It is no doubt that Shopify is one of the best all-in-one e-commerce platforms. Whether you need it for dropshipping or to sell online, it ticks the boxes. However, Shopify themes are crucial to your success on this platform.

Most of the things you will require to scale your e-commerce business on Shopify largely depend on the kind of theme you installed.

There’re a lot of quality themes out there competing for your attention.

Debutify is one of them. I know you may have heard of it and still contemplating where it has all it takes to take your dropshipping business or your online store to your desired level.

Don’t worry about that because that is what this guide will take discuss in detail. A lot has been heard about Debutify but this piece will break it down for you in a manner that you will understand what it has for you.

As well as decide whether it is worth the hype. This guide will take into account add-ons, features, integrations, price, pros, cons,  and why it should be the theme you need as a drop shipper or store owner on Shopify.

Debutify theme review: Summary of my findings

Debutify is one of the best themes for Shopify which converts for merchants who want to make more sales.

With over 24,000 satisfied customers and 150,000 downloads, it guarantees a high loading speed for your pages. 

Easy to install with just a click, offers you a free plan, and doesn’t require you to have coding experience to install and use it.

This theme is suitable if you’re tired of recording little or no sales or confused as to which Shopify theme is the best for you as a newbie.

Its positive ratings have made it featured on credible websites like  Greekwire, Techstars, Betakit, Spocket, Shopify, and Oberlo. Let’s head to the add-ons of this Shopify theme.


In order to help you convert your traffic into customers, Debutify has 50+ tested and trusted add-ons to help you boost your e-commerce store, get more orders, and increase your sales.

They don’t slow down your page speed rather completely integrated to match any style or setting of your store. Some of the add-ons are as follows:

Debutify Add-ons
  • Add To Cart Animation
  • Cart Countdown
  • Delivery time
  • Cart Discount 
  • Collection Add To Cart
  • Chat Box
  • Colour Swatches
  • Cookie box
  • Cart goal
  • Discount Saved
  • Inventory Quantity 
  • Live View 
  • Linked Option 
  • Mega Menu
  • Newsletter PoP Up
  • Pricing Table
  • Product Tabs
  • Quality Break
  • Product Video
  • Quick View
  • Sales Countdown 
  • Sales Pop
  • Shop Protect
  • Skip Cart
  • Smart Search 
  • Sticky Add To Chart
  • Trust Badge
  • Upsell Bundles
  • Upsell Pop – up
  • Wish list

Debutify Features

Features of Debutify

In other to demonstrate how powerful Debutify theme is for your Shopify store, let’s check out some of the amazing features you will enjoy when you install this theme. 

1. Currency Converter 

This feature allows customers to pay for your product and services in their local currency. Your product description page will automatically dictate the customer’s country currency and convert the currency you set in your store to theirs. 

Debutify integrates with Shopify’s multi-currency checkout thereby giving your customers the option to pay in any currency of their choice. 

2. Product Slider 

This feature responds perfectly on mobile and desktop devices and you can use it to showcase products in your store and redirect customers to the desired page. It allows you to set the number of products you want to appear on the slider in auto-play mode, using arrows or dots. 

3. Customizable Footer & Header 

The layout of your store’s header and footer can impact its overall performance. That’s why Debutify allows you to customize them.

For example, you can choose from different variations such as transparent or sticky header and decide how the interface changes when users scroll your page. You can link to your social media platforms, newsletter, blog, contact details, etc in your footer.

4. Guarantee Bar

Your customers are interested in seeing the guarantees you offer in your store and the guarantee bar which Debutify offers will help achieve that.

You can use it to highlight them on the homepage of your store. Examples could be free shipping for customers in the United States or a 7-day money-back guarantee.

5. Product Testimonials 

Potential customers who want to buy from your store need testimonials to build their trust. Debutify understands this and has a product testimonial feature.

So you can easily add testimonials of customers who are satisfied with the product they bought from your store.

You can add their statements, pictures, and date of purchase. To make it stand out, put them in a  slider so they can capture the attention of users. 

