jasper.ai review

You have heard a lot about Jasper AI ( formerly Jarvis), and you want to know if it is the best AI copywriting tool that writes high-quality copy.

No worries! You will satisfy your curiosity in this Jasper AI review. I have been using Jasper to write since September 2021 and have thoroughly explored this AI copywriting tool and all it has to offer.

Below is my invoice history from September 2021 to January 2022:

I shared this for you to know that whatever I’m going to you tell you here is out of experience.

My goal is to help you make an informed decision as you plan to end writer’s block and write more high-quality content in less time with Jasper AI content tool. 

Best Overall

Jasper AI

End writer’s block, use Jasper to write any content in minutes, and boost your content production.

Offers 50+ templates

Write in over 20 languages

Integrates with Surfer SEO to help you optimize your blog post to rank on Google

It has a free course that teaches you how to use Jasper like a pro

Beginner-friendly and easy to use

Use Grammarly to fix grammatical errors and Copyscape to check plagiarism

7-day money guarantee

Friendly customer assistant is happy to help you

The Pricing Plan begins at $59/month for Boss Mode Plan which offers advanced features. The Business Plan is for large teams that want customized features

Overall Rating

Jasper AI Pros

Generates high-quality content 
Excellent customer support 
Write in different languages 
Has shortcut keys
AI assists you to write long-form content 
Has a free course that teaches you how to use Jasper  like a pro
Has an active Facebook community 
Has an intuitive analytics tool
7-day money-back guarantee 
Offers free trial with 10,000 words 
Releases new features regularly 
You can write in a conversational tone

Jasper AI Cons

Sometimes you need to fact-check long-form content it generates 
Pricing plans are a bit pricey

Pricing Plans Of Jasper

Jasper AI offers 3 pricing plans: 

Creator Plan, Team Plan, and Business Plan

Jasper ai pricing plans

How much is Jasper AI per month?

The Creator Plan costs $49/month and is for individuals, freelancers, and small businesses that want Jasper to generate high-quality content that is tailored to their brand voice.

Below are its core features:

  • Unlimited word generation 
  • 1 seat
  • 50+ templates 
  • 1 brand voice 
  • 50 memories 
  • Plus everything in the Free plan

The Team plan costs $125/month and is best for large teams and agencies that want to generate and repurpose content that is tailored to their brand voice for marketing campaigns. 

Here are its core features:

  • Generate unlimited words per month 
  • 3 brand voice
  • 150 memories
  • Workflows and documents
  • 3 seats with the option to buy more
  • Plus everything you get in the Creator Plan

The Business Plan has custom pricing, and it’s suitable for businesses that want customized features tailored to their workflow.

Here are its core features:

  • Unlimited memories 
  • Unlimited number of brand voice 
  • For teams that need up to 10 seats with SSO 
  • Unlimited words generated by AI
  • Plus everything you get in the Team Plan

You get a 20% discount when you subscribe to the annual plan.

Jasper AI annual pricing

For the Creator Plan, you pay $39/month

For the Team Plan, you pay $99/month

Jasper AI Review [Best AI Writing Software at a Glance]

Writing lengthLong-form & Short-form copy
Templates50+ advanced templates( Adds new templates monthly for Boss Mode Plan)
Grammar fixYes, with Grammarly and it’s free ( Available only on Boss Mode Plan)
Plagiarism checkYes, with Copyscape, you check for plagiarism within the Jasper interface
SEOIntegrates with Surfer SEO to optimize your long-form copy to rank for competitive keywords
Paragraph GeneratorThis helps you to create long-form blog posts in minutes using your outline
Supported language25+ languages and it translates from one language to another
Ease of useVery easy to use
Customer supportVia email and has plenty of video tutorials to guide you. A Facebook community of 50,000+ active members where you connect with fellow copywriters and also get help from the Jasper team including the co-founder, Dave Rogenmoser
BootcampHere you sign up for free SEO & Web Copy courses on how to use Jasper to write like a pro and also optimize your content for search engines
Pricing plansCreators Plan costs $49/month to generate unlimited words while Team Plan costs $125/month to generate unlimited words. There is also a business plan that has custom pricing – it requires you to contact the sales team of Jasper. 
Refund policy7-day money-back guarantee
Jasper commandCommand the AI assistant to write for you
Voice dictationYes
Supports brand voiceYes
AI TechnologyGPT-3
Free TrialYes, 5-day free trial with 10,000 words bonus credit

My Take On Jasper AI

Jasper AI is the best AI copywriting tool. Whether you want to create short-form or long-form copy, there are templates and features to make it happen.

The Boss Mode is the game-changer. It writes at a faster pace and integrates with Surfer SEO to optimize your copy to rank for competitive keywords.

