Facebook Business Page is a powerful tool that many Facebook users use for business purposes. In this digital age, it’s necessary that your business is well represented on Facebook. Many who have managed to create, underutilize it hence can’t derive the benefit of having a Facebook business page.

Users who know the power of this tool can testify how it has improved their businesses in terms of having thousands of fans, creating awareness, attracting the target customers, generating leads, and converting them to sales.

These are possible if you know how to boost your Facebook business page. If you have a business, and you’re yet to create a Facebook business page, create one here if you have a Facebook account. Now let’s move straight to tips to boost your Facebook business page.

1.Upload The Right Profile Picture

Facebook Business Page,  Upload The Right Profile Picture.

Never leave your profile picture blank. Upload a photo that best reflects what your business is all about. A profile photo of 180 ×180 pixels is good. Ensure that it’s clear, bright, and visible. Check it out on a mobile phone to see how it fits in. This’s because many people will visit your page with a mobile phone.

2.Add A Cover Photo Or Video

Facebook Business Page, Add A Cover Photo or Video.

A cover photo or a video makes your page look professional. This’s always where a visitor looks at to summarize what to obtain from your page. Again make the photo clear, attractive, and visible. Ensure that it’s well fitted when viewed from mobile.

What about using a video? Yes, videos are cool for Facebook cover pages. Visitors find it engaging as it gives them a good impression of your business. A video of about 40 – 50 seconds is good provided it reflects what your page is about.

3.Select the Right Business Category

This’s where many people err. Selecting the appropriate business category helps Facebook to show your page to people who’re searching for pages like that.

For Instance, your business deals in baby products, your right category should be products and services. Since people do searches based on category, Facebook won’t show your page in the search result if the category doesn’t match your business.

4.Post Quality Content Daily

Facebook rewards fresh and quality content. It does this by displaying your page in the top search results when people search for such. Posting on a daily basis sends it signal that you’re active on the platform.

Your page gets recommended to people whose behavior and interest match your business. Pages that appear on top search results always get more visitors, likes, and follows.

Facebook hates it when your content has a link that drives people to other websites. It sees pages like that as one with commercial intent unless you boost it through a paid advert.

Even though it’s hard for one not to include links to websites on any content posted on pages, you can reduce it by including only when it’s helpful. This matters a lot when your page has few followers and fans. But once you have thousands of followers, it won’t matter because pages with large followers and fans are much regarded on Facebook.

6.Interact With Your Audience

Replying to comments, shares, and likes on your page is important. Your page followers see it as being active with them. Facebook rewards pages whose contents are interactive. It suggests such pages to users whose interests are related to such conversations. You sometimes don’t do these due to lack of time.

This’s why many companies hire the services of social media managers. If your Facebook business page has a lot to do with your business, I suggest you hire a social media manager. It will help to keep boosting your page.

7.Write A powerful Description

A summary of what your business does, and how it can be helpful to your audience is very important. Any curious audience who wants to follow or like your page will expect to see a page description that’s convincing.

8.Start Uploading Videos

According to YumYum Videos, over half a billion users watch videos on Facebook daily. Facebook videos receive organic traffic of 135% more than images. Even an audience on Facebook prefers to watch videos to reading written content.

Facebook works more on videos these days. Pages that upload quality videos are favorites to get more organic traffic.

You must not deny your fans and potential followers this. Make sure that the first 10 seconds of your video is very helpful. Brand your video in a way that your business is well represented. People tend to stop watching after 10 seconds if your video doesn’t make sense to them.

9.Enable Reviews

On your business page, turn on the review to make it active. Ratings and reviews are one of the criteria customers use to measure quality and trustworthy businesses. This’s necessary when you sell products or services.

Before people decide to purchase from you, they need to see those 5-star ratings from previous customers to build trust in you.

10.Add Call To Action Button

Facebook Business Page, Add Call To Action Button

Guide your audience on what to do if they’re impressed with your business page. A call to action button performs this function. This could be the following; Sign Up, Shop Now, Learn More, Message Us, Send Email, Book Now, Watch Video, Use App, and Play Game. It depends on what your Facebook Business Page is all about.

If your business has a website, It’s cool you link it to your page. It serves as a way of driving traffic to your website and also establishing authority and credibility with your audience. When your fans and followers visit your website, it makes them trust your business more. It increases their willingness to purchase any product or service you offer.

12.Measure Your Performance

Measure Your Performance As A Way To Boost Your Facebook Business Page.

As you implement all that you need to do in order to boost your Facebook business page, remember to measure your performance. You can do this by clicking on the insight button to see your page statistics.

The most important metrics to check are your user engagement and reach. User engagement tells you how many clicks, likes, comments, and shares your content got. Reach tells you the total number of people that saw your content.

Bottom line

Many businesses have made, and are still making good profit from their business as a result of boosted Facebook business page. All it takes is to implement the simple tips above.

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