6. Product Description & Display 

The way you display your product, write descriptions matters when selling on Shopify. Debutify has different slider options and layouts to display the products you have in your store.

You can try the product grid which is interactive or choose a different mode of displaying images. Also,  you can feature related products when customers search for a particular product to upsell them. 

7. Conversion Boosting Apps

You have access to apps to boost the conversion in your store.

8. E-commerce Pro training

This training will teach you all you need to know about Google, Facebook Ads. You will also learn how to set up your store and a lot more. 

9. Product Research Tool

As a drop shipper or a seller on Shopify, you need the right product which is in high demand to make high volume sales. This is one of the challenges a lot of merchants face online. But not to worry.

Debutify has got you covered. An amazing product research tool is there for you to use. In addition to that, you get for FREE a  product research course worth a huge amount of money. 

10. Duration Of Page Load

The ability of your pages to load fast matters a lot in e-commerce. A page that takes forever to load is a turn-off for your customers. It can cost you sales.

Debutify theme is aware of this and has taken care of it with its pages that load fast. Its pages load at an average speed of 1. 68 seconds. This is even when all the apps are turned on. 

Lifetime Upgrade At No Cost: All your apps are updated automatically every month at no charges. This leaves you to focus mainly on how to drive sales to your store. For beginners who don’t know much about updating apps, the stress has been saved. 

Please note that these features vary according to the plan you subscribed to on Debutify theme. 


Are you bothered if Debutify Shopify theme connects with some of your popular e-commerce tools?  Yes, it does. The following apps work perfectly with Debutify:

Apps that integrate with Debutify theme

Oberlo: If you’re a drop shipper who makes use of Oberlo to fulfill orders? You can synchronize this Shopify theme with Oberlo easily.

Doofinder: As an internal search engine for e-commerce, integration of  Debutify with Doofinder is possible. This will help you attract new users and increase your sales. 

Sendinblue: Sendinblue is a tool you can use to grow your business through marketing and it integrates with Debutify.

It works it Debutify on your Shopify to scale marketing through email marketing, chats, SMS marketing, sign-up forms. 

Printful: Some of the 6 figure merchants on Shopify use Printify to create and sell custom products for their customers.

This tool works perfectly with Debutify theme. Its compatibility is superb that you can design that product for your customers for their special occasions in minutes.

Klaviyo: If you already have Klaviyo software on your Shopify store, or you plan to use it, Debutify works seamlessly with it to take the marketing of your product to the next level. 

Other popular Shopify tools that integrate with Debutify are:

Quickbooks, ShipStation, Spocket, Hubspot, and SMS bump.

Pricing Plans

The price of this Shopify theme is worth discussing. Even though you want the best Shopify theme for your store, you should also know the amount you will pay monthly or yearly to keep using this amazing theme in your store.

Apart from its free plan, Debutify offers three different pricing plans:

The Free plan which cost nothing offers the following:

  • 1 store license
  • Debutify theme 
  • Facebook group for support 

Starter Plan which goes for $29/month has these features:

  • 1 store license 
  • Debutify theme 
  • Facebook, live chat, and email support 24/7
  • Any 3 add-ons
  • Integrate with your favorite tools

Pro Plan which costs $79/month offer the following:

  • 1 License store
  • Facebook, email, live chat full support
  • All the 28 add -ons and others that will be added to the theme subsequently
  • Connect with your favorite e-commerce tools

Enterprise Plan – $149/month

Even the name ‘Guru’ suggests that this plan is for experience merchants who want to scale their online business. Let’s check out its features:

  • 3 store licenses
  • Debutify theme
  • Priority support through 
  • All 28 add-ons plus future add-ons
  • Integrate with popular Shopify apps
  • Mentoring
  • Access to a product research tool
  • Access to advanced tool

Note: Debutify offers a 15% and 25% discount respectively for a quarterly and yearly subscription to any of the paid plans.

Why Should You Install Debutify Theme On Your Shopify Store? Does It Worth The Hype? 

This question is worth asking considering that as a drop shipper or seller, you want that perfect theme that will fit in any setting or design you have created in your store. You also want a theme that can convert your traffic to buyers. 

