Is Affiliate marketing dead? A lot of people ask this question base on what they’ve heard or read. They’re mainly people who want to start affiliate marketing as a means of making money online. They can also be people who are in it and are earning little or no commission.

Hence they’re forced to ask if affiliate marketing is dead. Welcome to this blog post where I will discuss the following with you.  Is Affiliate Marketing Dead, What is affiliate marketing, facts you need to know, some companies that have affiliate marketing programs.

Also, I’ll teach you how affiliate marketing works and answer some frequently asked questions on this topic.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. It is simply the act of promoting products and services of other people or companies. The aim is to make an agreed commission when a purchase is made from your affiliate link.

This performance-based marketing also includes generating quality leads for businesses. Yes, some companies will pay you a commission for helping them get a sign up even if the sign up didn’t make a purchase immediately. 

Why Businesses Engage In Affiliate Marketing

Any business that wants to make a lot of money with its products or services work with affiliates. The reason is that they want their products or services to go viral and become popular. Even though they run ads, they still need affiliates who’re bloggers, YouTubers, and online entrepreneurs to help them market it to their target audience. Most of the businesses that make money with their products and services do that through affiliate marketing.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead ( No, A lot Of Online Entrepreneurs Make Six Figures With It)

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead

Some of the online entrepreneurs make six figures with affiliate marketing. Many of them don’t depend on ad revenue from Google, Mediavine, and the rest. This’s because affiliate marketing pays them more. They promote affiliate products through their blogs, YouTube videos, email marketing, and Facebook adverts. For instance, Adams Enfroy made $80,000 as his income according to the income report he shared on his blog for May 2020. $63,000 came from affiliate marketing.

Also Alex and Lauren of Create and Go made $203,000 from their blog in April according to the income report they published. A good percentage of it came from affiliate marketing. Is affiliate marketing dead to you with these figures? This is to show you that a lot of online business owners make cool money with affiliate marketing.

They won’t if make such an amount if affiliate marketing is dead. You may be thinking maybe because they are already established online. That’s not true. They were once a beginner. Even Adam Enfroy started his blog in January 2019 and he is already making good money with affiliate marketing. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead ( Some Big Companies That Have Affiliate Marketing Programs)

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead

If affiliate marketing is dead then big brand and companies would have stopped their affiliate marketing programs. They’re still working with affiliate marketers because they’re seeing results. The following brands/companies have affiliate marketing programs that anyone who meets the requirements can join. 


Amazon is the biggest e-commerce online store in the world. It has an affiliate marketing program that allows you to promote its products and make commissions from the comfort of your home. It has both physical and digital products affiliates can promote.

Commissions from any Amazon product you promote are up to 10 percent although the company reduced it by a few percent recently. But a lot of affiliates still stick with Amazon because its offers convert easily.


This is another big brand that has a lucrative affiliate marketing program. Clickbank deals mainly with digital products and its commission are high. A single sale you made from a product can earn you up to $300 in commission. According to Clickbank, it has over 100,000 active affiliates on its program.

Since it started in 1998, both vendors and affiliates have earned up to $3.5 billion both in sales and commission. Many affiliates prefer this affiliate program because of its commission and flexible payment method.

If you live in a country where PayPal is not accepted, you can always receive payments with Payoneer.  Clickbank has a university where successful affiliates who’ve made millions of dollars in commission teach others how they did it.


When it comes to web hosting, Bluehost is a giant, it powers over 2 million websites on its platform. Affiliates with Bluehost make money from it because online businesses are on the increase. Many of them require hosting a website and when it comes to that, a lot of people prefer Bluehost. 

Other companies that have affiliate programs are Fiverr, a marketplace where you buy and sell any service. Shopify, Aliexpress, and Clickfunnels. Even Regal assets have an affiliate marketing program for those who want to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead ( A lot Of People Do Not Understand How It Works)

Due to its lucrative nature, a lot of people dive into affiliate marketing. It has made it competitive that upcoming affiliates are scared of joining the game for the fear of failing. Other intermediate affiliates who are yet to make a reasonable amount of money believe that it’s not working again.

Thus believing that affiliate marketing is dead. Even as competitive it is, the ‘big guys’ are still banking cool money from it on a monthly basis. Not because they are have been in the game before you. But because they have put in a lot of hard work and different strategies to see how it works for them.

Convincing people to make a purchase from your affiliate link either directly or indirectly isn’t easy. It involves money and they will want you to give them the perfect reason to do so. 

Affiliate Marketing  Is Not Dead See How It Works

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead

You think that affiliate marketing is dead because you’re yet to earn a commission from it. It could also be that you think the commission you have earned doesn’t tally with the efforts you have put. All these are a result of how you approach it. There’re basic steps to take in order to position yourself as someone that will earn a good commission from affiliate marketing.

Identify A Legit Affiliate Marketing Program

Your success in affiliate marketing depends on the affiliate marketing program you registered for. There’re a lot of affiliate marketing programs that are not legit. They will entice you with high commissions and in the end, you get nothing.

This’s where most people get it wrong. They’re easily swayed by the mention of a big amount as commission which is not true. They fail to make their own inquiry and read reviews. Finally, they get in only for them to get nothing after sending quality traffic to such a program.

Go For Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Program 

After you have confirmed that the affiliate marketing program you want to join is legit, the next thing is to check how lucrative it is. Here you concern yourself with how much commission you earn for a sale made through your affiliate links.

Although this depends on the product you want to promote. Generally, some affiliate marketing programs pay a low commission. When you take a look at it, you’ll discover that it doesn’t worth your time and energy.

