Don’t know which to choose between Jasper AI and Creaitor AI?

 No worries!

 I have tried both AI writing tools and in this Jasper AI vs Creaitor AI comparison, we will explore and compare their features, pros and cons, pricing plans, and how they work, so you can make the best decision.


Ease of Use:

Easy to use + free course to guide you


60+templates, write any type of content including long-form high-quality content


Creators Plan costs $49/month to generate unlimited words while Team Plan costs $125/month to generate unlimited words. There is also a business plan that has custom pricing – it requires you to contact the sales team of Jasper. 

Overall Rating

A Good Alternative


Ease of Use:

Easy to use + beginner-friendly 


70+AI assistants, write short-form content + marketing copy


Basic: $9/month; Standard plan: $29/month + Professional Plan: $59/month

Overall Rating

Features of Jasper AI

  • Has 60+ templates 
  • 24 input and 26 output languages (you can translate from one language to another)
  • Has Image generator – Jasper Art 
  • Integrates with Surfer SEO 
  • Fixes grammatical and spelling errors with Grammarly 
  • Checks plagiarism with Copyscape 
  • Use Jasper Command to write high-quality long-form content 
  • Has a web chrome extension 
  • Offers API
  • Has a campaign asset feature
  • Has a brand voice feature
  • Recipes – workflows that other writers developed that have helped them create high-quality content 
  • Business plan for teams & large organizations that want customized features 
  • Bootcamp where you learn and get certified on how to use Jasper like a pro
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts 
  • Supports voice dictation 
  • Has collaboration features 

Features of Creaitor AI

  • 70+ AI assistants that serve as templates to write different types of copy
  • Write in 25+ languages and also translate from one language to another 
  • Supports 2-user login
  • Create unlimited project
  • SERP Beater
  • Unlimited documents 
  • Translation form
  • Unlimited translation 

Pros of Jasper 

  • Free trial to write up to 10,000 words 
  • 5-day money-back guarantee 
  • Pricing plans are flexible 
  • No learning curve 
  • You enjoy a discount for a yearly subscription
  • Friendly customer support 
  • Has an active Facebook community where you also get support and learn from fellow Jasper users 
  • Jasper Art complements Jasper AI  – you create the images you need for your content 
  • Writes high-quality content that requires less proofreading, fact-checking, and editing
  • There are video tutorials, knowledge-based articles, and recorded webinars that will teach how to write a pro using Jasper 

Cons of Jasper 

  • You may need to upgrade to the Boss Mode plan to have access to more advanced features 
  • No free plan

Pros of Creaitor AI

  • Has a free plan (no credit card is required)
  • You can get enterprise features like API when you contact the sales team
  • Has an official Facebook group where you connect with other Creaitor AI users 
  • Easy to use
  • Has more AI writing assistants

Cons of Creaitor AI

  • No integration with SEO tool
  • Has no AI image generator 
  • You need to upgrade to the professional plan to write the best quality content 
  • Fewer tutorials to guide a beginner 

Pricing plans of Jasper AI

Jasper AI offers 3 pricing plans: 

Creator Plan, Team Plan, and Business Plan

Jasper ai pricing plans

How much is Jasper AI per month?

The Creator Plan costs $49/month and is for individuals, freelancers, and small businesses that want Jasper to generate high-quality content that is tailored to their brand voice.

Below are its core features:

  • Unlimited word generation 
  • 1 seat
  • 50+ templates 
  • 1 brand voice 
  • 50 memories 
  • Plus everything in the Free plan

The Team plan costs $125/month and is best for large teams and agencies that want to generate and repurpose content that is tailored to their brand voice for marketing campaigns. 

Here are its core features:

  • Generate unlimited words per month 
  • 3 brand voice
  • 150 memories
  • Workflows and documents
  • 3 seats with the option to buy more
  • Plus everything you get in the Creator Plan

The Business Plan has custom pricing, and it’s suitable for businesses that want customized features tailored to their workflow.

Here are its core features:

  • Unlimited memories 
  • Unlimited number of brand voice 
  • For teams that need up to 10 seats with SSO 
  • Unlimited words generated by AI
  • Plus everything you get in the Team Plan

You get a 20% discount when you subscribe to the annual plan.

Jasper AI annual pricing

For the Creator Plan, you pay $39/month

For the Team Plan, you pay $99/month

Pricing plans of Creaitor 

Creaitor has 3 paid plans apart from its free plan. We take a look at them below:

Free Plan – To Try Out Creaitor 

You can write up to 20,000 characters using this plan. Its features are similar to the basic plan. However, there is no way you can write long-form content with 20,000 characters. That’s why you need to upgrade to a paid account if you think it’s worth it.

creaitor AI pricing plans

Basic Plan – $9/month (For Beginners)

You can write up to 100,000 characters per month. It’s better than the free plan that allows for only 20k characters. 

