Since the launch of Jasper AI in January 2021, Dave Rogenmoser, the co-founder, and his team of AI experts have been working tirelessly to ensure that Jasper continues to be the best AI writing tool in the market. Recently, Jasper went to Art school to learn how to create and paint images of any kind. Thereafter, a new product called Jasper Art was launched exactly on the 19th of August 2022. 

As a Jasper user, I will explore the features of this new product, and what you stand to get in this Jasper Art review. The aim is for you to decide if you are going for it.

A few days after Jasper Art was launched, a lot of Jasper users were on the waitlist, including me. Those on the annual plan were given preference to first have access to it. 

However, developers at Jasper did the magic and opened it to all paying customers. So as a Jasper user, you can now have access to Jasper Art. 

Interestingly, You can use Jasper AI writing tool and Jasper Art simultaneously. Subscribe to either the Starter Plan of Jasper which begins at $29/month, or the Boss Mode plan which begins at $59/month

Login to your account and navigate to the sidebar and click ART to sign up for Jasper Art for $20/month.

So if you are on the Starter plan and want to use Jasper Art, it is  $29/month for AI writing +  $20/month for Jasper Art = $49/month

Also, if you are on the Boss mode plan, and want to use Jasper Art, it is $59/month for AI writing + $20/month for Jasper Art = $79/month

Note: It’s not compulsory to sign up for Jasper Art. You can subscribe to the AI writing tool only.

Even Non-Jasper AI Writer Subscribers Can Use Jasper Art

If you don’t want to use Jasper to write but only want to use it to generate images, no worries! You can just subscribe to Jasper Art for just $20/month or an annual plan which costs $200/year. So you save 17% of what you pay monthly.

No need to incur the additional cost of subscribing to a writing tool when you don’t need it. 

Let us dive into the review where we will look at the results Jasper Art users are getting, pricing, pros and cons, alternatives, and what I like about this new add-on from Jasper. 

Pros of Jasper Art

  • Create original and unique image
  • You own the image, so you don’t bother giving credit to anyone
  • It’s cheap considering the amount other AI image generators charge per month
  • Simple to use, just use text to describe the image you want, and Jasper Art creates it in seconds
  • For now, you can generate unlimited images per month
  • Saves the risk of using images with copyright issues
  • Perfect combination with Jasper AI writing assistant – AI writes and creates images for you

Cons of Jasper Art

  • There is a limitation for size, content, and shape when describing the image you want to create in a text input
  • Still not perfect as a few images may not turn out as expected
  • It can’t be 100% as images human creates

What is Jasper Art?

Jasper Art is a new product from Jasper AI writing tool that allows you to turn your imagination into awesome images and arts in seconds. It’s like having an AI artist and asking them to create the image you want without wasting time. You don’t have to be an artist or image creator to use Jasper Art. Just describe the image you want to create, and Jasper Art does that in seconds. Easy-peasy!

Who needs Jasper Art?

  • A YouTuber who wants to create an awesome and unique thumbnail for their YouTube video 
  • A blogger that wants awesome featured and supporting images for their blog post 
  • A video producer that needs a storyboard for video production 
  • Artists that create NFTs and sell them to make cool money 
  • Book writer that needs images for illustration
  • Eye-catching images to post on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Personalized images for your promotional emails aimed at generating leads that can convert to sales

How does Jasper Art work?

  • Describe literally whatever image you have in your mind
  • Apply some creative styles to suit your need
  •  Watch Jasper Art create it instantly. Easy-peasy
how Jasper Art works

Let’s see Jasper Art in action 

As I stated above, some early users are already creating images and arts of their choice using Jasper Art. 

Below is an artist image Dave Rogenmoser, the co-founder of Jasper, created using Jasper Art. 

This was when he and the Jasper team were testing the product in-house.

Image created by dave using Jasper Art

However, on the official Facebook community of Jasper, many users have been sharing their results with this tool.

Here is a plain cheesecake a user created using Jasper Art

plain cheesecake jasper art created

Carrie Alexander, who describes herself as a crazy cat lady, asked Jasper Art to create a pencil sketch of a cat, and below is what she got:

Pencil sketch of a cat created using Jasper art

Sean Volser, another user, asked Jasper Art to create an image of Gandalf playing poker with a group of kittens.

Below is what he got:

Jasper art creates Dandalf playing poker with group of kittens

An interesting thing I noticed about Jasper Art is that it can create images in almost any industry. 

