A lot of people want to know how to earn money from YouTube views. YouTube is a video-sharing platform and the second most popular search engine.

In this article, we will look at how to create a YouTube Channel, how to generate views from your Youtube videos, and most especially how to earn money from Youtube views. I will answer some questions people ask at it concerns how to earn money from YouTube views.

How To Create A YouTube Channel

To create a YouTube channel, you need to do the following:

  • Create a google account
  • Go to YouTube.com
  • Locate channel list 
  • Choose create a channel 
  • Fill out all the details with the name of your channel.
  • Verify your account and click on done.

That is it all and you have a new brand YouTube Channel.

How To Generate Views On Your YouTube Videos

To generate views on your YouTube videos you need to do the following:

Create Quality Video Content

People who come to YouTube to watch videos want to have their problems solved. That’s why they spend time watching your videos. You must deliver by making sure that any video you publish solves their problem.

That’s the way you keep them coming back to view your new videos. Also, YouTube shows your videos to a larger audience if the algorithm notices that the watch time is over 50 percent. That sends a signal to the algorithm that a lot of users enjoy the video and that many more will like to see it.

Create An Attractive Thumbnail

The first thing users see when YouTube returns results for the search users perform is video thumbnails. That is why you need to create an attractive video thumbnail. Canva is a mobile-friendly app that you can use to create attractive thumbnails for your YouTube.

It is a free app and it is easy to use. With images and artistic texts, you can design thumbnails that your users will find relevant and attractive. This will make them click on your videos.

Don’t just create YouTube videos if you want to get views and earn money from it. Before you create a YouTube video, carry out a thorough keyword search this helps you know exactly the search volume and difficulty for such keyword before you ahead and create videos for it. If you’re YouTube Channel is new, you will hardly get views if you go for a high-volume keyword with high search difficulty.

That is because as a beginner you don’t have many subscribers and watch time. Other creators with a high number of subscribers and watch time will continue to overshadow you. The trick is to create videos on a keyword with reasonable search volume and low search difficulty. VidIQ is a which you can use to identify all these.

How To Earn Money From YouTube Views

Now coming towards the concern is how to earn money from YouTube views. Below are the best methods you should consider 

1.AdSense Partnership Program

YouTube Adsense Partnership Program is the basic way to earn money from your YouTube views. It is a monetization program where YouTube partners with you by adding video adverts to your YouTube videos. These adverts are from businesses that want the audience of YouTube to know about their products. It is usually seen before during and after watching a video. 

 YouTube AdSense Partnership Program demands that you meet some of the criteria below

  • Videos must be of good quality and helpful.
  • The content you create must follow the AdSense policy.
  • Must be at least 18 or above.
  • You must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Active and a linked AdSense account.
  •   4000 hours watch time in the last 12 months.

It is important you know that earning money from your YouTube views depends on the niche you are in. Business niches pay more as advertisers are willing to spend more money on this niche.  The country of your audience also contributes to the amount you earn from your videos.

Audiences from first-tier countries will earn you more money. Another factor is your watch time. The longer your audience spends on your videos, the more money you will make from YouTube Adsense Partnership Program.

2.Affiliate Marketing

How To Earn Money From YouTube Views

You might be wondering how YouTube affiliates differ from a regular YouTube channel?

Basically, YouTube affiliate marketing is the process of creating videos and accommodating affiliate products that must be relevant to the topic of your video. And this is one of the best sources for earning money from your YouTube views.

It’s not different from writing a blog post about any product and adding a link to that product’s web page. On the description of your video, you can always add an affiliate link to it. These affiliate links will earn you a commission when your audience to view and watch your videos decides to make a purchase with them.

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3.Sell Your Own Course

Sell of courses: How To Earn Money From YouTube Views

A lot of people don’t consider this as a way of earning money from YouTube views. Selling courses is a good way to earn money from YouTube views. Your audiences who view your videos see you as an authority. They trust that you have the exact idea that will help solve their problem. You can fill in that need by creating a course that you will sell to them.

When it comes to the creation of a course, it is mandatory to choose and define a niche. By providing online courses on YouTube, your motive should be to promote videos that increase the viewer’s interest and send them to your sales page where they can check out your course. 

Below are the steps you should take: 

Ask yourself the following questions

Which course will be the best for my audience? How best do I develop the content of the course? What will my audience learn from the course?

All of the above questions are what you can confirm from your audience by creating a poll using the YouTube community section. This will help you get appropriate feedback from them that will help you create and sell a course that will be beneficial to them.

Also, you can make a teaser video:

Making a teaser or promo of a video will help you to find the best course to sell to your audience. All you need to do is focus on the following:

  • Put down the three questions you get interrogate all the time.
  • Create a video regarding to one of those questions.
  • Estimate the response you get and decides what your audience wants to learn from you.

The creation of courses is easy these days. You can simply put it in a downloadable e-book. It can be audio and video courses.

4.Create Sponsored Content

If you’re a beginner in this field, you may be confused about how to create sponsored content especially finding sponsors. You will not know which companies are offering sponsorship. That’s why I am here for you to guide you. 

As you’re a beginner, below are important tips you need to know before creating sponsored video content.

Value your channel’s worth

For getting a better sponsorship that fits your niche properly,  you need to know your channel’s worth and value. You have to search on different sites about what top YouTubers and other content creators are making in revenue from sponsored video content. 

Choose a sponsored content that benefit your audience

Do not make an effort and diverge too far from your core content for the sponsored content because it may cause your viewers to be less likely to watch your videos. That will affect your channel. 

