
  • Who the email is for? Example business leaders, students, struggling online entrepreneurs
  • The type of email you want to send. An example could be sales, invitation, or thank you emails
Getresponse AI email generator

Click Next and choose a layout of your choice, pick a color to compliment the layout you chose, and click on Generate. Within a few seconds, the AI generates an email copy for you.

AI Autoresponder Generator

If you find it hard to engage your audience with autoresponders, the AI-powered autoresponder generator from GetResponse will make it easy.

Getresponse AI autoresponder

Now you can create automated email sequences with AI to engage your new subscribers and have them take the desired action as soon as possible.

AI Landing Page Creator

Your landing page is the first contact your target audience has with your business. It’s where you convince them to join your email list. You have to make it attractive and appealing. So if you struggle to create a landing page that can move the needle, GetResponse AI landing page creator will help you.

AI Campaign Generator

Launching a marketing campaign can be a pain in the ass if you don’t know how to go about it. You can’t tell the landing page, newsletter, and welcome email that will resonate with your buyer persona. With GetResponse AI campaign generator, it’s a walkover. Just comply with the checklist that shows when you want to create a marketing campaign, and you’re good to go.

Here’s what to do to have AI generate all you need to launch your marketing campaign:

Select the checklist – this involves the goal of your marketing campaign

Tailor your message – Feed the AI with relevant data to provide you with the best asset for your campaign. Enter your target keywords, audience, industry, and name, and set the tone of your campaign message

Design your campaign – Here you choose a theme, color combinations, logo, and other visuals to make your marketing campaign appeal to your audience.

Review and launch – Take a second look at the details you fed the AI and the design options you chose. If everything looks good, hit the Publish button.

AI Web Push Notifications

If you built your website using GetResponse website builder, it’s time to grow your traffic using the AI web push notifications. Your audience will be the first to know about your new content – thanks to the AI web push notification feature from GetResponse. The interesting thing is that you can use it to generate sales. Your returning website visitors already know what you stand for and will likely jump on your special offers.

Paid Ad Creators

If you run ads on Facebook, Instagram, or any other marketing channels from your GetResponse account to generate leads, I understand the time and resources you invest to ensure you get a good ROI for every dollar you spend.

GetResponse paid ad creator is here to do the heavy lifting, so you can focus more on up-selling your customers. The AI will generate goal-optimized ads. This starts with a headline that will capture the attention of your target audience on different marketing channels, ad copy, and CTA buttons that will prompt them to take desired action.

GetResponse Pricing Explained

Email Marketing Plan – This is the most affordable pricing plan of GetResponse, and it starts at $19/month for a 1000 contact list. It  offers the following features:

  • AI email subject line generator
  • Send unlimited newsletter 
  • Autoresponder 
  • Segmentation at the basic level 
  • Website and landing page builder
  • Sign-up and pop-up forms
  • And all free tools

Now you know the features of the email marketing plan, the next question is to know if it’s suitable for you. 

Email marketing plan is suitable for you if:

  • You are a beginner to email marketing 
  • You are on a low budget 
  • You want a basic features to launch your email marketing campaign 

If that sounds like you, go ahead and start your 30-day free trial for the email marketing plan.

Otherwise, we move to the next plan -Marketing Automation plan.

Marketing Automation – This plan comes after the email marketing plan, and it costs $59/month for a 1000 contact list. It’s suitable if you want to automate your email marketing campaign. It offers all the features available in the email marketing plan. The difference between it and an email marketing plan is the following features it offers:

  • Event-based automation 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Webinars 
  • Advanced segmentation 
  • Contact scoring 
  • Sales funnel 

So who needs the Marketing Automation plan? 

It’s suitable for you if:

  • You want marketing automation features 
  • You want to build sales and conversion funnels 
  • You want to host webinars and save the cost of investing in webinar hosting platforms
  • You want to segment and contact-score your list 

If that sounds like you, use this link to start your 30-day free trial.

 Otherwise, we move to the Ecommerce Marketing plan.

Ecommerce marketing plan – As the name suggests, this plan is suitable for ecommerce merchants who want to leverage email marketing to boost their sales. It costs $119/month and has all features available on the Marketing Automation plan plus the following features:

  • Transactional emails aimed at convincing target customers to make purchases quick
  • Segmentation of your ecommerce customers based on their behavior
  • Send abandoned cart recovery email
  • Create promo codes
  • Make product recommendations using AI
  • Web push notifications 

So who needs GetResponse’s Ecommerce Marketing plan?

The Ecommerce Marketing plan is suitable if:

  • You run an ecommerce business like dropshipping, selling via your online store, Amazon FBA, etc
  • You want to sell to your customers via email 
  • You want to offer incentives like a promo to boost sales 
  • You want to analyze and segment your customers to understand their behavior toward your products and services
  • You want access to advanced features to scale your ecommerce business using email marketing campaigns.