An electrician who asked Dave Rogenmoser to use it to create a simple EV charger on a wall inside a garage go this:

Jasper art creates image of simpe EV charger

But Jasper Art isn’t 100% perfect. There are some cases where the images it generates won’t appear as you want. 

For example, Darby Rollins wanted to create a “Futuristic hexagonal tattoo design arm sleeve Japanese traditional”

Below is what he got:

Taking a closer look, you will discover that although Jasper Art created the image, the arms were 3 instead of the two every human should have. 

While Jasper works to improve this, you can ensure that Jasper Art creates the exact image you want by giving it clear and simple to understand instruction. Note, it’s a robot and not a human that can use their discretion to make decisions. The input determines the output.

Generating awesome faces of images and humans is another challenge some users face while using Jasper Art. However, Dave Rogenmoser, the co-founder of Jasper, seems to have a solution to it.

He used a tool called Baseten to improve the results.

Below are the results of Jasper Art output vs when you run it on Baseten app:

When you look at the two photos, you can notice that running it on Baseten app fixes faces to some extent.

Jasper Art Pricing 

The price is $20/month for a user. If you have 5 users, it’s $100/month. Jasper Art also has an annual plan which costs $200/year. So you save 17% of what you pay monthly.

 You are free to generate an unlimited amount of images. However, keep in mind that this is temporary and would likely change in the future. My understanding is that the Jasper team wants everyone to see what this product has to offer, and the reception has been awesome. So brace up for a change in price and a likely limitation to the number of images you can create a month.

Any Copyright Issues With Jasper Art Images?

No, there are no copyright issues with images Jasper Art creates. They belong to you because you paid to use the tool to create it, and it was also created by an AI and not a human. So nobody can lay claim on it. 

However, I suggest you avoid creating images of well-known personalities and using them for commercial purposes. That may result in a lawsuit that may affect your business.

Interestingly, you can sell images you create with Jasper Art and make money. For example, NTF artists can leverage it to create pencil sketches and other artworks they can sell on a marketplace like Open Sea. 

You can create images and sell them on print-on-demand platforms like Teepublic, Printful, RedBubble, etc.

Below is a screenshot of how Dave Gambrill uses Jasper Art to create images he sells on Print on demand shop – Teepublic.

Jasper Art Alternatives 

Let’s look at some alternatives to Jasper Art:

  • Midjourney 
  • Dalle-2
  • Stable Diffusion 
  • Deep AI
  • AI Green Screen from Tiktok 
  • NightCafe
  • Runway ML
  • Fotor 
  • Wombs Dream
  • Disco Diffusion 

How does Jasper Art compare to some of its alternatives?

Jasper Art vs Dalle-2: Both generate quality images based on the description you give in the input text. You can also use parameters to improve output to suit your needs. However, Jasper is better at generating faces, which is a common challenge other AI image generators face.

Jasper Art vs Stable Diffusion: Stable Diffusion still needed a lot of improvement.  Its images are of lower quality compared to Jasper Art. For example, Jasper Art generates high-quality images that look like human artwork, while some of the images Stable Diffusion creates appear blurry with little artistic design.

Jasper Art vs Midjourney: Midjourney is a close alternative to Jasper Art, but again its images aren’t sharp and catchy like Jasper Art. It’s suitable if you’re on a low budget and just need to generate images of your own. 

What I Like About Jasper Art 

Its ability to generate faces fascinates me. Not like it will generate it 100% exactly, but will come close.

Take a look at the image it created about Elon Musk.

Another is that it complements the AI writing assistant. So it can help me write content and also generate unique images. I don’t have to search and use images created by others on platforms like Unsplash, and Pixabay. It keeps me away from the risk of using images with copyright issues, which is like when one downloads images from Google.

FAQs on Jasper Art

This product is new, and you’re likely to have some questions that bother you, especially if you haven’t used AI image generators before.

Is Jasper Art Free?

No, it isn’t free. It costs $20/month for a single user. It also has an annual plan which costs $200/year. So you save 17% of what you pay monthly.

Is Jasper Art part of Jasper AI Writing Assistant?

No, it’s just an add-on meant to help you generate your own images fast. You pay for it separately.

You can also use Jasper Art and decide not to use Jasper AI writer. It’s up to you. 

Final Thought on Jasper Art

This new product from Jasper is a game changer when it comes to generating your own unique and original image. I recommend it to anyone that needs original and unique images for their content marketing.

It’s more advanced compared to other AI image generators. And above all, you can sell your images and recover the money you invested in the tool.

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