It also integrates with Grammarly, and Copyscape to fix grammatical errors and also check for plagiarism. You can command the AI assistant to write for you, even with voice dictation.

You write in 25+ languages and translate from one language to the other. All these are why 50,000+ content marketers and copywriters trust Jasper. 

Below are some testimonials from Jasper’s official Facebook community.

Product Update

  • Jasper campaign
  • Jasper launches Jasper Art, an AI image generator
  • Jasper API
  • Jasper brand voice
  • Jasper launches Jasper Chat, an AI chat conversation tool that is similar to ChatGPT
  • Mini Video Sales Letter Template is now Jasper
  • Command template is now available on Jasper
  • Jasper has been recognized on Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

What is Jasper AI (Jarvis.ai) Copywriting tool?

Jasper.ai formerly known as Jarvis is an artificial intelligence that makes it easy and fast for you to create any type of content you want. Be it a blog post, email copy, website copy, Ad copy, social media post, report, production description, and more.

Dave Rogenmoser co-founded this tool in January 2021 which was then known as Conversion AI. He has worked with world-class SEO and marketing experts to train Jasper on how to write original, creative and high-quality copy.

Today, Jasper has a team of 81 people including tech gurus, developers, community managers, content marketing specialists, etc.

jasper team

It has advanced templates for any content you want to create. Currently, it boasts 50,000+ content marketers and businesses that rely on it to create original content of different forms.

In August 2022, Jasper was recognized on Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Jasper recognized on Inc. 5000 America's Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Who Is Jasper For?

Jasper is for anyone that wants to end writer’s block and boost their content writing production. It is mainly for those in the digital marketing industry that regularly create blog posts, video scripts, social media posts, ads marketing copy, emails, webinars, podcasts, etc.

Jasper AI Review [Features]

Let’s look at the features of Jasper.


Jasper has over 50,000 pre-made advanced templates that are easy to use. Whether you want to write a  video description, blog post, Facebook and Google Ads, report, LinkedIn bio, Amazon product feature, or any other form of copy, there is a perfect template made for it.

Jasper templates

Select any template you want, enter a title, description, set a voice tone, choose a target audience and Jasper generates content for you.

Jasper templates vary with fields. The fields available on the Facebook Ad Headlines template are not the same as the fields available on the Creative Story Template. 

Jasper recently rolled out an update on its Boss Mode plan features. It increased the input text boxes in templates from 600 to 800 characters.

That’s a 33% increase that will allow you to add more inputs for Jasper to generate output for you. It also added a template for Tiktok video captions to help you create funny, persuasive, and eye-catching captions for your Tiktok videos in seconds. 

Let’s look review the templates to see the types of content you can use them to write.

PAS Framework 

PAS – Problem-Agitation-Solution is a template most suitable for marketing copy ideas. If you have a product that you think will solve the problem of your target audience, use this template to brainstorm marketing copy that will move the needle.

Add your company or product name, enter a description, set a tone of voice,  count, and hit generate. Within seconds, PAS will generate marketing copy ideas. Read and pick the one that sounds more convincing. You can also modify and fine-tune it to suit your brand voice. 

AIDA Framework 

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – is the oldest marketing framework in the world. AIDA is suitable for creating catchy marketing copy for different needs. The aim is to capture, and retain, the attention of a potential customer and then take the desired action. Here is what guides you when  using this template:

  • What action do you want the user to take?
  • What makes your company or product different from that of your competitors?

Enter the best answers to these questions in the appropriate spaces when you open the AIDA template. Set a tone and output count, then click generate. Take a look at the different outputs and choose the one that most suits your needs.

Text Summarizer

Use this template to pick the key highlights and takeaways from a piece of content. You don’t have to waste time reading content to write a summary. 

Product Description

If you sell on ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and BigCommerce, you can use this template to write a winning description for your products. Enter the name of your product, set a tone and language, and watch Jasper come up with descriptions that will wow you. 

Creative Story 

If you write stories, this template will help you up your game. You can use it to write stories that your audience will find interesting. You don’t have to break a sweat thinking about how to create amazing stories. If you sell e-books on Amazon Kindle, you can use this to write short stories, convert them to kindle, and make money. 

Content Improver 

When you think of breathing life into your content, call on the content improver template. It helps to rewrite boring content into an engaging one that will capture and retain the attention of the reader till the end. Let’s assume you ordered some content on Fiverr and the freelance writer didn’t do a good job. Instead of discarding it, you can use the content improver to revive it. 

Blog Post Topic Ideas 

Are you a newbie blogger that wants the best topic ideas for your blog post? Look no further because this template got you covered. You can use it to generate topic ideas that will entice your audience to click on it and also rank well on Google. All it takes is for you to enter your keyword and Jasper will suggest topic ideas for you to make a choice.