Mistakes to keep away from:

You need to focus on not letting your viewers thoroughly know what content is being sponsored and choosing a sponsored product that doesn’t suit your channel’s audience. In addition, not following up with brands and missing out on more chances to get more sponsored content deals from brands.

5.Product Review

How To Earn Money From YouTube Views

When it comes to YouTube product reviews, above 60% of 18-24-years old trust famous Youtubers.  If you choose a topic that you’re passionate about, possibilities are you’ll have brands that will contact you to review their products. To take a start for this purpose you need to have a look at the following steps.

In the business of YouTube,  you will need a strong interaction with your viewers or audience to earn money from YouTube views. Invite them to your videos and convince them to comment on your videos and subscribe to your channel. Ask them to comment on how useful each of your videos has been helpful to them. 

Search for the companies which are giving products to Youtubers

Before companies or brands will pay you to review products for them, they will want to check your YouTube metrics. That is subscribers, watch time, and the niche you are. You must be sure to have positive metrics before searching for companies that will offer you products to review. 

Make an appropriate pitch

Be sure that you present yourself as a Youtuber well before brands. This you will do through the emails you send to them. Also, make the subject of your email catchy and introduce yourself to the company.

State how you intend to sell their products to your audience t through a product review. Some of them won’t reply to you in the first instance bu don’t forget to send them a follow-up email. Some of the brands will even approach you once they notice that your channel is perfect for their products.

6.Funding from Fans

YouTube has finally instigated a long-awaited program to allow channel viewers and video fans to donate directly to the video’s content creator.

What is actually fan-funding? Doesn’t it sound weird? It’s basically the viewers who donate their money to your channel if they are really enjoying your content and appreciating it. For  this purpose, if you’re a beginner you need to focus on the following:

Arrange live chats where people can use Super Chat

YouTube has now replaced their feature fan funding to the Super Chat which is only available to YouTube partners while they live stream.

Motivate your fans to become a channel member

Basically, YouTube offers to let your viewers pay you to become a member of your channel. In return, they will get custom emojis, badges, and approaches to members-only exclusives like Live Chats with you.

Cheer your fans to become YouTube Premium subscribers

This strategy to cheer your fans to become YouTube Premium subscribers will benefit you indirectly. When YouTube Premium members view your channel, you get a percentage of their subscription fee.

So, it’s the perfect method for videos managed by foundations and non-profit organizations, but for video creators who want to earn money from their videos they can post videos and YouTube Live Streams that motivate their fans to make contributions to support them. 

7.Offer Consultancy Service

Take the following steps.


When it comes to research many people get lazy. But this is a necessary part of starting your consultancy service.  You need to do comprehensive research on what your audience want. Identify the professional service they need most and offer it to them.


The best way to start is to suppose that the other person out there wants a particular job done.  Have the mindset that you are meant to offer services to people who need them

Service Schedule And Pay

It is important you schedule your services so that your potential clients will know when you’re available to provide such consultancy services. Also, state the amount you charge for any service. 

Bonus: It may be suitable and appropriate for you to have a landing page or a website for your consultancy service. If you’re a blogger and same time a Youtuber, you can create a consultancy page on your blog. Then always paste the link to such a consultancy page on your YouTube video description.

How To Earn Money From YouTube Views ( Frequently Asked Questions)

How Much Do Earn Per 100 views on YouTube

If you’re part of the YouTube partnership program, your payment is calculated per 1000 views which is on a CPM basis. CPM means Cost Per Mille. The amount you earn depends on the location of the audience who views your video and how long the audience spent on your video. This are important factors that determine how much you earn from YouTube views.

For example, if you have 1000 views from the United States audience, you will earn about $5 so for 100 views of the audience from the United States, you should earn around $ 0.5.

To earn more on YouTube through their partnership program, you need to have many views as possible from tier one countries like the United States. Also, make sure that your video keeps the audience at least 50% of the total watch time. 

How Many Views Do You Need On YouTube To Make Money

YouTube is a game of numbers. The more quality views you get, the more money you earn. It will be easy if the audience to watch your videos are from tier one countries. Because CPM is high. The reverse is the case they come from low tier countries.

However, you need at least 1000 views to make around $5 or more if you’re audience who watched the video did so from the United States. It is so because advertisers are willing to pay more for customers in this tier one countries.

However, you need to upload contents regularly on YouTube to make more money as your previous videos will continue to earn you money as your audience watch them. 

Do YouTube Views Get You Money

Yes, YouTube views get money provided you’re Channel is part of the partnership program of YouTube where they share the advertisement revenue your videos generated with you. Any valid view you get in your videos makes you money.

But the rate at which you earn depends on your niche, watch time, number of ads on the video, and countries where your audience watched the video. 


I believe by now you understand how to earn money from YouTube views. Making money on YouTube is not easy but it’s not impossible.  Even though it takes a lot of time and struggle, but it is the right platform to expand your online business opportunities and brand yourself. 

All you need is to find the most suitable way to monetize your videos from the methods I discussed with you above. Provide your audience their choice of content which helps to solve their problem. 

Creating a band of active users, interacting with them, and at the same time helping them solve their problems. Once you’ve hit those massive milestones, you’ll be ready to take the next step and begin to earn money from YouTube views the 7 methods I have already discussed with you.

Whether you want to make a bit of cash-generating hobby videos or you’re deciding to turn your channel into an authority one, YouTube offers you many money-making opportunities from your YouTube views. 

You must remain connected to your fans, consider doing live chats or meetups to promote your channel.  This will get you positive feedback from them. It will also earn you more loyal fans to your YouTube channel at the same time increase the money you will earn.

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