Below are key features of the basic plan of Creaitor:

  • 70+ AI assistants 
  • 25 languages 
  • Unlimited documents 
  • Content is of good quality 
  • Supports only one user login

Standard Plan – $29/month (Best for freelance writers, bloggers, and content creators)

This plan allows you to write up to 300,000 characters per month. It has more features than the basic plan.

 We take a look at them below:

  • Allows for 2 users
  • Write high-quality content 
  • Translation form
  • Unlimited documents
  • Unlimited projects
  • 25 languages 
  • 70+ AI assistants 

Professional Plan – $59/month (Best for content marketing agencies & large teams)

This is the highest plan Creaitor AI offers. It allows for an unlimited number of characters.

If you’re a blogger or large content marketing agency that writes a high number of content per month, this plan suits you. You don’t have to worry about character limits.

Also, its features are better than that of basic and standard plans.

Below are its features:

  • Unlimited translations
  • Unlimited documents 
  • Translation form
  • Unlimited projects 
  • 70+ AI assistants which serve as templates 
  • Allows 2 users login 
  • Writes high-quality content 
  • 25+ languages 

Overview of Jasper 

Jasper is one of the best AI writing tools that many businesses and companies use to boost their content production. Its selling points are advanced templates, integration with Surfer SEO, the ability to write high-quality long-form content, and the recently launched AI image generator – Jasper Art.

Dave Rogenmoser co-founded it in 2021 with the aim of helping content writers & marketers end writer’s block. In August 2022, Jasper made it to Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.

Jasper made it to Inc 5000 in 2022

It currently has over 70k users, with top-rated brands like Semrush recommending it as a reliable AI writing tool. 

Overview of Creaitor 

Although new, Creaitor AI is fast gaining ground as an AI writing tool. Its selling point is the over 70 AI writing assistants that serve as templates. After using the free trial, I found it good at writing marketing copy like product descriptions and social media ads. 

Simon Funk founded this tool, which has been named the 2022 best Swiss App.

Creaitor AI

As at the time of writing this, it has a 4-star rating from 18 reviews on Trustpilot.

Jasper AI vs Creaitor AI: Comparison of Key Features

Let’s compare Jasper AI and Creaitor based on key features you should look for when choosing an AI writing tool.

1. Templates 

Jasper has 60+ advanced templates with features that ensure you generate content that can meet your expectations. It adds new templates frequently and there are fields for content tone, target keyword, and target audience. You can set the number of outputs, which is a feature that allows you to make a choice on which output is most suitable. 

jasper templates

Creaitor has 70+ AI assistants which are similar to templates. It has fields where you can include target keywords, write descriptions, set a tone, and also an option to set the number of outputs you want.

creaitor AI assistant

However, even with more AI assistants(70+), it is no match to Jasper templates which cover almost any type of content you want to write. 

For example, Jasper has a PAS (Problem Agitation Solution) template that you can use to develop new marketing copy ideas for a product you just launched. 

Also, you can use Jasper to write a book with the aid of the AI writing assistant and blog post outline template. Creaitor doesn’t have a template that can do this. 

Winner: Jasper 

Has advanced templates that handle complex writing projects 

2. Supported Languages 

Jasper supports you to write in 24 input and 26 out languages. It means you can have your input in French and ask the AI to generate the output in English. 

jasper supported languages

Creaitor Supports writing in 25 different languages and supports translation from one language to another.

Winner: No winner

Both translates from one language to another. 

3. SEO Tool

SEO tools are important in content writing, especially if you aim at driving organic traffic from search engines like Google. Jasper’s integration with Surfer SEO makes it easy to optimize your copy to rank higher on search results without leaving your interface.

Creaitor doesn’t integrate with any SEO tool. You have to copy your content and then paste it on any SEO tool like page optimizer pro for on-page optimization. This wastes time and doesn’t boost your productivity. However, it has an in-built SERP beater that shows you the keyword difficulty of the topic you want to write about.

Creaitor AI SERP beater

Winner: Jasper 

Its integration with Surfer SEO – one of the best on-page optimization tools, means you have real-time SEO analysis of your competitor’s pages plus get all the recommendations to outrank them on Google.

4. Image Generator Tool 

Jasper has an Image generator – Jasper Art, which costs $20/month/user. This complements the AI writing assistant as you can create your own unique and original images for your content.

Jasper art images

No need of using generic images from stock photo sites and Google, which sometimes have copyright issues. 

Jasper art

Creaitor AI doesn’t have an image generator. And so you either get your images from Google or stock photo sites or use Jasper Art, which is also available for users who don’t use Jasper AI to write.

Winner: Jasper AI

5. Chrome Extension 

Chrome extension makes it easy to create content from your browser. Jasper recently launched its web chrome extension, and it comes with all the features that are available when you login to your account. Once you install and pin it to your browser, you can generate content right away without logging to your Jasper account.