Use it to write listicle blog posts.

Example: 10 ways to make money as a housewife. When you open the listicle template, enter your topic, set your listicle count, target audience, and tone. Then hit generate content.

Blog Post Outline 

When you have a topic you want to write about, the next is to generate an outline for it. The Blog Post Outline will do this for you once you enter your topic in the template. Whether the topic suggests a listicle or how-to blog post or article, Jasper will generate an outline that will cover the topic in detail.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph 

To retain the attention of a  user that clicked on your blog post, your intro paragraph should be interesting. That’s the only way to keep the user reading, otherwise, they will hit the back button and bounce off. With the blog post intro paragraph template, you generate different intro paragraphs and decide which is more suitable.

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph 

Some of your audience scroll down to the conclusion of your blog post before they decide to invest their time in reading it. With the blog post conclusion paragraph, you wrap up your blog post in an engaging way that will entice users to take any action required of them. 

Sentence Expander

Want to add more flesh to your sentences and make them meaty? Use the sentence expander template. It allows you to make a short sentence long with meaningful and engaging words that add value to your content. 

Features To Benefit 

If you sell online, you can use this template to convert your product features to benefits that convince your potential customers to take action.

LinkedIn Personal Bio

Are you a professional looking to create an interesting bio on LinkedIn? This template will help you. Your LinkedIn bio should impress recruiters or companies on LinkedIn that want to do business with you. 

Facebook Ad Headline

Running a Facebook ad without a strong headline that commands attention is like flushing money down the toilet. Yes, your ad will get impressions, but your target audience will rarely engage it because it is boring. With the Facebook Ad Headline template, you can generate headlines for your Ads to get prospects to click on them, convert them to leads, and finally to sales. 

Facebook Ad Primary Text

Want to create a high-converting copy for your Facebook campaign? Try this template. Enter the headline of your ad which you generated with the Facebook Ad Headline, and watch Jasper generate a copy for you in minutes.

Company Bio

Use this template to tell a story about your company or business. Begin by entering the product or services your company offers as the focus keyword. Then set a tone and write a few sentences describing what you stand for. Then Jasper will take it up from there.

Google Ad Headlines 

If you run paid ads on Google, use this template to generate headlines that will entice users to click on it. Enter your target keyword and Jasper will generate headlines that can guarantee a high click-through rate.

SEO Title & Meta Description 

If you want to boost the performance of your pages on search results, your SEO title and meta description should be on point. Use this template to create a meta description and title that will entice users to click on your page on search results.

Google Ad Description 

Your Google Ads isn’t complete without a high-quality converting description section. After generating a Google Ad Headline, the next is to enter the headline in the Google Ad Description template to create a description that will convince potential customers to click on the Ad to take action. 

Paragraph Generator

Jasper recently launched this tool, which is also a template to help you write interesting paragraphs for any type of content in minutes. It is only available to users on the Jasper Boss Mode plan and is best for writing long-form content like blog posts. 

To use it to write a blog post, go to Document, click New, and select Blog post workflow. Enter your topic and it will generate different titles for you. Pick a title to create your intro paragraph. Use the command option to tell AI to generate an outline for you.

Within seconds, it generates a list of outlines. Copy each of the outlines, activate the power mode, and select the Paragraph Generator. Paste the outline in it, set your output, and click Generate AI content.

Then watch  Jasper generate paragraphs for you. Repeat the process for all the outlines. If you want the AI to write more words for each of the paragraphs, place your cursor at the end of the last word and hit compose. 

To write your conclusion, ” Write in conclusion”  and hit compose. Jasper will generate a conclusion paragraph that is in line with your intro and body of content. Alternatively, you can select the blog post conclusion template. 

Quora Answer 

Jasper has this template to help you answer questions on Quora, a Q&A platform suitable for the distribution of content and also to drive traffic to your content. Open the template, enter the Quora question, set your language, and click generate. Within minutes, Jasper generates answers which you can modify and paste on Quora.

Mini Video Sales Letter 

Jasper launched this template to help you create a Video Sales Letter of 60-90 seconds, which you need to market your products and services to your target audience. Jon Benson, an expert copywriter who also invented VSL, trained Jasper on how to write short VSL. So you save the money spent on hiring copywriters for your VSL. 

Command Template

Jasper Command function which you use inside the document has been converted into a template. This is for users to access and make use of it easily. 

It is simple and easy to use:

  • Feed Jasper with background info of what you want it to refer to. Bloggers, freelance writers, and any other user that creates long-form content will find this template useful.
  • Tell Jasper what you want to write.

Jasper Art

Jasper officially launched this AI image generator – Jasper Art on August 19, 2022. The aim is for you to turn your imagination into awesome original, unique, and quality images that will complement your content.