Here is why you should try Debutify theme:

As a merchant what you need is a flexible theme that has all it takes to scale your business. Debutify has made things easy for you. You don’t need coding experience, website design.

It has all the features you need to launch your store with just a click. Customizing your store with it is also easy with the virtual editor if you’re not cool with the pre-configured setting.

Knowing how important page speed is in the e-commerce business, this Shopify theme has a feature called the GTmetrix test for you to see in real-time the page speed of your store.

This further assures you that your customers won’t experience any downtime in your store when they browse your store, place orders, or make payments.

One of the challenges merchants face on Shopify is the ability to identify products that will sell fast in their various niches.

Debutify has a  product research tool that takes care of it. In addition, you also get a high-value product research course that will guide you on what to do.

In this era of increased usage of smartphones, Debutify which has a sleek design responds perfectly to both mobile and desktops.

Your customers can make purchases from your store with their smartphones while on the go.

The scalability of your Shopify store is simple with Debutify as you have the choice of up to 31 add-ons which will create the best user experience for your customers and convert your traffic into buying customers. 

Debutify Trustpliot Review

Trustpilot is a global brand when it comes to reviews. Users who have purchased and used software or tool always leave their honest reviews here.

Debutify as software encourages users to leave their sincere opinion about this Shopify theme.

At this moment, it has a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot after over 1800 reviews. Also boasts of a 4.8-star rating on Facebook based on 425 reviews.

Debutify theme reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook

Upsell bundles

This is a special add-on that helps boost your conversion on your Shopify store. With a click, you get it activated in your store. There is an option for you to customize it to suit your needs with aim of convincing your customers to add more products to cart.

Theme speed

Speed is key in ecommerce. Your potential customers who want to place orders on your store don’t have to forever for your pages to load.

Debutify theme speed meets the expectation of any merchant on Shopify as it concerns the speedy loading of pages.

This is even as millions of people shop with their mobile phones. At 1.35 seconds, pages on your store load fully. You can check the performance of your pages with the GTmetrix.

Who Do I Run To When I Have Issues With The Debutify Theme?

No matter how tech-savvy one is, chances are you may encounter one challenge or the other especially when it comes to using software, applications.

At that point, customer support comes to mind to overcome such challenges. Debutify has customer support which you can contact in case of any problem. Let’s see the kind of customer support to expect.

Customer Support

This Shopify theme offers you 24/7 customer support through emails, live chat, and Facebook. Its team of experts can effect professional code changes on your theme to suit your need at no cost.

So even if you lack coding experience, the technical experts at Debutify will help you with coding as it concerns your theme.

All in the bid to ensure that you reach your goals as a drop shipper or a seller on Shopify.

To throw more light on it and help you make an informed decision as to go for this theme, I have collated some relevant information you may like to consider before making up your mind to install this theme on your Shopify store.

Debutify Theme Demo

To have a feel of the appearance of your store with the Debutify theme, there is a demo store. This store has Debutify as its theme. It responds perfectly to any type of device.

The demo is live action of all the features this Shopify theme brags. You can create collections which are a group of related products you sell in your store.

There is also a featured collection. This is a list you curate for products that you have made priorities. They appear on the homepage of your store and the idea is to drive more traffic to them. When you list a product as a featured collection, you state the following:

  • Name of the product
  • Number of reviews and ratings 
  • Price 
  • Option to add to wish list or quick compare 
  • Nature of shipping 
  • Refund policy 
  • Nature of customer support 
  • Number of items sold within a period of time
  • Size and color
  • Quantity to purchase
  • Add to cart button 
  • Payment gateways 
  • Premium Content 

Debutify theme supports you to create premium content for your store. This will guide your potential customers towards making an informed decision as to which product they should purchase from your store. It can be a blog post or video. 

Email Opt-in

You can set up an email opt-in to collect your customers’ email addresses. The aim is to keep in touch with them so as to build relationships and turn them into loyal customers. You can also use it to alert them when you have new products in your store at a discount price. 

