Looking for a high-quality AI image generator but don’t know which to choose between Jasper Art and Dall-e? 

The fact remains that a lot of digital creators now want unique and awesome images that come from their imagination. The era of relying on stock photo sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, or even Google Images is fading away. 

After Jasper AI became one of the best AI copywriting tools, the creators took it to the next level when they released Jasper Art to compete with other AI image generators like Dall-e which is a product of Open AI.

I have used both to generate images and in this Jasper Art vs Dall-e comparison, I showed you what both got to offer, so you can decide which of the AI image generators works for you.

Jasper Art

Ease of Use:

Easy to use, free tutorial videos to guide you + Fast and easy sign-up process


Doesn’t lose high image resolution quality, superb face recognition, image link with control options, art gallery, image upscaling & exporting, no watermark on images, you own your image and can sell it to make money, etc


Jasper Art Unlimited allows you to create an unlimited number of images per month at $20/user

Overall Rating

A Good Alternative


Ease of Use:

Has no learning curve, but sign up process isn’t simple and straightforward


Has editing and inpainting features. Poor at face recognition, artistic styles, and image upscaling. Images have no shareable link.


Offers free 50 credits to generate images every month, you pay $15 to get 115 credits when you exhaust your free credits

Overall Rating

Jasper Art vs DALL-E: Features 

It’s important you look at the features of both AI image generators because that will give a clue about their capabilities and how they meet your requirements.

Jasper Art Features 

  • Face recognition 
  • Works with Jasper AI Writer
  • Images are of high resolution 
  • Shareable link
  • You can export images 
  • Has Gallery for AI Art
  • Supports 3D image creation 
  • Image upscaling 

DALL-E Features 

  • Inpainting – smart replacement of a given area in an image 
  • Variations – creates a variation of images
  • High-resolution images
  • Editing features
  • Has a collection where you save the image you generated on the platform 

Jasper Art Pros

  • No watermark on exported images
  • Artistic images are of high quality 
  • Fast at generating Images
  • Displays a selection of styles to choose from
  • Good at human face recognition 
  • Unlimited image generation every month 
  • Has an AI gallery where you draw inspiration and generate your own images
  • No learning curve 
  • Sign up process is fast and simple 
  • You own your images and can sell them to make money 

Jasper Art Cons

  • Images can’t be 100% human artistic work


  • Fast at generating Images. Can produce the image you described and its variation in seconds 
  • Uses diffusion model, which simply means using a pattern of dots and noise to create images that enhance quality
  • You can reprint and sell the image you generated 


  • Doesn’t support unlimited generation of images. Once you exhaust your credit, you have to renew your subscription
  • Requires a more detailed description to get the desired image
  • Signing up process is stressful like Midjourney. You have to wait for Open AI to review and then send an invitation
  • Artwork is poor

How much does Jasper Art cost? 

Jasper Art cost $20/month/user. This allows you to generate unlimited images per month. It has an annual plan which costs $200/year. So you save 17% of what you pay monthly.

Jasper Art Price

How much does DALL-E cost?

DALL-E costs $15, and you receive 115 credits to generate images. It first gives you 50 credits for free at the beginning of every month. You can then pay $15 to get 115 credits if you exhaust the free 50 credits before the month ends. 

The question you may ask: How many images can the 115 credit generate?

From my experience, it is about 450-460 images. That’s a fair number for a blogger or content writer that just needs images for illustration. 

What is Jasper Art?

Jasper Art is one of the best AI image generators that is making waves in the AI industry. It’s a new product from Jasper AI writing tool that allows you to turn your imagination into unique images and art in seconds. Its ability to recognize human faces and create artistic images has placed it above other AI image generators. 

Jasper Art

Interestingly, you don’t have to be tech-savvy or an artist to use Jasper Art. Just describe the image you want, and it generates it immediately. 

Many out of 65k plus Jasper AI users also use Jasper Art to generate images that complement their copy.

What is DALL-E?

It’s an AI image generator from Open AI, the company that has created many AI tools like ChatGPT and Whisper. You can create realistic, original images from text descriptions.


It uses a diffusion model to create images and has editing, variations, and inpainting as its key features.

Who is Jasper Art and DALL-E for?

  • A photo enthusiast that wants to create unique, and appealing photos but doesn’t know how to do it
  • Someone that wants to make money from selling AI-generated images 
  • A video producer that needs a storyboard for video production 
  • Artists that create NFTs and sell them to make cool money 
  • Book writer that needs artistic images for illustration
  • Social media influencer that needs eye-catching images to post on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook
  • An email marketer that needs images for promotional emails aimed at generating leads that can convert to sales
  • A YouTuber who wants to create a unique thumbnail for their video 
  • A blogger that wants unique featured and supporting images for their blog post 

Comparison of Features

Let’s compare Jasper Art and DALL-E based on key features that matter.

1. Image Upscaling 

Image upscaling means the ability to increase the size of the image you generated without losing its quality. Jasper Art supports this. 

For example, you can increase your image by:

1× (512 × 512)

2× (1024 × 1024)

4× (2048 × 2048)

DALL-E supports only  (1024×1024 size) and it’s a big blow because your audience may struggle to view a medium size image. 

Winner: Jasper Art 

Upscaling your image is like giving you the flexibility to decide the size of your image after generating it.

2. Editing 

DALL-E has editing tools that allow you to upload an image, erase a part of your image, generate a frame, and pan your image. This is like having a mini photo editing tool that saves the money you invest in photo editing tools. 

Jasper doesn’t have editing tools, so you can’t make any major changes to the image you generated.

Winner: DALL-E 

3. Artistic Style & Formats

Jasper has tons of artistic styles and formats. In fact, that’s its key selling point that has made some human artists feel that AI image generators might take their jobs. 

