No Experience Online Jobs

Not everyone has the skills and experience required to make money online. Some people still want no experience in online jobs that are legit. This is possible. The internet is big enough to accommodate anyone in terms of online jobs. 

Whether you have experience or not, skill or no skill, there is something you can surely do online to get paid either in cash or other forms of reward. Gone are the days when someone would say that they couldn’t make anything online because they had no skills or experience.

 Nowadays with your smartphone or computer, there is something for you and you can make up to $1000 monthly doing online jobs that don’t require experience.

Are you one of those people looking for no-experience online jobs that are legit and can make you money online? I welcome you to this piece where I’ll discuss 10 of them with you.

The aim is to show you that not having experience is not an excuse for not doing a job online that will pay you no matter how small.

 From there, you can even save up to invest in a skill or acquire experience that can bring you a fortune.

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1. Take High Paying Surveys ( My Best Pick)

I make over $100 weekly since I joined SurveyJunkie and started taking surveys many times every day.

 I have been with them since 2022, and it is one of the best survey sites for US residents.

 It’s more lucrative than other survey sites because it sometimes involves a panel of discussions, and this type of survey can pay up to $200 for a single one you complete. 

And what they ask you are simple questions on events around you, asking you to give your opinion on current issues happening in society. 

For each survey you successfully take, you earn points, which you can redeem for PayPal Cash or Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks gift cards. 

The process is simple: 

Join SurveyJunkie for FREE. 

Sign up with your active email address (You receive 25 points for signing up)

Check your inbox and click the green button to confirm your email (You receive 25 point bonus for confirming your email)

Complete your profile so that SurveyJunkie can find high-paying surveys that suit you (You receive 50 points for completing your profile)

That’s all.

Log in and start taking surveys and possibly get an invitation to join a discussion panel, where you can earn up to $200 for a 30 to 35-minute discussion where you give your honest opinion.

You can redeem your points for PayPal Cash, which is paid directly into your PayPal. 

Minimum withdrawal is $5.

2. Make Free Money From Deals & Freebies 

Many people don’t know they can make cool money from deals and freebies from big companies. It is one of the lazy and no-experience online jobs you can do online and make money.

At Sample & Savings, many top-rated brands in America like KFC are willing to give you samples of their products for you to test for Free.

Some of these products cost up to $1000. You can also save a huge amount while shopping using coupon codes and deals.

 For example, you can make up $2500 by using an app to book a ride. You can buy a single product and quality to get another one for free.

Samples and Savings is all about ensuring that you make money from shopping and other bills you pay every day as a person to keep life going.

That’s simple.

3. Shop & Earn Money

drop app

Before now, I used to shop directly on Amazon and get nothing as a reward. 

But recently, I discovered Drop Reward App, which has been rewarding me with gift cards for shopping online with their app.

Since I shop almost every week at major stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, and Walmart, I make up $500 in gift cards every month. 

walmart gift card

And the interesting thing is that they have coupon codes that offer you discounts when you shop at major online stores in the US and Canada. 

I started earning points immediately after Signed Up, Downloaded the App, and linked my credit card

And you don’t have to worry about the safety of your card, as Drop is PCI-compliant and uses encryption to protect your card. So no hacker can see your credit or debit card details. 

You can shop on over 50 online stores using Drop and each time you make a purchase, you earn a point which you can redeem as a gift card. Drop rewards with major gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, American Eagle, Disney, Starbucks, and many more. 

What I like about Drop App is transparency. You see a list of all the items you purchased online on your app and the points you earned for them.

Shopping isn’t the only way to earn rewards on Drop App. You also earn rewards by playing games, filling up forms, and sending gifts. 

Here’s how it works 

  • Sign Up For Free
  • Download and Install Drop App On Your Android or iPhone For Free
drop app sign up
  • Link your credit or debit card (Drop App is PCI-compliant and uses encryption to keep your card safe always)
  • Start shopping and doing other tasks to earn points 
  • Redeem your points to your preferred gift card.

