Email marketing is one of the ways to scale your online marketing in this digital era. There’re a lot of email marketing tools out there, thereby making it difficult for you to identify the best. GetResponse and Aweber are the two most popular of them.

I welcome you to this ultimate guide where we’ll compare in detail GetResponse Vs Aweber to identify which is best that will provide the marketing solution to your business. My goal here is to help you make an informed decision base on your requirements.  According to Campaign Monitor, effective email marketing produces $44 for every $1 spent.

This’s to prove you to that email marketing works. As you’re planning to launch your email marketing campaign, GetResponse Vs Aweber comes to your mind. But the question is which is the best? To figure this out, you need to gauge the features of these email marketing tools and weigh them against your needs before making your final decision.

To make that decision easy for you, this guide breaks down GetResponse Vs Aweber on the following:

  • Integrations
  • Deliverability 
  • Autoresponder
  • Email Automation 
  • Landing Pages
  • Autofunnels
  • Webinar
  • Customer Support 
  • Pricing 
  • Pros and Cons

But before we proceed to this detailed comparison let’s run an overview of these two email marketing software.

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Overview 


GetResponse Vs Aweber

This is one of the leading marketing platforms globally. It has 350,000+ customers in 183 countries and is available in 27 languages. As an all-in-one marketing solution, it has a lot of features that empower entrepreneurs to grow their business easily. 

Some of the features of email marketing solution are:

  • It has tools for you to design landing pages that are SEO optimized.
  • Sign up forms to generate new leads for your email list.
  • Customizable pop-ups to increase your conversion.
  • Automated emails to recover lost sales.
  • Call to Action buttons to promote your products.
  • Polls and surveys to collect valuable feedback from your audience.
  • Set and launch  Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns from this email marketing tool.
  • You have access to a variety of email templates.
  • Countdown timer to create urgency for your special offers to your customers or clients.


Aweber is another powerful email marketing software that does most of the email job for you as a small business. It’s an email marketing that aims at helping small businesses grow through email marketing.

GetResponse Vs Aweber (Integration)

It has amazing features that help entrepreneurs build a great relationship with their audience while scaling their businesses.

Let’s look at some features of Aweber:

  • Aweber has an AI-powered email template designer that creates beautiful branded emails in a moment.
  • It offers you outstanding landing pages to launch your business online without needing a website.
  • Create custom emails with a drag and drop option. No coding is required.
  • Mobile responsive sign-up forms to capture more email lists.
  • Aweber allows you to manage your subscribers into categories making it easy to send emails to them.
  • With the Concierge Migration Services, you can import your already built list into Aweber.
  • You have access to a huge library of pre-built templates to design your emails to suit your audience.
  • You can automate tagging to tag the audience in your list for better email targeting.
  • As a blogger or someone who wants to start a blog, you can use the Automate Email Content Creation to broadcast your latest blog post to your audience.

Now let’s head straight to the point –  GetResponse Vs Aweber, which is the best email marketing tool for your online business?

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Integrations

No matter how robust an email marketing tool is, you’ll need to connect with other advanced marketing tools to achieve more. These tools will make it flexible for you to boost your marketing, drive more sales, and increase your revenue. Both GetResponse and Aweber integrate with some important tools you will likely need in the cause of your online business.

GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse connects with 100+ online tools. Let’s look at some of them below:

GetResponse Vs Aweber( Autoresponder)

AMZ Promoter: If you’re an Amazon seller, AMZ promoter integrates with GetResponse. It allows you to create landing pages that you can use to create your coupon distribution system.  

123 Contact Form: 123Contact form works with GetResponse making it easy for you to insert web forms for easy email marketing.

Amazon Payment: Amazon Payment integrates with GetResponse. With it you can add your Amazon customers to your email list so that keep them informed about your products. 

Clickbank: If you’re an affiliate marketer or vendor on Clickbank, you can GetResponse integrates with Clickbank thereby making it easy to grow your contact.