A few days after Jasper Art was launched, a lot of Jasper users were on the waitlist, including me. Those on the annual plan were given preference to first have access to it. 

However, developers at Jasper did the magic and opened it to all paying customers. So as a Jasper user, you can now have access to Jasper Art. 

This is an add-on, so you gotta pay to use it. The price is $20/month per user and you can generate unlimited images per month. Jasper Art also has an annual plan which costs $200/year. So you save 17% of what you pay monthly.

You can use Jasper Art without subscribing to Jasper AI Writer. You can also use both Jasper Art and Jasper AI Writer. It’s up to you.

To use both, subscribe to the Boss Mode plan of Jasper AI writing tool.

Login to your account and navigate to the sidebar and click ART to sign up for Jasper Art for $20/month.

The Boss mode plan costs $59/month + $20/month for Jasper Art = $79/month

Who needs Jasper Art?

  • A blogger that wants awesome featured and supporting images for their blog post 
  • A YouTuber who wants to create an awesome and unique thumbnail for their YouTube video
  • An email marketer that needs images for personalized emails to convert leads to sales
  • A video producer that needs a storyboard for video production
  • Eye-catching images to post on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter, etc 
  • Artists that create NFTs and sell them to make cool money 
  • Book writer that needs images for illustration

Let’s see the results early users are getting with Jasper Art:

Carrie Alexander, who calls herself a crazy cat lady, asked Jasper Art to create a pencil sketch of a cat, and below is what she got:

cat pencil sketch created with Jasper Art

Sean Volser, another Jasper user, asked Jasper Art to create an image of Gandalf playing poker with a group of kittens.

He got this:

images created with Jasper art

An electrician who uses Jasper and is on the waitlist asked Dave Rogenmoser, the co-founder of Jasper, to use it to create a simple EV charger on a wall inside a garage.

Here is what he got:

Simple EV charger created with Jasper Art

The advantage Jasper Art has over other AI image generators like Midjourney, Dalle-2, and Stable Diffusion is its ability to generate faces – a major problem some AI image generators face. Also, its images are of high quality and are close to the look of human artistic work. 

Read this article where I reviewed Jasper Art

Jasper Chat

Jasper released Jasper Chat in response to ChatGPT from OpenAI, which many people are using to have natural conversations with AI to get the information they need. You can use it to ask the AI to generate ideas, write copy or revise content for you.

For example, you can ask Jasper Chat to generate some blog topics on’ Sitting Room Decoration’ and within a few seconds, you have it done.

Jasper Chat isn’t free. You have to subscribe to the Starter or Boss Mode plan of Jasper before you can use it. 

It offers a 5-day free trial that requires entering your credit card details.

Read this article where I reviewed Jasper Chat.

Below is a video of how Jasper Chat works:

Plagiarism Check With Copyscape

Since the launch of Jasper in 2021, no issue of plagiarism has been reported on the content it created. Although it doesn’t have an in-built plagiarism checker like Rytr, it connects with Copyscape, a popular plagiarism checker.

This is to allow you to check for plagiarism yourself. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to copy and paste your text to Copyscape.

It is connected to Jasper which means you can check for plagiarism within Jasper interface. Note that Copyscape is not part of the amount you paid to use Jasper, rather you get it at a discount as a Jasper user and it is optional. 

Watch the video below to see how Jasper connects with Copyscape to check plagiarism 

 Grammar Check With Grammarly

Jasper recently partnered with Grammarly. This means that you can use Grammarly to fix all grammatical errors you make in your content, especially when making some tweaks to suit your need. This integration is available in documents on Jasper and it’s free to use. 

This is where you derive the best from Jasper. It is suitable for content marketing agencies, businesses that want to automate their copywriting, and freelance content writers.

When you upgrade to Boss Mode, you activate fully the features you need to create a high-quality and original long-form copy with ease.

Jasper Campaign

Jasper just launched a new feature that allows businesses to create marketing campaigns tailored to their brand voice.
Once you login into your Jasper account, you will see the campaign tab on the left side panel. Click create a campaign and enter the campaign brief which serves as a guide.

Choose the assets you will need for your campaign – Google text ad, blog post, press release, landing page, etc. Within a few minutes, Jasper will output the asset you need based on your brief and according to your brand voice.
This feature is available on all paid plans of Jasper and is a game-changer for businesses that find it hard to create marketing campaigns that will convert to sales.

Supported Languages

Jasper.ai gives you the flexibility to write high-quality content in 25+ languages. You don’t have to worry if English is not your official language.

There are 24 languages that you can type for Jasper to read and 25+ languages and dialects which Jasper will write.