From the drop-down arrow, you can select any artistic style you want for your images, like Surrealism and Cyberpunk, before you generate them.

Jasper Artistic Style

DALL-E is poor at artistic styles. It doesn’t have a wide selection of artistic styles like Jasper Art. So you have to describe or include it in your prompt. 

Winner: Jasper Art 

You don’t have to think of artistic styles or even browse to know many of them.  Major ones that are in the selection display for you to make a choice. 

4. Facial Recognition 

Jasper Art does wonder at face recognition. It generates them as if they are artistic drawings. It does best at recognizing the faces of popular figures who have a digital footprint on the internet. 

For example, you can ask Jasper Art to generate images of Steve Job, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Lionel Messi, etc.

Below is an image of Elon Musk generated by Jasper Art:

Jasper art drew the image of Elon Musk

DALL-E is poor at recognizing human faces. While it tries to produce something similar, the faces are distorted, and you may need tools like Baseten to improve the look. 

Winner: Jasper Art 

5. Inpainting 

Inpainting involves removing a portion of an image you don’t want and replacing it with something you desire. DALL-E supports this. You can upload an image, select a portion and use a text description to fill it with something you want. You can do the same for an image you generated using DALL-E.

Jasper Art doesn’t support this. You can’t fill or replace a portion of an image you generated.

Winner: DALL-E 

6. Shareable Link

Jasper Art has an image link that you can share. After generating an image, you can share the link with your team member to view and make suggestions. You can also protect it by setting controls like who can view or share it.

DALL-E doesn’t have a shareable link. You either download the image on your PC or export it to another platform of your choice.

Winner: Jasper Art 

Shareable link makes it easier for others to access the image you generated.

7. Image Generation Restriction

Once you exhaust your credit, you can’t generate more images on DALL-E until you renew it. That’s a sort of restriction. 

This isn’t so with Jasper Art, which has no restriction to the number of images you can generate per month once you pay the $20.

Winner: Jasper Art 

8. Image Quality

Images with poor quality don’t appeal to your audience. Both Jasper Art and DALL-E generate high-quality and resolution images. Even if you upscale to the biggest size, Jasper Art images don’t lose quality. 

No Winner: Both offer high-quality images

9. Pricing 

Jasper Art costs $20/month/user, and you can generate unlimited images. It also has a yearly plan which costs $200 (discount of 17%). It costs you $15 to get 115 credits, which you use to generate images on DALL-E. Although it offers you free 50 credits every month, it can’t be enough if your content needs more images.

Winner: Jasper Art 

Although it costs $20/month, $5 more expensive than DALL-E, you generate any amount of images you want. 

How to use Jasper Art 

  • Describe literally whatever image you have in your mind – you do these inside the image description box
  • Apply some creative and artistic styles to suit your imagination 
  • Click generate and watch Jasper Art generate high-quality images for you
  • Upscale the size if you want 
  • Download and export to your computer without a watermark

The video below shows how Jasper Art works:

How to use DALL-E 

  • Sign up and login to Open AI
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on DALL-E 
  • A new screen will open, which is where you use text to describe the image you want to create
  •  Click generate when you are done
  • DALL-E generates different forms of images for you to pick from

Jasper Art vs DALL-E: Which Is The Best AI Art Generator?

Having tried both AI image generators, Jasper Art has an edge over DALL-E. 

Take Face Recognition for an example, Jasper Art does a better job at generating human faces at least 90% of what a human professional artist can do. DALL-E does a poor job at Face Recognition and you have to use a tool like Baseten to make adjustments, which sometimes doesn’t come out fine.

While Jasper Art supports Image Upscaling of up to 2048 × 2048 without losing quality, DALL-E stops at 1024 × 1024. This means that increasing the size of your image is restricted to only one frame size on DALL-E. 

The unlimited generation of images that Jasper Art offers is another plus. $20/month/user can see you generate any number of images you want. You can’t compare that with DALL-E which runs on credit. Apart from the 50 free credits which can’t do much, you can exhaust the 115 credits which cost $15 before the month ends, and you have to buy another one to continue using DALL-E.

While DALL-E has mini editing and inpainting features, they aren’t primary features someone that is looking for an AI image generator may care about.

Examples of Images Jasper Art Generated:

Examples of images Jasper Art generated
Examples of images Jasper Art generated
Examples of images Jasper Art generated


Let’s look at the questions you ask about Jasper Art and DALL-E 

Are DALL-E images copyrighted?

No, DALL-E images have no copyright issues. The images you generate using this AI tool belong to you, and you can sell them to make money. However, I would advise you to stay away from generating images of popular figures for the sake of monetization. Selling images of popular figures without their consent might make them sue you. 

Is Jasper Art free?

Jasper Art isn’t free, but it’s affordable. At $20/month, you can generate unlimited images. 

Is DALL-E free?

DALL-E isn’t free. However, it offers you free 50 credits every month to generate images. Once you exhaust it before the months end and want to generate more images, you buy 115 credits at $15. 

Can you use AI Art commercially?

Yes, you can use AI image Art generators for commercial purposes. 

You can sell the images you generated on platforms like Etsy. There are a lot of people who run Print on Demand stores, where they sell t-shirts customized with AI-generated images. 

For example, here is a Jasper Art user sharing how he sells images he generated on his Print on Demand store:


I trust this Jasper Art vs DALL-E comparison has given you the detailed information you need to make an informed decision. Look at their features, pros, cons, and pricing, and decide which works for you. 

If I’m to suggest, go for Jasper Art.  Its facial recognition and artistic styles are second to none, coupled with the fact it has more upscaling options and offers unlimited image generation.

 Go for DALL-E if you want an AI image generator with a mini editing tool, but poor at face recognition and artistic styles.

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