The conversational way of using AI to generate content is on the rise. A few weeks after OpenAI, the owners of ChatGPT released their product, Jasper, another popular AI writing tool, responded with Jasper Chat. 

Many fans of AI tools are eager to see what Jasper Chat offers in comparison to ChatGPT.

I guess you are also, and that’s why you want to read a review of Jasper Chat. 

I have already jumped on this new product, explored it, and engaged the AI in conversation to generate ideas, ask questions, and do other things one would want to do with an interactive AI tool. 

In this Jasper Chat review, I share my experience with you while comparing it to ChatGPT, which many content marketers are exploring.

Features Of Jasper Chat 

Let us look at the features of Jasper Chat.

1. Vast Knowledge On Advanced & Niche Topics

One thing I noticed is that Jasper Chat has a vast knowledge of advanced and niche topics. I’m not surprised because Jasper AI writing tool has been around for a while now, and it has learned from billions of articles, videos, transcripts, or any other form of content published on the internet. It is like the case of a Jasper AI writer feeding Jasper Chat based on what it knows.

For example, I asked Jasper Chat to give me a list of a blog about Home & Gardening.

Below is what I got:

Jasper Chat generates list of blog ideas

It did a great job because these are lists of blog topics one can write in the home and gardening niche. 

I also asked Jasper Chat to write an engaging blog post intro on how to care for a house plant.

Below is what I got:

Jasper Chat writes an engaging blog intro

It’s similar to how a human can write a blog intro on this same topic.

2. User-friendly Interface

Chatting with Jasper Chat to generate content is like chatting with a friend on Facebook, Instagram or interacting with a chatbot. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. 

It’s like two-way communication when you ask a question and someone responds with answers.

3. Generate Content In 29 Languages 

Jasper Chat allows you to interact with the AI in 29 different languages. So you don’t have to worry if popular languages like English, Spanish, French, and German aren’t your native language. What I see here is Jasper making almost the same number of languages available on Jasper AI writer on Jasper Chat.

4. Send Jasper Chat To A Document To Complete Your Workflow 

This is where you can combine Jasper AI, Jasper Art, and Jasper Chat in your workflow.

Let’s say you created a workflow and want Jasper Chat to complete it. Just send it to the document and take the following steps:

Generate ideas using Jasper AI Writer

 Each of the ideas is what you want to cover in your document. Copy them and paste them on Jasper Chat and ask the AI to generate content. Again, copy what Jasper Chat generates and paste it into your document. Repeat the process for each of the ideas. 

Polish your content 

Here, you format the content in the document using Jasper AI Writer. You can bold sentences, change the font, and fix all grammatical and spelling errors to ensure your content is ready for publishing. Next is to use Jasper Art to generate images that will add value to your content. Click on Add Image icon to select images you have generated from Jasper and upload them to your document. 

Scale up your content 

After polishing your content, and you think you need to cover more ground, no worries! You can scale it by switching to the document mode and compose more sentences by placing your cursor where exactly you want it.

Pros Of Jasper Chat 

  • It doesn’t cost credit for now. This is unlike the Jasper AI writer, which charges credit to generate content. I guess the Jasper team wants to compete favorably with ChatGPT, which is also free for now. 
  • Offers a 5-day free trial, however, you have to enter your credit card details to use it. 
  • Supports you to have conversations with Jasper Chat in 29 different languages
  • Learning model is tailored to practical cases used in business such as marketing, sales, and other forms of content that help to grow your business.

Cons of Jasper Chat

  • It isn’t updated with real-time data.

 I asked Jasper Chat to tell me who won the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and below is what I got:

Jasper Chat data isn't updated real time

The FIFA World Cup will be hosted by Qatar from November 21 to December 18.

So you can see here that Jasper Chat isn’t updated with real-time data because the FIFA World Cup has ended and Argentina won it.

The same is true of ChatGPT.  I asked it the same question, and below is what I got:

ChatGPT isn't updated real-time

It isn’t updated in real-time, as it may take time for both to pick up the information on the web that Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

  • Can’t write a complete blog post. It’s expected because it isn’t an AI writer, but rather a conversational tool.

How Much Does Jasper Chat Cost?

Jasper Chat is included in the Boss Mode plan of Jasper, which starts at $59/month. So if you plan to use Jasper Chat, you have to subscribe to the Boss Mode Plan of Jasper. 

Does Usage Of Jasper Chat Count Against Your Credit?

No, Jasper Chat doesn’t count the credits you get when you subscribe to the Boss Mode Plan. This is temporary, and my understanding is that it may change in the future. The Jasper team wants to know how their target customers will welcome Jasper Chat. Another is that it will be hard to convince people to try it considering that its strong competitor ChatGPT is free. 

How Does Jasper Chat Work?

Jasper Chat works this way:

  • Login to your Boss Mode Plan
  • On the right-hand side of your dashboard, you will see Jasper Chat
How Jasper Chat works
  • Click on it to start a conversation with the AI
  • Ask Jasper Chat a question or state a command you want it to carry out

Example: I asked Jasper Chat to state ideas to sell Mercedes-Benz this holiday season.

Below is the screenshot of its response:

  • Clarify the information it provides and refine questions to get more detailed answers

For instance, you can ask Jasper Chat to shorten a paragraph it generated to a sentence.

How Is Jasper Chat Different From ChatGPT?

Jasper Chat is different from ChatGPT in the following ways:

1. Specialty 

Jasper Chat learning model is built for business cases like marketing, sales, and other forms of content aimed at growing Your business. ChatGPT seems like Jack-of-all-trades. While testing it, I used it to generate content in sports, education, business, etc.

This makes it unfit for businesses that want AI generative tools that do well in sales and marketing content. 

2. Model

ChatGPT is built from OpenAI. While Jasper sources from OpenAI for Jasper Chat, it combines other models like Neo X, T5, and Boom. This accounts for why Jasper Chat is tailored to generic languages used in business and marketing. 

FAQs on Jasper Chat Review 

Let’s look at some questions you ask about Jasper Chat 

What Is Jasper Chat?

Jasper Chat is a chat-style interface from Jasper that allows you to engage the AI in a conversation and generate AI-written content. Jasper in a quick response to what OpenAI did with, ChatGPT released its version of the conversational tool to make it easy to converse with Jasper as you would do with a human assistant.

However, its learning model came with something different in that it focuses on business cases like marketing and sales. This is what ChatGPT lags behind in. 

Are Jasper Chat and ChatGPT better than Google?

No, they can’t be better than Google. Both AI conversational tools learn from content on search engines like Google. Also, they don’t cite sources or provide images, which most content on Google are known for.


Having seen what Jasper Chat has to offer, the question now is: Is it better than ChatGPT?

It depends on what you want. Jasper Chat learning model is business case focused. This means that it does better at business, marketing, and sales content.

I recommend it if your content aims to promote your business and make sales. Then go for ChatGPT if you want a generic AI conversational tool that has something to offer in any type of content.

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