Jasper AI vs KoalaWriter

With their ability to write high-quality content and beginner-friendly interface, Jasper AI and KoalaWriter are two of the best AI writing tools many content marketers use. 

But the headache now is to choose which is the best between the two. 

Thus, the question: Jasper AI vs KoalaWriter, which is the best?

As a blogger who uses AI writing tools to boost productivity, I have tested both.

 I shared my findings with you in this Jasper AI vs KoalaWriter review, so you can choose the best.

Comparison Table of Jasper AI vs KoalaWriter

Jasper AIKoalaWriter
Best forWriting any type of contentWriting SEO blog post
Content qualityGenerates high-quality contentGenerates high-quality content
No. of templates50+5
Supported languages30+ input and output languages ( Translates from one language to another)50+ languages ( Doesn’t translate)
Word limitsUnlimited words for all plansEach plan has limits of words you can generate monthly
Image generatorHas Jasper Art image generatorHas an image generator
Free tools Paraphrasing, Paragraph Rewrite, and Sentence Rewrite toolsParaphrasing, Final Draft, Introduction Generator, Meta Description and Generator tools
SEOIntegrates with Surfer SEOHas an in-built AI SEO tool
Pricing plansStarts at $49/monthStarts at $9/month
Money-back guarantee7-day money-back guaranteeThis is subject to word usage
BonusWrite 10,000 words free with Jasper AIWrite 5,000 words free with KoalaWriter

Jasper AI Features 

  • 50+ templates to write different types of content
  • Jasper Chat which operates like ChatGPT 
  • Chrome extension to jump on Jasper from your PC without logging into your account 
  • Write in 30+ input and out languages 
  • Jasper Art to generate unique images 
  • Library of Free Tools like Paraphrasing, Paragraph Rewrite, and Sentence Rewrite tools
  • Business plan for brands that want personalized and customized features
  •  Integration with Surfer SEO, Grammarly, Zapier, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Big Query, Webflow, Make, and Google Chrome. 
  • Jasper API which allows businesses to integrate Jasper into their applications or offerings.

KoalaWriter Features

  • 5 Article Types which are similar to templates 
  • Write in 50+ languages 
  • AI-Powered SEO Analysis 
  • Integration with Google Sheets, WordPress 
  • Koala API which allows businesses to connect KoalaWriter into their offerings and applications 
  • Free tools like Paraphrasing, Final Draft, Introduction Generator, Meta Description Generator tools, and lots more
  • AI Stock Image Generator to generate unique images
  • KoalaChat which is similar to ChatGPT 

Jasper AI Pros and Cons

Pros: What I like about Jasper AI 

  • Writes high-quality long-form and short-form content 
  • You can use it to write any type of content including blog posts, books, sales and marketing copy
  • Write unlimited words
  • Has a free trial that allows you to write up to 10,000 words free
  • Has a 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers discount for yearly plan
  • Supports brand voice which makes it easier for businesses to create content in their brand voice 
  • There is Jasper Academy that teaches you all need to write high-quality content using Jasper 
  • Has responsive customer service 

Cons: What I don’t like about Jasper AI 

  • Free trial requires a credit card 
  • Pricing plans are affordable 
  • KoalaWriter Pros and Cons 
  • Pros: What I like about KoalaWriter 
  • Writes high-quality SEO blog post
  • Has a free trial that allows you to write up to 5000 words
  • Has an in-built SEO Analyzer 
  • Supports tone of voice- write in custom, friendly, formal, excited, professional and other tone of voices
  • Pricing plans are pocket-friendly 

Cons: What I don’t like about KoalaWriter

  • Don’t support input and output languages
  • There are limits to the words you can write for each of the plans 
  • Integrates with fewer tools
  • Refunds are subject to usage of the service 

Jasper Pricing Plan 

Jasper AI has 3 different pricing plans:

Jasper AI pricing plans

Creator Plan – It costs $49/month for monthly billing and $39/month for yearly billing.

Team Plan – It costs $125/month for monthly billing and $99/month for yearly billing.

Business Plan – This is a custom pricing that requires you to contact the sales team.

KoalaWriter Pricing Plan

KoalaWriter has 9 different pricing plans:

Essential Plan – Costs $9/month 

Starter Plan – Costs $25/month

Professional Plan – Costs $49/month

koalawriter pricing plans

Boost Plan – Costs $99/month

Growth Plan – Costs $179/month

Elite Plan – Costs $350/month

Scale I Plan – Costs $750/month

Scale II Plan – Costs $1250/month 

Scale III Plan – Costs $2000/month

koalawriter scale prcing plans

Jasper AI vs KoalaWriter: Comparison of key features that matter in AI writing tool

Let’s compare Jasper AI and KoalaWriter based on core features you should look for in an AI writing tool

1. Template

Jasper AI has over 50 templates to write different forms of content. These templates are meant to guide you to content that suits your needs.

 For example, there are templates for blog posts, YouTube video scripts, creative stories, AIDA framework, Facebook and Google Ad headlines, LinkedIn bio, sales and marketing copy, product description, etc. 