Creaitor doesn’t have a chrome extension for now.

Winner: Jasper AI 

6. Long-Form Content 

Bloggers, content marketers, and freelance writers always write long-form content of over 2000 words. Jasper AI supports this for users on the boss mode plan. You can command the AI assistant to create long-form quality content for you in minutes.

Creaitor AI supports long-form content. However, you have to upgrade to the professional plan which costs $59/month, so you can write an unlimited number of characters

No Winner

Both can write long-form content (Jasper – using the boss mode plan & Creaitor – using the professional plan)

7. Plagiarism Check

Although AI writing tools hardly plagiarize, it’s important you check for plagiarism to ensure the quality of your content isn’t compromised. Jasper integrates with Copyscape to check plagiarism on its interface (you have to subscribe to Copyscape and connect to Jasper).

Creaitor doesn’t integrate with any plagiarism checker. The only option is to subscribe to any plagiarism checker, then copy the content Creaitor generated and paste on it to check for plagiarism. This wastes time. 

Winner: Jasper 

Its integration with Copyscape, one of the best plagiarism checkers, ensures your content is free of plagiarism and of high quality.

8. Grammar Fix

Jasper integrates with Grammarly to fix all grammatical and spelling errors in your content. Although Jasper AI doesn’t make grammatical and spelling errors, chances are you could make one when you reword, shorten or rephrase sentences to suit your need. And using Grammarly is free for Jasper users on the boss mode plan. You don’t have to be on a Grammarly paid plan before you can connect and use it on the Jasper interface.

Creaitor doesn’t integrate with any grammar checker. So you have to copy your content from Creaitor and then paste on Grammarly or any other grammar checker tool to fix all grammatical errors.

9. Pricing 

Except for the business plan of Jasper which has custom pricing, it has almost the same pricing plans as Creaitor. The boss mode plan of Jasper starts at $59/month, while the professional plan of Creaitor costs $59/month. However, the difference here is that Jasper has more advanced features and flexibility, unlike Creaitor. You can use the slider to set the number of words you want to write on Jasper’s starter and boss mode plans per month and pay more. You can’t do that on Creaitor. 

No winner: Both have pricing plans that are similar

10. Campaign Asset

Jasper just launched a new feature that allows businesses to create marketing campaigns tailored to their brand voice.
Once you login into your Jasper account, you will see the campaign tab on the left side panel. Click create a campaign and enter the campaign brief which serves as a guide.

Choose the assets you will need for your campaign – Google text ad, blog post, press release, landing page, etc. Within a few minutes, Jasper will output the asset you need based on your brief and according to your brand voice.
This feature is available on all paid plans of Jasper and is a game-changer for businesses that find it hard to create marketing campaigns that will convert to sales.

Creaitor AI is yet to have a feature like this.

Winner: Jasper

10. Customer Support 

Jasper offers support via live chat, email, and Facebook. In fact, its Facebook community of over 60k members is the best place to get support. Dave Rogenmoser, the CEO, and other team members at Jasper are happy to assist you to derive maximum value from the tool.

On the same Facebook community, you get to learn and interact with other Jasper users. Plus, there are plenty of video tutorials and knowledge-based articles to help you resolve issues yourself.

Creaitor has a Facebook group, but it isn’t active as Jasper’s. You can also use the contact form to send messages to the support team. 

Winner: Jasper AI 

Jasper offers support via different methods, and they are all effective. It isn’t so with Creaitor which doesn’t have enough tutorial videos for beginners to lay their hands on and doesn’t offer live chat support.

How does Jasper Work?

  • Login to your Jasper account 
  • On your dashboard, select the template that suits the type of content you want to write 
  • Use the description field to describe the content you want Jasper to write for you 
  • Set a tone, enter your target keyword and your target audience 
  • Choose the number of outputs 
  • Click on generate
  • Within a few seconds, the AI generates different outputs based on the output number you set
  • Read them, choose any that suits your need and modify

Watch this video to learn how Jasper works:

How does Creaitor Work?

  • Login to your account and choose an AI assistant that suits the type of content you want to write 
  • Use the description field to describe what you want the AI to write. A short description of 1 – 2 lines will do
  • Click on generate and watch the AI generate outputs/results which you can modify to suit your need


Jasper and Creaitor are two AI writing tools that are good in their own ways. I have explored and compared them for you to decide which suits you. 

When it comes to advanced features and quality content, Jasper comes top. I recommend it for bloggers that want to write content that can rank on Google and drive organic traffic.

Also, content marketing agencies, small businesses, and freelance content writers have all they need to create content that will meet the expectation of their audience. 

The main takeaway is: Jasper does 80% of the work while you put in 20% to fact-check, edit and fine-tune your copy to be the best it can be. 

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