Facebook Pixel: If you run ads on Facebook with Landing pages from GetResponse, you can connect your Facebook Pixel to your landing page. This makes it to retarget the audience who visited your landing page.

Other tools that integrate with GetResponse are Formstack, Gmail, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Bing ads, and Click Desk. Others are adsworkbench, Etsy, Magento, LandingCube, Microsoft Dynamic 365, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, WordPress, Etsy, Stripe, etc.

Aweber Integration

GetResponse Vs Aweber

Aweber also allows you to connect your account to shopping carts, social media accounts, and other online tools for you to drive the maximum value from your marketing campaign. Some of the tools that integrate with Aweber are as follows:

Paypal Account: You can synchronize your Paypal account with Aweber. The aim is to invite your customers to make payments through your email list.

WordPress: If you manage your website on WordPress, you can grow your email list by embedding  Aweber sign-up forms.

Thinkific:  Thinkific is one of the best online course platforms. If you have online courses on this platform, you can connect your Aweber account to it to build a large email list with your students. 

Goto Webinar: You can add participants to your webinar to your Aweber email list. Goto Webinar is one of the best webinar platforms that you can’t afford to miss by capturing your participants to your Aweber email list.

After integrating Goto Webinar with Aweber, you don’t have to import the list of participants to Aweber. Once they register for your webinar, they automatically subscribe to your Aweber email list. 

Square Space: Do you have an e-commerce store with Square Space? You can integrate with  Aweber to build your email lists, boost the engagement of the audience with your products, and drive more sales.

Other tools that integrate with Aweber include Elementor, Blogger, Elegant theme- Divi, Drupal, Wix, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Shopify, Woocommerce, Clickbank, Bigcommerce, Stripe, and many more.

Winner: It’s a Tie!

Both GetResponse and Aweber have a lot of tools they integrate with. Also, both have these tools almost in common.

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Deliverability

Email Delivery is what you use to gauge the likelihood of your email campaign. It’s the ability to deliver the email campaign you launched to the email subscribers on your list.

Some of the issues encountered in this process are bulking, spam issues, and throttling. The ability to deliver your email campaign to your subscribers without any issue is a hallmark of a great email service provider. 

GetResponse Deliverability

GetResponse claims that its deliverability rate is 99%. It also claims that since its 20 years in the email marketing industry, it has developed a strong relationship with email service providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo).

This makes it easy to deliver emails without issues. GetResponse also has zero tolerance for spam. It has a delivery tracking process to track all undelivered emails in order to enforce best practices. The company shares its IP address with you to build your reputation as a sender to send a large volume of emails and have them delivered to all your recipients.

Aweber Deliverability

Aweber has deliverability as one of its core functions. It ensures that your emails not only get to your subscribers but they see and interact with them. It has a support team dedicated to ensuring the deliverability of your emails.

Aweber claims that it owns its full deliver stack, unlike other email service providers that outsource. It also claims to have 51+ years of experience in the deliverability of email. 

Winner: GetResponse

While GetResponse was able to state its deliverability rate which is 99%, Aweber didn’t. For a marketer who is much interested in deliverability, he is likely to go with GetResponse since it has an actual deliverability rate. 

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Autoresponder

Autoresponder is an essential feature you should look out for in any email marketing tool. It’s a script that automates responses to emails. It could be in form of a confirmation email for an action taken or a welcome email. You can use it to make your campaign more efficient while at the same time cutting down on the task you carry out. You can trigger for the autoresponder to automate the following task:

  • Wish your customers a happy birthday.
  • Reconnect with customers who have not been active for a while.
  • To convince a customer to make additional purchases.
  • Remind a customer to complete the order he abandoned.

GetResponse  Autoresponder

GetResponse has this feature. To create an autoresponder with GetResponse, here is how to go about it. From your dashboard, select menu and tap manage autoresponder.

Click on create autoresponder and type in any message you want to trigger. On GetResponse you can choose days for your Autoresponder and there is no limit of messages you can send for a list. It has a video tutorial that will guide you on how to do that. 