Supported languages on jasper

This means that Jasper has the capacity to translate content from one language to another. Examples are English to Chinese, Dutch to Swedish, Italian to Greek, and more.

Integration With Surfer SEO

Jasper up its game with its integration with Surfer SEO, a top SEO tool that helps you optimize your copy to ensure it ranks for a target keyword.

Already some Jasper AI users are seeing results optimizing their copy with Surfer SEO.

Below is a testimonial from Jasper’s official Facebook community.

testimonial of Jasper integration with SurferSEO

If you plan to rank your long-form copy written by Jasper high on search engines, you must integrate your Jasper account with Surfer SEO.

Top SEO Tool

Surfer SEO

Optimize your content with Surfer’s insight and recommendations to outrank your competitors.

Don’t have to be an SEO guru to rank on search engines. Surfer has features like SERP Analyzer, Content Editor, Content planner, Content Editor, and Audit that help you plan your content and rank easily on Google.

Overall Rating

When you paste your long-form article on Surfer, it shows you what you need to do to rank high on search results.

It recommends the number of words paragraphs, images, subheadings such an article should have. In addition, it suggests keywords that should be in your copy and the number of times they should appear.

When you implement all these, you notice that your content score improves significantly. Don’t over-optimize rather ensure that your copy satisfies the intent of the user. Generally, a content score of 90 is great. 

Read this article where I reviewed Surfer SEO.

Watch the video below to see how to optimize the content you write on Jasper with Surfer SEO

Jasper Brand Voice

This feature is available on the Jasper Business plan and is for businesses to use Jasper to generate content that conforms with their brand voices. 

It takes into account 3 core identities of any business:

Knowledge: The product and service you offer to your target audience

Tone: How your brand sounds like and the best ways to use it to win over a potential customer

Style: Writing style that makes it easier for your audience to recognize you anywhere. It could be grammar, punctuation, verbiage, etc

Jasper Brand Voice

With Jasper API, you can now integrate Jasper into your CMS, workflow, or app to create branded content at scale.

This feature is also available to Jasper Business plan users only just like Jasper Brand Voice. Tech partners are also welcome to collaborate with Jasper and have the API integrated into their systems. 

Voice Assistant & Recognition 

Jasper has voice recognition and assistant feature. If you don’t want to type, you can speak to your microphone, and the AI will recognize your voice and type what you want.

This works only on Mac and PC. On Mac, go to your keyboard settings and you see the steps to turn on voice dictation.

For Windows, tap the Windows button + H, and speech recognition will automatically pop up. Pick a template on Jasper and press your short key to activate your voice dictation.

Anything you speak will automatically type on Jasper. For instance, you can speak ” write a blog post on how to hire a virtual assistant”.

Once you hit the enter button, Jasper begins to create a blog post based on the voice command you gave. 

Watch this video to see how to use voice dictation to speak to Jasper

Jasper AI Assistant 

The AI assistant feature is exclusively available in Boss Mode. It helps you write long-form copy faster with little effort from your own end. You can use the long-form assistant in three modes:

The Power Mode allows you to access templates that suit your copy. You make use of the compose button which is inside your document to start writing.

The SEO Mode connects with Surfer SEO. Your aim here is to optimize your content to rank on search engine results. If you are a blogger who fights for organic traffic, you need to activate this mode to ensure that your blog posts are optimized. 

The Focus Mode is where you have a blank document. It is similar to what you see when you open a blank document on Google Documents or Microsoft Word. The difference is that Jasper AI is there waiting to start writing your long-form copy. 


Jasper AI Bootcamp is a free course that teaches you how to use Jasper to successfully write any form of content. I recommend it if you’re new to AI writing tools.

You will learn how Jasper thinks, how-to guide it to create high-quality content for you, different templates it offers, Boss Mode functionalities, optimization with Surfer SEO, account management, and lots more.

At the end of this course, you take an exam and If you pass, Jasper issues you a certificate to show that you’re qualified to write any form of content with Jasper.

The interesting part is that you don’t have to subscribe to any of its paid plans of Jasper to take this course. It is free, and you can complete it within 2 days if you’re dedicated to it.


Jasper AI recipes are workflows that guide you to write any form of content on Jasper. Instead of breaking a sweat on how to create content, you can leverage these recipes that worked for users who created them to get started.

You can choose from the featured Jasper AI recipes or the recipes from the community that fellow Jasper users like you developed to help others.

For example, if you want to write a pillar post on how to start an Ecommerce Business, you can look for Ecommerce Recipes. Then follow the step-by-step guides which serve as a workflow.

Jasper Keyboard Shortcuts 

Jasper has keyboard shortcuts that you can use inside the document feature. They make your workflow easy and boost the speed at which you create content.

However, it recently improved this functionality to enable you to use them through your content writing process. 