If that sounds like you, then use this link to start your 30-day free trial

Otherwise, we move to GetResponse’s custom pricing – GetResponse Max

GetResponse Max & Max Plus – If all the 3 pricing plans discussed don’t have what you want, then GetResponse Max & Max Plus can be your best bet. They offer custom pricing that requires you to contact the sales team of GetResponse to discuss the features and how they can be tailored to your business. 

GetResponse Max plans

The Max & Max Plus plans are complete marketing suite and are suitable for large enterprises and agencies that want customized functionalities.  

Below are the core features you get with the GetResponse Max & Max Plus:

  • Dedicated support 
  • Software integration 
  • Assisted IP warmup
  • Unlimited monthly emails

There is a Max plan for Email Marketing, Marketing Automation,  Ecommerce, and different industries.

Use this link to contact GetResponse’s sales team to make inquiries for GetResponse Max.

Customer Support

In the course of using this tool, chances are you will come across a challenge. That is why you need to know about the kind of customer support GetResponse offers. GetResponse offers you 24/7 support in different ways.

 You can jump on a Live Chat with any of their customer assistants to help you resolve issues. There is email support that is available in 8 different languages. 

You can also decide to resolve issues yourself via their help center where you get tons of articles and video tutorials.

You can follow them on different social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to get the latest information. 

GetResponse Alternatives 

GetResponse is not the only email marketing solution in the digital marketing industry. It has a lot of competitors which you may want to compare it with. 


Clickfunnel and GetResponse are similar marketing tools but with different features. Clickfunnels is for marketers who want to build different kinds of funnels to drive marketing goals. GetResponse has a feature that allows you to build funnels, but it isn’t as robust as Clickfunnels.  It stands out when it comes to building email lists.  But integrate seamlessly with each other via API. 

Unlike GetResponse which offers a 30-day free trial, Clickfunnels only offers a 14-day free trial. And when it comes to pricing, GetResponse is more affordable than Clickfunnel.

Read this article where I compared GetResponse to Clickfunnels 


ActiveCampaign is a top email marketing software that competes with GetResponse. Both offer advanced email marketing features including an autoresponder. They also support integration with other marketing tools through Zapier and API. However, ActiveCampaign tends to favor businesses that focus more on Customer Relationship Management. While GetResponse based on my experience has a higher deliverability rate. It also supports the hosting of webinars. 

Read this article where I compared GetResponse to ActiveCampaign


Although Aweber is not as popular as GetResponse, it still competes with the latter when it comes to email marketing features. For example, both integrate with a lot of your favorite marketing tools. 

Aweber has an autoresponder feature like GetResponse. Also, its landing page is mobile responsive and there is a library of pre-made templates you can use. 

You have access to free stock images just like GetResponse when it comes to email design. 

However, it is no match to GetResponse when it comes to conversion funnel. While GetResponse has pre-made conversion funnel templates that make it easy to set up your marketing flow, Aweber doesn’t.

 It relies on the autoresponder to take potential customers on a journey until they convert to sales.

 Read this article where I compared GetResponse to Aweber 


Many beginners to email marketing embrace Mailchimp because it is pocket-friendly.

 It allows you to grow your subscribers up to 2000 for free before you upgrade to any of the premium plans. 

However, it lags behind in terms of the latest and advanced email marketing features. 

That’s where GetResponse has an edge over it. 

While GetResponse and Mailchimp have a good deliverability rate and integrate with popular apps and platforms, Mailchimp is no match for GetResponse as far as conversion funnel is concerned.  

A beginner who has no knowledge about conversion funnels will find it difficult with Mailchimp because you have to build it from scratch. The case is different with GetResponse which has plenty of pre-made conversion funnel templates. Choose anyone you like and customize it to suit your marketing goal. 

Both have affordable pricing plans except that GetResponse has a Max plan with custom pricing which is for large enterprises that want customized features.

Read this article where I compared GetResponse to Mailchimp.

Also, this article to learn about Mailchimp alternatives.


Convertkit is an email marketing tool for creators who want to monetize their skills, grow their audience, and scale their earnings. It offers most features that you can get on GetResponse. The user interface is beginner-friendly like GetResponse. But it lacks the webinar feature which GetResponse offers. Also, its customer support isn’t 24/7. And it is not available in different languages like GetResponse.

However, its affordable pricing plans and forever free plan can be a sort of compensation for its downsides. 

Read this article where I compared GetResponse to Convertkit.

Getresponse Affiliate Program 

Affiliate marketing is one of the cool ways to make money online and GetResponse has an affiliate program. When you refer a customer to any of the paid plans on GetResponse, you earn a commission. This means you can use GetResponse as your email marketing platform and at the same time promote it to your target audience and earn commission. The interesting thing is that you can even connect your GetResponse affiliate account to your GetResponse dashboard. This makes it easier to monitor your performance on the same dashboard where you launch your email campaigns.

GetResponse allows you to connect your affiliate account to your dashboard

Bloggers, social media influencers, coaches, affiliate marketers, marketing consultants, and podcasters leverage this program to scale their online income. You, too, can be part of it provided you have a target audience to whom you can promote this tool. 