Social media platforms 

You can plugin the social media accounts of your online store in your Debutify theme. Many of your potential customers will discover your store via social media platforms like Instagram. You can share photos of the products you have in your store on your social media accounts. That is a way of creating awareness and also driving traffic to your store. 

About Us

Here is where you describe what your store offers. You can also tell your potential customers different platforms to reach you for inquiries and support. 

Menu Navigation 

The menu navigation is a shortcut your customers can use to access your store. It has links to:

  • All products 
  • All collections
  • Privacy policy 
  • Refund policy 
  • Terms of service 

Help ( Contact: Email & Phone)

The  Demo store with a Debutify theme can guide you to set up your store after installing Debutify theme in it. Instead of spending money hiring a  Shopify store expert, you can copy what you see on the Demo store. 


  • Easy 1 click installation and activation. 
  • Up to 31+ tested add-ons to increase your sales by converting your traffic to buyers.
  • Updates are done automatically.
  • Completely optimized for dropshipping. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with your popular Shopify apps.
  • 4.8 rating on Trustpilot.
  • Dedicated customer support to offer a solution in case of any issues.
  • Offers you a free plan. No credit card required to install it.
  • Designed to reduce the rate of cart abandonment and bounce rate in your store.
  • Fast page load with GT Metrix Live Test to verify yourself. 
  • Free course on how to do product research.
  • You can translate your store into 20 different languages. Giving you the privilege to attract customers globally.
  • Access to a free product research tool.
  • Free E-commerce training on how to run Facebook and Google Ads, set up your Shopify store.


  • The kind of customer support you receive depends on the plan you’re.
  • The number of Add-ons available to you depends on the plan you subscribed to.

What Do Shopify Store Owners Who Use Debutify Theme Have To Say?

It’s important that you see and read testimonies and ratings of store owners who use this theme on their Shopify store. This will further keep you informed as to whether to go for it or not. 

That’s it all with Debutify Shopify theme. Before you go ahead to install it, check out if all it offers is what you look for in a Shopify theme.

Place them side by side against your requirements so to ensure that it suits your need. Before wrapping up, let’s see some of the questions asked about this theme.


Frequently Asked Questions On Debutify Theme 

1. What Is Debutify?

Debutify is one of the best Shopify themes for drop shippers and sellers who want to convert their traffic to buyers.

It offers the latest features in e-commerce which makes it easy for you to scale your business. With just a click, you install it on your Shopify store. No coding is required. A free plan is available for you to check it out.

2. What Is The Best Shopify Theme?

There are a lot of Shopify themes out there competing for your attention as a seller. What determines the best theme is its features which are capable of converting your traffic to sales.

Debutify is one of them and that’s why it has over 150,000 Shopify store owners who have installed it.

3. What Are Add-Ons? Do They Affect My Page Speed?

Add-ons are powerful features that you can add to your Debutify app. 31+ of them are connected to your Debutify theme to boost your sales.

They suit any style or setting on your theme and don’t affect the page load speed of your store.

4. Can I Change The Add-Ons?

Yes of course. If you’re not cool with any add-on you can immediately uninstall it and select another one to suit your need.

5. How Often Do Debutify Theme Update?

Debutify theme updates its features, add-ons frequently to meet your demands. These updates are done automatically. Nothing is required from your own end.

6. Can I Change The Plan I Subscribe To?

At any point in time, you can upgrade your plan or even downgrade it. It all depends on what you intend to achieve. 

Wrapping It Up

One of the major factors that will decide your success in Shopify as a drop shipper or a seller is the kind of Shopify theme you have chosen.

As a beginner who wants to know how Shopify works, it’s important you also identify the best theme you should go for.

The ability to create the best user experience for your customers and convert them to sales depend on the Shopify theme you use. Debutify theme has all the features you need to scale your business on Shopify.

With just a click, you can install it. You don’t need any coding skills. It responds perfectly on both mobile and desktop with a free plan for you to start with.

But before you make your final decision, evaluate all the features discussed here against your requirements. This is to be sure that you have the best choice for your Shopify store. 

Start Your Free Trial, No Credit Card Is Needed

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