4. Transcription Jobs

You can get paid to transcribe an audio file into a text file. A lot of people make money through it and you don’t need any experience to do this kind of job.

What it takes is a good understanding of a particular language.

English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and the rest. Companies and individuals are looking for people who can translate audio files in different languages to text, and arrange them according to meet the demands of their clients.

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The amount of money you will make here will depend on your accuracy and speed. 

Where do I get started?

There are transcription websites where you can get this kind of online jobs. Some of them are Scribe, Rev, Speechpad, Go Transcript, TranscribeMe, Casting Words, Quicktate, GMR transcription, Transcription, TigerFish, SpeakWrite, etc.

But before you do a transcription job on any of these websites, you’ve to take a test to prove to them that you can do the job to their satisfaction.

If you pass the test, congratulations. You will be notified once there is a transcription job that suits you. On average you can earn $15/hour transcribing an audio file depending on the company.

The downside of it is that jobs are not steady and some transcription websites choose people from specific countries.

So to make a few dollars out of it,  you may have to work for many companies. Payment is mainly made through PayPal.

5. Virtual Assistance

No Experience Online Jobs

Some people think that all virtual assistance jobs require you to have experience. To me, that’s not true. It’s simply providing assistance to a client remotely from the comfort of your home. It can be anything provided it is legal and you get paid.

There are  virtual assistant jobs you can do with no experience and some of them are as follows:

YouTube comment moderator

Six-figure Youtubers are the ones who hire YouTube comment moderators. This is because they are too busy to check out all the comments on their YouTube videos. Some of them get as high as 500 comments on a video.

They know that some of those comments are spam – users who are not interested in their videos leverage their huge subscribers to promote their businesses.

They hire moderators who will take time to remove any spam comments on their videos to ensure that the YouTube algorithm doesn’t penalize their channel. 

Blog Comment Moderator

Just like YouTube, successful bloggers also hire virtual assistants who are in charge of the comment section of their blogs. The aim is to approve only comments that are related to the post or links that can help their community. 

6. App/Software  Testing

After developing apps or software,  companies pay people to check them out and tell them what they think about them.

The aim is to ensure that such an app meets the desire of users. It can be using a feature of such an app to perform an action and send a report of the action taken with it.

There are some app testing websites where you can register, follow the instructions given to successful test an app/website, and get paid for it.

Some of them are Trymu UI, User testing, TestingTime, Userfeel, Validately, uTest, etc.

To do this no-experience online job, you need basic equipment like a smartphone, computer, microphone, and internet connection. You get paid an average of $10 for 5 to 25 minutes of successfully completed tests.

7. Watch Ads and Get Paid

Companies pay you for the time you spend watching their ads. The idea is that they get big companies to advertise on their platforms and they share the money with you.

You don’t need any experience to do this kind of job. Sometimes you have fun watching those ads and even learn from them.

The downside of it is that the ads are not steady for you to watch and earn money all the time. 

Your location can also be a barrier as some companies focus more on tier-one countries where users are likely to take action based on the ads they have watched. Some of the websites that pay you to watch ads are; iRazoo, Successbox, Adwallet, etc.

The amount you earn depends on the duration of the video you watch. For example, Adwallet pays you $0.5 for a 30-second ad.

As a way of ensuring that you pay attention when watching the ad, a question is asked at the end which you tick the correct answer.

You get paid mainly through PayPal after you reach a certain threshold. For Adwallet, it is $10.

8. Read Articles Online

No Experience Online Jobs

Websites, blogs, and magazines will pay you to read their content. You may be wondering why they will do so.

The reason is that they want to gain exposure, traffic, and grow their ad revenue. They also want you to enjoy their content and maybe like, share it with your friends which can grow their audience base and get them loyal followers and fans.

Provided you can read in several languages like English, Spanish, German and other languages you’re qualified to do this kind of online job.

No experience is needed. You can sign up with the following websites to do this kind of no-experience online job; Buzz Break, Mturk, etc.

Some of them will require you to share the article you have read with your friends or followers on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp to get credited. The amount you make here depends on the number of articles you read successfully according to their guidelines. 