Take the look at the table below 

Command + JComposeTo have Jasper continue writing the next sentence from where you placed your cursor.
Command + EnterWriteTell  Jasper what to write for you in a sentence and run the command
Command + /Re-RunTo get a different result from what  Command + Enter gave
Command + Shift + Enter Keep Command After RunTo keep command on the page after Jasper generates the output
Command + ZUndoUndo the last text Jasper wrote
Command + Shift + ZRedoRedo what you undid
Command + A HighlightSelect all the text in a document
Command + CCopy Copy selected text to the clipboard
Command + XCutSelect and cut texts
Command + VPastePaste the text you cut  where your cursor is active
Command + Shift + VPaste Without FormattingAll the text you copied will paste with no respect to their previous format
Command + FSearch WindowOpen a search function in your computer to find a word or see the number of times it appeared in a document and also replace it if need be
Command + BBold Face StylingTo bold a word or sentence
Command + IItalics StylingMake a word or sentence in italics 
Command + UUnderline StylingUnderline words or sentences 
Command + KAdd or Remove LinkSelect a word or phrase, run the command and paste the link

Note: Command is for Mac computer. Replace it with Control if you use a Windows computer

Customer Support 

There are video tutorials to help you overcome any challenge you may encounter. The help center has well-written articles that can help you resolve issues yourself without any assistance.

You can email them or join their Facebook community with 50,000+ members where you connect with fellow copywriters that use Jasper.

You can ask questions there and get answers from different perspectives.

Discount & Refund of Payment 

You save 16%  when you switch to annual billing. Instead of $29/month for Starter Plan, you pay $24/month. And $49/month for the Boss Mode Plan instead of $59/month.

There’s a 7-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you’re not satisfied with the content Jasper writes, you can ask for a refund of payment, and you will receive 100% of the amount you paid.

Facebook Group

Jasper has an active Facebook group which is like a community of over 60k people. It offers customer support using this platform. New users who have heard about Jasper and want to know the experience of paid users join to see the results others are getting before deciding to subscribe to the paid plan.

jasper facebook group

I personally like it because Dave Rogenmoser, the co-founder, and his team always update users with new features and also use it to collect feedback on the features they’d want to see. It’s a friendly community where you should be. You interact with fellow Jasper users, Jasper team, ask questions, and get helpful answers. 

Below is how Austin Distel, the CMO of Jasper, announced the new mini VSL template on Jasper’s official Facebook community. 

How To Use Jasper AI Recipes 

Recipes are the easiest way to create high-quality content that your audience will enjoy. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel because someone has set a template for you. I see them as workflows that contain a series of Jasper commands to help you create content using steps that are repeatable. I often use them when I am stuck on how to get on with a particular type of content.

To use them, begin by choosing the type of recipe you want. It could be featured recipes – recipes created by Jasper team or community recipes – recipes created by follow Jasper users who used such templates to create content that gave results and decide to document them so that others can use them too.

jasper featured recipe

Next is to click Run to create a new document with the recipe. This will automatically create a document using the recipe and save it to your own account. 

Each recipe is different, but generally, it will ask you to replace the variables or “placeholders” as I call them with content after which you run a command in the order you added your content. 

Let me walk you through this example. 

Let’s say I choose a recipe from the community on ” Product Review Blog Post”

[Run the following command, then move the output to the sidebar]

write a brief for {TOPIC}

[Run the following command, then move the output to the sidebar]

write the name of the product you want to review 

write an introduction

write a product review outline

[Run the following command for each outline item generated above]

write about {OUTLINE_ITEM}

write a blog conclusion on {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}

Stage 1: Create a Content Brief

Replace {TOPIC} with your real topic and run the command by placing your cursor at the end of the line and pressing CMD + ENTER (Ctrl + ENTER on PC).

Copy the generated content and paste it into the content description box in the sidebar. 

This feeds your document more detail about what you want to write about.

Stage 2: Generate product review title ideas

Ensure you have the content brief toggled on in the sidebar after which you run the next command:

>write product review title ideas

Select or edit the article title you want to use and paste it into the sidebar

Stage 3: Write a product review intro

Run the next two commands in order. Each of these commands will use the content preceding it and the title and brief from the sidebar to gather context.

>write an introduction for this product review 

Stage 4: Create an outline

Run the outline command.

>write a product review outline

For each item in the product review outline, place the following command below it, replace the variable for the outline topic you are addressing, and run the command to fill out the section.

>write about {OUTLINE_ITEM}

Stage 5: Write a conclusion

Run the outline command after replacing the variables.

>write a product review conclusion about {OUTLINE_ITEM_1}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_2}, {OUTLINE_ITEM_3}

How to create your own Jasper recipe

You can create your own recipe so that other Jasper users can use it as a valuable resource.