 GetResponse’s affiliate program is of two types: 

  • Affiliate recurring program
  • Affiliate bounty program 

When you sign up for an affiliate recurring program, you earn 33% of every sale you refer. It is a monthly recurring commission if the customer you referred renews their subscription every month. The good side of it is that the commission you earn monthly will grow over time as your active referrals increase. 

As a GetResponse affiliate, I signed up for the recurring program, and below is my affiliate dashboard: 

getresponse affiliate dashboard

Affiliate bounty program allows you to earn a one-time commission of $100. This implies that you won’t earn any recurring commission for any of your referrals that renew their subscription monthly. 

Some affiliates prefer this because of the uncertainty of referrals renewing their subscription subsequently.

 GetResponse provides you with the necessary marketing tools you need to promote this product. 

Once your application is approved, you have access to your dashboard. There you see your affiliate link, promotional materials, referral statistics, etc. 

What I like about the GetResponse affiliate program is that the chance of accepting you into the program is high. 

There are flexible payout methods. This makes it easy for affiliates in locations where PayPal isn’t supported to withdraw their commission through wire transfer. 

Also, the minimum withdrawal using PayPal is $50 while that of a wire transfer is $200. This to me is fair enough considering that other email marketing tools have PayPal as the only payout method for their affiliate program.

The cookie life of clicks on your affiliate link is 120 days. So there is enough time for potential referrals who clicked on your affiliate link to convert to sales.

 Are you fascinated and want to sign up?

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Now to additional things to know about GetResponse! 

What is Getresponse? 

It is one of the top marketing software that provides different types of marketing solutions in an easy and fun way. Simon Grabowski in his bid to make online marketing easy came up with GetResponse in 1997.

So far this email marketing tool boasts of 380+ employees, 350,000+ global customers, availability in 183 countries and in 26 different languages. 

Others include customer support in 8 different languages, 30+ tools, and 125+ integrations via API support. In addition, top brands including Stripe, IKEA, and Zendesk trust it as their automated email marketing software. 

What can you use GetResponse to do? 

  • Built email lists
  • Design and launch email campaigns
  • Build conversion funnels
  • Generate leads
  • Host webinars
  • Engage your customers
  • Sell your digital products
  • Build and host your landing pages
  • Boost your online sales
  • Design your website in minutes 

Who is this automated marketing solution for?

GetResponse is generally useful to anyone who wants to grow their business via automated marketing. 

Specifically, it’s meant for: 

  • Digital marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Freelancers 
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Social media influencers
  • Podcasters
  • Course creators
  • Coaches
  • Marketing consultants
  • Marketing managers
  • Large and small enterprises
  • Trainers, etc 

How to  log in to your  GetResponse account 

After signing up on GetResponse either for the free trial or for any of the paid plans, the next step will be to log in to your account.

 Some beginners find it difficult to navigate to their dashboard after signing up. Mainly because they are not yet familiar with the interface. Recall that your email address and the password you create are two details you used to sign up. You can also use your Google, Facebook, or Apple account to sign up. 

Navigate to GetResponse and log in using the details you used to sign up, and you will be taken to your dashboard. 

The common mistake beginners make is entering the wrong email address or password when trying to log in. Saving your login details on Google which is a command that pops up when you sign up on GetResponse is a solution to this.

 It stores your login details and populates it automatically anytime you want to log in to GetResponse. 

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FAQs on GetResponse 

Is GetResponse legit or not?

GetResponse is a legit email marketing software that has over 100,000 businesses using it to grow their audience and generate leads and sales. Trusted brands like Stripe, IKEA, Zendesk, Revolut, etc. all use GetResponse for email marketing.

It generates over 1 million leads monthly and successfully delivers 764+ million emails weekly. Thanks to its high deliverability rate.

Is GetResponse good for beginners?

Yes, GetResponse is good for beginners. The email marketing which costs $19/month is suitable for beginners that want to build an email list and launch email campaigns. 

What is GetResponse used for?

Beyond email marketing, GetResponse is a complete marketing suite. You can use it to host webinars and build websites, sales, and conversion funnels.

 Ecommerce merchants can also leverage it to recover abandoned carts, get AI to recommend products that their audience will like based on their behavior, and lots more.

 Large enterprises and agencies can use it to have marketing features tailored to their systems via GetResponse Max.

Is GetResponse free?

GetResponse isn’t free. It has 3 paid plans – Email marketing, Marketing automation, and Ecommerce marketing plans. But it offers a 30-day free trial that gives you access to the premium features of GetResponse. 

Final thought on GetResponse Review 

Now that you know what GetResponse marketing software is and what you can use it to achieve in your business, next is to see how its features which we discussed above can help you achieve your marketing goals. 

Starting from building email lists, creating landing pages, building conversion funnels, and hosting webinars to its latest features which are the AI-driven website builder and subject line writer, it’s up to you to digest all the information you got here. Then decide if this tool meets your email marketing needs.

 If everything looks good, you can use this link to start your 30-day free trial. Or click on the button below.

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