Aweber Autoresponder

Aweber has over 100,000 marketers that make use of Aweber’s autoresponder. Its autoresponder allows you to segment your subscribers using tags so as to deliver automated emails to the desired audiences.

Its autoresponder is designed in a manner that you can use as a funnel to convert your subscribers to paying customers. As a user of Aweber, you can track the performance of your autoresponders, analyze performance on Aweber’s free mobile app. 

No Winner: It’s A Tie 

Both email marketing tools have an amazing autoresponder setup that can serve you if that’s a feature you look out for.

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Landing Pages

Landing pages are part of the features that every email marketing software should offer. They are single static web pages you can use for different purposes. GetResponse and Aweber allow you to build landing pages. But we’ll have a look at what they are like.

GetResponse Landing Page

With GetResponse you can design great landing pages with which you can convert your traffics to leads. GetResponse has different landing page templates that are beginner-friendly. You’ve got the option to offer freebies and capture quality leads who’re interested in your products or services.

Your favorite tools can be integrated into your landing page including sign-up, pop-up forms, and countdown timer. Don’t bother if you’re not tech-savvy, GetResponse has a drag and drop editor which you can use to build your landing page in minutes. Also, you have access to awesome images from Shutterstock. 

Aweber Landing Pages 

Aweber has a powerful landing page builder which gives you access to unlimited beautiful landing page templates for your business. Pre-stock photos are also available in its image library. You can integrate sign-up forms into your landing pages to allow you to capture leads fast.

With the drag and drop landing page builder, you need to have website or coding experience to build a landing page. In case you want to tell a story on your landing pages, you can add videos to it. Aweber allows you to track your landing page traffic from Google and Facebook with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. 

No Winner: It’s A Tie

Both email marketing tools have offered the same features when it comes to landing pages. 

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Autofunnels

Autofunnels or conversion funnels are already built funnels. It is an all-in-one marketing step that guides your audience from the awareness stage until they make a  purchase. It is one of the features large organizations look for in email marketing software.

GetResponse Autofunnels

GetResponse allows you to build your own auto funnel. It comprises landing pages, automated emails, recovers abandoned orders placed for your products, and convert your audience to paying customers. It’s most suitable if you run an e-commerce store.

GetResponse has conversion funnels software that will do the job for you. From generating traffic, capturing leads, converting them to sales, and receiving payments. It supports you to receive payment through  Square, Stripe, PayPal, BlueSnap, PayU on your GetResponse page. 

Aweber Autofunnels

Aweber doesn’t have a specific conversion funnel of its own. But achieves this through its marketing funnel which allows you to use the autoresponder to guide your audience all through the buyer’s journey. This is following them up with a series of emails from the awareness stage until the final stage when they make a purchase. 

Winner: GetResponse

GetResponse has a  conversion funnel software that will guide through the whole process. This is important especially if you’re a beginner who doesn’t know where to start. 

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Webinars

A webinar is an online event where you share your knowledge and skill with your audience. It’s also a way to get your business online and connect with your audience anywhere while promoting your products and services to them.

Although there are webinar software for small businesses, email marketing software also allows you to host webinars. We’ll check for this in these powerful email marketing software – GetResponse Vs Aweber.

GetResponse Webinar

GetResponse has an integrated webinar software created to help you boost your engagement and conversion. It will be more beneficial if you’re a small business that wants to scale your marketing using a webinar. GetResponse webinar is easy to set up as you’re not required to make any installation.

With GetResponse Webinar, you can achieve the following:

  • Room access to up to 1000 live webinar attendees.
  • You can share the stage with two other presenters at the same time.
  • Host unlimited webinars
  • Share files with your audience in many formats.
  • Collect valuable data from participants using polls and tests.
  • Promote your products using special offers and many more.

Unfortunately, you can’t host a webinar on Aweber. But you can connect your Aweber account to other webinar hosting platforms to capture emails of webinar participants.