The process is just a breeze!

Click ” New Recipe” in the top right corner 

Enter the name, description, and content of your recipe

how to create a jasper recipe

To make things easier, you can add a YouTube link to the screen share explaining how others can use your recipe

Click ” Save” and you are done

How to format recipes

Be mindful of various formatting options when you create your own recipe. This makes it easier for others to use without issues. 

Place the character > before each command when creating a command. 

> write an introduction paragraph 

Also, indicate variables by closing the variable name in a curly bracket

> write an outline about a { TOPIC}

With this, it becomes easier for the user of your recipe to swap the variables with their own content 

How to share your Jasper AI recipe 

You can share your recipe with friends who also use Jasper. 

On your Recipe page, click the share button. You will see different options to share it such as:

how to share a Jasper recipe

Private – Only members of your account have access to it

Public – Anyone with a Jasper  account can access it using the shared URL

Published – It can be discovered on the Jasper AI community or even get indexed on search engines 

Jasper AI Alternatives 

Jasper has alternatives you can consider if you think it isn’t the AI tool you need. But I can tell you that none of them writes better content than Jasper. Anyway, let’s look at them below.


It has about 40+ templates and supports only 8 languages. It writes long-form copy but Jasper doesn’t just write longer-form content than Writesonic.

Jasper’s long-form copy can be optimized with Surfer SEO thereby making it easy to rank on Google.

Writesonic doesn’t integrate with Grammarly and Surfer  SEO but Jasper does. Also, Jasper’s AI  technology is more advanced compared to Writesonic.

The only advantage Writesonic has over Jasper is its pricing plans. They are affordable.

Read this article where I compared Jasper to Writesonic.


Copy.ai is another AI writing tool that gives Jasper a run for its money. It has 25 input and 25 output languages which means it can translate your copy from one language to another.

There are mid-range templates that are well organized and you can write long-form copy. Its pricing plan is also affordable.

However, when it comes to advanced features you need to handle large writing projects, they lack in Copy.ai.

For example, It doesn’t integrate with any SEO tools like Surfer, Copyscape to check plagiarism, and Grammarly to fix grammatical errors. It doesn’t support voice dictation and has no collaboration tools for team projects. 

Read this article where I compared Jasper AI to Copy AI.


Rytr gives Jasper a run for its money but still Jasper has an edge. For example, Jasper offers more templates than Rytr. It also writes longer form copy than Rytr. 

Although Rytr doesn’t integrate with Surfer SEO,  it recently partnered with Semrush for SEO gains.  While Jasper supports 25+ languages, Rytr supports 30+.

It has an in-built plagiarism checker which Jasper doesn’t have.

Its free plan and affordable pricing plan have made it a close alternative for content writers who can’t afford Jasper.

Read this article where I reviewed Rytr.

Read this article where I compared Jasper AI to Rytr.


ClosersCopy is another alternative to Jasper but it focuses more on sales and marketing copy while Jasper covers any type of writing including marketing and sales copy. It offers over 300 marketing frameworks that are the same as templates.

Its features are similar to Jasper’s. For example, while Jasper integrates with Surfer SEO, ClosersCopy integrates with Frase to help you optimize your long-form copy to rank on Google. Both offer keyboard shortcuts to increase your pace as you write.

But Jasper has an edge over ClosersCopy. The voice dictation which you can use to command Jasper’s AI assistant to write for you is not supported on ClosersCopy.

Also, Jasper’s GPT-3 technology is more advanced than ClosersCopy’s self-developed AI technology.

This is because Jasper has a huge database of words and phrases that can write longer-form content without plagiarising. 

Read this article where I compared Jasper AI to Closerscopy.

How does Jasper AI ( Formerly Jarvis AI Work)?

Jasper AI works by using the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate human-like texts.

It aggregates related content on the internet written by humans and thereafter creates its own unique content based on the information you feed it. Below are three steps to create  content using Jasper AI:

Step 1: Select A Template 

Jasper has exact or related templates for any type of content you want to write. There are currently 50+ templates and many more are added monthly for users on the Boss Mode Plan.

Some of them are Problem Agitation Solution(PAS), Product Description, Content Improver, Creative Story, Blog Post Topic Ideas, Social Media Ads, Real Estate Listing Residential.  Learn more about Jasper templates here.

So you pick a template that matches or is related to the content you want to write.

Step 2: Enter Your Target Keyword Or Product Data As The Case May Be

Entering an important keyword about the content you want to write is the next step after choosing a template.

Here you have to be intentional and leverage the power Jasper gives you to create your content. The quality of input will determine the output.

For example, you run an ecommerce store on Shopify and you want to write a product description for one of your products.