9. Casual Writing 

Some people think that they have to write like Jane Austen before they can be rewarded for their work.

Hence they shy away from sharing their experience and knowledge with others. Writing for websites, magazines, and blogs is a cool job to do online without having experience.

This kind of writing could be reporting an incident that happened, telling your story to inspire others, and teaching others what you know.

This kind of writing isn’t technical and may not require you to be a professional writer.

What matters is the message you have passed across and how it resonates with the people that read it.

Even those websites you write for have their editors who work on your articles before publishing them.

You can try websites like, Watch Culture, Strong Whispers, Metro Parent, etc. Some of them pay you per word or per article. 

10. Data Entry

No Experience Online Jobs

Data entry is another no-experience online job you can do and get paid. With your computer, you can handle this job.

Companies look for people who can help them enter their data in a spreadsheet; Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, iWorknumbers, LibreOffice, etc.

The aim is to organize them into row and columns so as to look presentable. Data entry is one of the fast-growing online jobs that people engage in to earn money online.

And you can do it anywhere with your knowledge of computers.

Even if you haven’t heard of it, you can install at least Microsoft office on your computer and explore Excel. With the help feature of Microsoft Office, you can learn how to take on any task on Excel.

To get this kind of job, you can go to Freelancer or Fiverr to create an account and offer this kind of service to clients. 

11. Language Tutoring

If you understand and speak different languages, that’s a great advantage to you in this present age.

You can make it a job by teaching others how to speak to them. Some people want to learn multiple languages for various purposes like study, tourism, business, diplomacy, etc.

What they do is to find someone who can dedicate some hours a day to teach them how to speak them.

For instance, you speak German and English fluently. You can actually take it as an online job to teach someone who speaks English but wants to learn German.

This kind of no-experience online job can be a side hustle because you set hours you tutor.

It can even be fun if you’re lucky to have a friendly student. BuddySchool, Tutor, Verbal planet, Verbling, Connections Academy, are some websites where you can sign up for this kind of job. 

12. Search Evaluator

Search engines like Google hire people to review searches performed by users to ascertain how relevant and accurate they are.

One can take this kind of online job with the basic knowledge of communication and the ability to predict the search intent of users. You don’t need any experience to handle this kind of job.

Even some companies that hire people to do this kind of job have resources that will put them through on their job description and a test at the end to ascertain their level of understanding of the job.

Lionbridge is an example of a company that does this. Other companies you can apply to be a search evaluator are Google, Appen, Workforce, etc.

Although this job can pay you up to $25/hour, the downside of it is that it’s difficult to pass the test and get hired.

That’s all with the 10 best no-experience online jobs that are legit. But before I call it  a wrap, here are the bonus tips I promised you: 

These kinds of jobs stated above can’t earn you a fortune or make you rich. They are just to have some cash to avoid being broke.

I will suggest that while you do them at the moment, it is important you save up your earnings to invest in sustainable online businesses that can make you self-reliant.

There are a lot of online businesses you can start with little investment and experience. You can learn how to start a blog or acquire high-in-demand skills which will help you do some high-paying jobs on Fiverr


What are online jobs?

Online jobs are tasks one can perform over the internet to earn money. These tasks can be carried out from the comfort of your home or even while on the go. All it takes is to have the skill and experience in case it is required, a strong internet connection, a smartphone, or a computer. 

What are no experience online jobs?

No experience online jobs are jobs that don’t require you to have prior experience of something, technical expertise, or even a university degree/certificate. Anyone can do them provided they can make use of their smartphones or computers.

Wrapping up

For a beginner who wants to earn money online no matter how little, these no-experience online jobs can help you earn a few dollars with your smartphone or computer.

Identify the one which you can do well and sign up for it.

Take your time to understand the guidelines to do such jobs to avoid not being paid or any other issues that may arise on account of you not following the guidelines.

Bear in mind that they aren’t steady jobs hence they need to combine as many as possible to earn as much as you can.

Finally, save and invest your money in any profitable online business that can sustain you. 

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