Winner: GetResponse

GetResponse has all the features you need to host a webinar. Most of the tools you can get in any dedicated webinar software is in GetResponse. That makes it an advantage – you’ve got an email marketing software same time a webinar platform.

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Customer Support

No matter how tech-savvy you’re, you’ll surely need assistance from the customer support of these email marketing platforms. So you need to check for the type of customer support they have.

GetResponse Customer Support

GetResponse offers 24/7 customer support. It has live chat support and you also get help through email in 8 available languages. There are also articles and videos to help you resolve issues yourself. 

Aweber Customer Support 

Aweber also offers 24/7 customer support through live chat and email as it concerns email marketing, landing pages, and a lot more. It also has phone numbers to call for the US and no US residents. Aweber has video tutorials and often hosts webinars to help you overcome any challenge.

Winner: Aweber 

Aweber offers phone call support for the US and non-US residents. It even hosts webinars for its customers, unlike GetResponse. 

GetResponse  Vs Aweber: Pricing 

The monthly or yearly subscription to these email marketing software is worth discussing. This’s important especially if you’re conscious of your budget.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse has 3 pricing plans:

GetResponse Vs Aweber (Pros and Cons)
  • Basic – $15/month 
  • Plus – $45/month 
  • Professional  – $99/month 
  • Max  – Negotiable 

It also offers a 30-day free trial

Note that these pricing plans come with different features

Aweber Pricing

Aweber has the following pricing for its pro plan:

  • 0-500 subscribers – $19/month
  • 501 – 2500 subscribers – $29/month 
  • 2501 – 5000 subscribers  – $49/month 
  • 5001 – 10000 subscribers  – $69/month 
  • 10001 – 25000 subscribers  – $149/month 
  • 25000 and above subscribers – contact for negotiation

It also offers a free plan

Winner: Aweber 

Both have flexible pricing plans. They also offer discounts when you subscribe to the monthly plan. But Aweber offers a free plan which allows only for a maximum of 500 subscribers. GetResponse offers a 30 days free trial after which you’re required to upgrade to a paid plan. 

That’s all about these two email marketing tools. While you make your final decision, you need to analyze the key features every email marketing software must offer and place them side by side against your requirements.

To make that decision-making process easy for you, I have put down some relevant points you may also want to consider before you make your final decision. 

GetResponse Vs Aweber: Pros And Cons

GetResponse: Pros

  • Offers a 30-day free trial, no credit card is required.
  • 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, articles, and video tutorials.
  • You can host webinars to boost your engagement and conversion
  • Conversion funnel to guide your subscriber through different steps until a purchase is made.
  • Awesome templates to built landing pages. 
  • Integrates with your favorite tools.
  • Countdown timer to create urgency for your special offers.
  • 99% deliverability rate.
  • Analytics feature to track the performance of your email campaigns.
  • It is GDPR compliant which is required to capture customers in EU countries.

GetResponse: Cons

  • No phone call support.
  • No free plan

Aweber: Pros

  • 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone call.
  • Large library of pre-built templates to design your landing pages.
  • It has mobile apps to analyze the performance of your email campaigns.
  • Offers a free plan
  • Integrates with your favorite tools
  • Often hosts webinars to educate users on newly added features.
  • Has dedicated staff that ensures the deliverability of your emails.
  • You can create and send newsletters from your mobile device.
  • Create custom emails easily with drag and drop email creation.

Aweber: Cons

  • No specific percentage of deliverability.
  • You can’t host webinars with it.
  • No conversion funnel software.

Summing It Up

This detailed comparison of GetResponse Vs Aweber will keep you informed to make the best decision. Both are robust marketing solutions. However, the final decision to pick one depends on your requirements.

In my opinion, GetResponse has more to offer when it comes to providing marketing solutions to small businesses.

Its conversion funnel software and webinar capability is a plus to it. In all, it is important to evaluate these features against your specific marketing needs to make sure you settle for the best option.

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