 Choose the product description template.

Company/Product name: In this case, it will be the name of the product you want to write a description for. 

Tell us about your product: Here you describe the product. You have 600 characters to do this and it must be high-quality for Jasper to deliver the best output. 

When describing the product, provide key information like the features of the product, how it can help solve the problem of people who will need it and why it is better than its competitors.

This is the information that will help Jasper dig deep and generate an awesome output. If you can’t do it, leave it open-ended for Jasper to run it for you. 

Tone: For a product description, the aim is to make sales and therefore the tone should be convincing. That’s giving people reason to take action by clicking on the Buy Button. 

Step 3: Let Jasper Generate AI Content 

Creating your content is the next step after choosing a template and providing all the necessary information the template requires.

When you hit Generate AI Content, it is just a matter of seconds and Jasper will deliver an output. You can review and also flag it if you think the quality is poor.

You can also make tweaks by adding a few words to suit your needs. Jasper saves all content it generates in your  History tab. So you can access them anytime. 

Watch this demo video below to see how Jasper AI works

Can Jasper AI Write A Book?

Yes, Jasper can write a book. The Boss Mode which allows you to write long-form content helps you achieve this. You can use book recipes from the Jasper community to write your book. These recipes worked for Jasper users who created them and are kept to help you achieve the same. 

Below is a testimonial from a Jasper writer who used Jasper to write a CookBook and the recipe he used.

Is Jasper AI worth it?

Yes, Jasper AI is worth it. You are guaranteed plagiarism-free content. It has different templates for any kind of content you want to create and adds new ones monthly.

No other AI copywriting tool matches it and that’s why there are over 50,000 content marketers that use it. 

Why Is Jarvis now Jasper?

Jarvis rebrands to Jasper

The co-founder of Jarvis and his team after due consultation with their lawyers had to rebrand their AI writing software from Jarvis to Jasper to avoid a lawsuit from Marvel Studios. Jarvis was the name of  Tony Stark’s AI assistant in the movie, Iron Man.

So  Marvel was the first to have it as an official trademark. Marvel is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company and the co-founder of Jasper AI then Jarvis AI  knew that fighting a legal battle with Disney to keep the brand name will distract them from their plans to focus on their product and dominate the AI writing market.

On January 24, 2021, Dave Rogenmoser, the co-founder of then Jarvis AI officially announced that they have rebranded their AI writing software from Jarvis AI to Jasper AI.

Does Jasper AI plagiarize?

No, there is no case of plagiarism from over 2000 reviews so far on Trust pilot, G2, and Capterra.

Is Jasper AI free?

Jasper.ai is not free. It has two pricing plans and offers a free trial. There is a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Is Google Against AI Generated Content?

No Google is after high-quality content that satisfies the intent behind the query. According to John Muller of Google, Google’s algorithm can detect low-quality, high-quality and spammy content.

Even humans can write low-quality and spammy content which Google is against. So it doesn’t matter if it was written by a human or an AI.

While reacting to the use of AI writing tools like Jasper in a tweet, Muller agreed with a user who said that what matters is quality.

In 2021, Muller made it clear that Google would likely shift its attention to the quality of the content and not how it was generated. 

Does Jasper AI offer a free trial?

Yes, Jasper AI free trial lasts for 5 days when you sign up using your email address. Within this period, you can write up to 10,000 words for free. After which you subscribe to any of the paid plans which are:

Starter Plan: Begins at $29/month

Boss Plan: Begins at $59/month 

The motive of the free trial is for you to have first-hand experience with Jasper AI writing tool. Then decide if it is worth paying for it either monthly or yearly. 

Do Content Written With Jasper Rank On Google?

Yes, your content written with Jasper ranks on Google. Search engines don’t know content written by humans or with the help of AI.

In the case of Jasper, it has made it easier for your content to rank. Top content marketers and SEO experts trained the Jasper AI on how to write like a human.

Also, it doesn’t plagiarize because it has a huge database of words on the internet. Another is that its integration with Surfer SEO helps you to optimize your content by providing insights and core signals Google considers when ranking pages on search results. 

Below is a testimonial of a Jasper user whose content ranks on Google.

Final Thought On Jasper AI Review

Jasper has all it takes to write high-quality content for you. I have explored all it has to offer for you to decide.

I also compared it against its alternatives for you to see that it does far better than them in almost all aspects.

If I’m to suggest, Jasper AI is what you need if you want to write high-quality short-form and long-form copy. The Boss Mode even makes it easy.

You can command Jasper to write for you. Surfer SEO, and Grammarly integrations help to optimize your copy to rank on Google and also keep it free from grammatical errors.

The AI does 80% of the work while you put in 20% effort to fine-tune your copy.

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