The Following Affiliate Marketing Programs Pay Good Commission

Bluehost: you get $65 for anyone that hosts their website with them. Your commission will also increase when a lot of people sign up through your affiliate link.

Clickbank: Depending on the product you’re promoting, you earn up to $300 in commission for a single sale you made.

Regal Assets: This is for you if your niche is investment and finance. Regal Assets will pay you $30 for any qualified lead you get for them. Also, you get 3% of any investment in their precious metals like gold, silver, and others.

I know you may be thinking that 3% is low in this instance. But Regal Assets investment is a minimum of $15,000 and a lot of investors put up to $100,000 in a single investment. When you do the maths, you see that for 3% of $15,000 is $450, while for $100,000 is $3000.

GetResponse: This is an email marketing company. It’s lucrative because you earn a recurring commission. It means that provided your sign-ups continue to renew their package monthly, you’ll continue to earn a commission.

GetResponse pays a 33% commission on any package your sign-up chooses. I’m part of all these affiliate programs and that’s why I can testify to them. Also, there’re many more lucrative affiliate marketing programs like Clickfunnels, Amazon, Warriorplus, Shareasale, Shopify, Fiverr, and many more.

Identify A Suitable Product To Promote 

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? You can ask this question when you’re promoting the wrong product. What do I mean? A product that is not in your niche. A product you know nothing about and a product you can’t convince someone to purchase. Affiliate marketing works best if you identify a product in your niche. It will give an edge and your target audience will easily buy.

Take for instance your niche is Health and Fitness and you’re promoting a digital product on how to be a good singer to your Health and Fitness audience. Don’t be surprised if you don’t record a sale. Because it’s like putting a round peg in a square hole. Now compare it to when you are promoting weight loss products to the same niche. You can see that your audience is likely to buy.

Although some affiliate marketing programs like Clickbank have all you need to promote a product.   Email swipes, Facebook Ad copy, written reviews, and landing pages but this works if you also have a niche for them. Or you have the financial strength to run Ads on Facebook and Google. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead – No, It Depends On How You Promote Your Products

The commission you will earn from affiliate marketing depends on how you promote your products. It’s through promoting it that you will get quality traffic that’ll convert to sale them you make money. There’re two ways that you can use to promote your affiliate products. Free traffic and paid traffic. 

Free Traffic

This involves getting traffic to your affiliate links without paying for them. There’re ways with which you can use to get free traffic.

Organic Traffic 

You can get free organic traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo if you conduct a keyword search. There’re a lot of keyword search tools that you can use for it. Identify what people are searching for about that particular product you’ve. Create a quality blog post for it and insert your affiliate links naturally.

The aim is to rank for such a keyword. But this depends on the domain authority of your website. If your website is new with little or no backlinks, It’s advisable you go for keywords with low search difficulty.

Target keywords with SD of under 20 and 1000 search volume and above. This will increase your chances of ranking on Google’s first page for that particular keyword. Another thing you can do is to analyze using Moz the domain score of the websites that appear on Google’s first page for that particular keyword. If you identify any of under 25, then your website has the chance of ranking for such a keyword.

The next you do is to create quality content that is better than the once on page one. This could be in the form of making your content longer, using infographics, and quality links. For every place you insert your affiliate link, use a call to action or you highlight and make it bold.

Other methods that you can use to promote your affiliate products for free are Facebook groups, Quora, and Pinterest. Read this comprehensive guide where I showed you how to do affiliate marketing with free traffic.

Paid Traffic 

This’s when you launch a campaign for your affiliate products on Facebook, Instagram, or Google AdWords. The results here are quick because you sell to the audience you’re ready for it. But it requires investing money in running Ads. The more money you put in Ads, the better the result you get. 

Getting Paid The Commission You Have Made

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead

Before you sign up and begin to promote any product, it’s advisable you read the payment method. This will help you understand the conditions on which you will get paid. Some affiliate programs will pay you 30 days after you have made a commission.

Others will wait for more than that to ensure that no refund is made. Also, check to see if you can receive payments through the payment method stipulated by the company. I am aware that many affiliate marketing programs pay with PayPal and PayPal isn’t functional in some countries.

So it’s important to confirm that you can receive payment in your country. This will prevent the frustration that’ll arise after you make huge commissions only to discover that you can’t withdraw it. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Affiliate marketing is not easy but it’s doable. You have to understand how it works, dedicate your time to it, and finally be patient with it. Don’t begin with the mindset that you’ll make money fast with it. It doesn’t work that way, if it’s that easy a lot of people would have been successful affiliate marketers.

Is It Worth Becoming An Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative ways to make money online. If you’re interested in it, give it a trial. It is worth becoming an affiliate marketer. A lot of companies need to make more sales through their products and count on affiliate marketers who work with them for that.

Is Affiliate Marketing Legit?

Just like I discussed with you above you need to review any affiliate marketing you want to join. It is a big industry and there are a lot of scams in it. Affiliate Marketing is legit if you identify companies that are legit with it. Amazon, Clickbank, Bluehost, Clickfunnels, Rega Assets, and many more have legit affiliate marketing programs.

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Yes, affiliate marketing is profitable. That’s where many online entrepreneurs make their money from. If it’s not, they won’t invest their time, energy, and resources into it. Also, companies that have affiliate programs know the revenue they make through it. This’s why some of them run adverts to attract affiliate marketers. 


With all that I have discussed with you above, I believe that you can see that affiliate marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s growing by the day and a lot of affiliates and companies are benefiting from it. All it takes is for you to study it and understand how it works. That way you’ll see the potentials in it. 

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