Below is a screenshot of some Jasper templates:

jasper ai templates

For example, I use the YouTube video script template to write scripts for my faceless YouTube videos and the output is great. I just make a few edits to give a human vibe and boom my video script is ready.

The video below shows you how Jasper templates work:

KoalaWriter has Article Types which are the same as templates. You can write blog posts, Amazon product round-ups, Amazon single product reviews, and YouTube videos to blog posts and Rewrite blog posts. 

I tried the Blog Post Article Type to see what it comes up with.

I entered ” How to lose weight” as my target keyword, set it on default, and my tone of voice to be SEO optimized, and my language ( English US) country as the United States. I set my point of view as Second Person, enabling other options that I think will help KoalaWriter generate high-quality content outline for me. And I finally hit generate. 

See the outline it generated:

Koalawriter generates content outline

Everything looked good to me and I clicked Write Article.

Within a few minutes, KoalaWriter generates a blog post of 2000+ words on how to lose weight.

Take a snippet of it:

sample of article Koalawriter generates

The article looks good but requires minor editing to give it a human touch.

Interestingly, KoalaWriter allows you to copy, download, or create a draft on WordPress with the articles it generates for you.

The process is similar to that of Jasper when using the blog post template. Just like KoalaWriter, Jasper also writes long-form content. 

Verdict: Jasper AI wins

It has more templates than KoalaWriter. While Koala’s 5 Article Types ( templates) focuses on writing informational, and commercial blog posts, Jasper has 50+ templates that you can use to write almost any type of content including blog posts, e-books, product descriptions, sales and marketing copy, etc.

2. Word Usage

Word usage refers to how many words you are allowed to generate monthly for any AI writing tool you choose. In Jasper, there is no limitation. All the plans allow you to write unlimited words. The story is different on KoalaWriter as there is a limit for each of the plans. For example, the Essential plan which costs $9/month has a limit of 15,000 words. Also, the Starter plan which costs $25/month has a limitation of 45,000 words. So for someone who wants to generate content without limits, Jasper would be a good option.

Verdict: Jasper wins. Unlimited words, unlike KoalaWriter that has limits.

3. Supported Languages

Jasper supports writing in 30+ languages and KoalaWriter in 50+. This is cool, but there is a difference here. Jasper has input and output languages.

jasper input and output languages

This means you can feed the AI information in English and have it generate content in Spanish. KoalaWriter lacks this feature which content marketers who target audiences in different languages care about.

Verdict: Jasper wins with its input and output language feature

4. Long-form Content 

Both Jasper and KoalaWriter generate long-form content. KoalaWriter can generate up to 5,000 words at once. I had to hit the stop button when I used it to generate an article on how to lose weight. 

Same with Jasper AI, from the document feature, you can write long-form content of over 3000 words. 

Verdict: No winner 

5. SEO Mode

KoalaWriter has an in-built AI-powered SEO tool. For any keyword you want to write, it analyses the top pages ranking for it and makes recommendations of what you should include in your article to stand a chance to rank top for such keywords. Such recommendations include the number of H2, H3, images, keywords that influence ranking, related keywords, and lots more. Jasper is equal to the task when it comes to SEO. Thanks to its integration with Surfer SEO. With Surfer, you can optimize the content Jasper generates for you without leaving your interface. Although it’s a paid tool that you have to purchase and then integrate with Jasper, it’s more advanced than KoalaWriter’s in-built SEO Analyzer.

 Here is why I said so:

Surfer gives you insight on the sites linking to your competitor which has helped them rank higher for a keyword. It has a SERP Analyzer, Content Editor, and recommends core and influential keywords that should be in your content to boost your content score. You can use it to audit an already published page and lots more. Read this article where I reviewed Surfer SEO.

KoalaWriter’s AI-powered SEO tool lags behind in all these except that it analyzes the top page and provides insights on core keywords you should include in your content.  

Verdict: Jasper wins. While KoalaWriter has a basic SEO feature, Jasper leverages its integration with Surfer to provide an advanced SEO tool to its users.

6. Chat Feature

Jasper AI and KoalaWriter have Chat features that operate like ChatGPT. You can ask questions, engage AI in conversation, and get helpful information. 

The interesting thing about them is that they give real-time information just like ChatGPT 4. 

For example, I asked KoalaChat which country won the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. It didn’t only give the accurate answer which is Spain. It also provided a source for me to learn more about it.


The difference is that you can only use Jasper Chat if you’re on the paid plan while KoalaChat doesn’t require you to have a paid account.

Verdict: KoalaChat wins. You can use it without subscribing to a paid plan. 

7. AI Image Generator 

Jasper has an AI image generator called Jasper Art. It’s an awesome tool you can use to generate images for your content. I have used it to generate images and below are some samples of what it generates:

Jasper art generated images

Its Image quality is of high quality and can be compared to that of Midjourney. However, it’s a free tool. You have to subscribe to any of the paid plans of Jasper to use Jasper Art.

You can read this article where I compared Jasper Art to Midjourney.

KoalaWriter also has an AI image generator as one of its free tools. Unlike Jasper Art which includes it in the pricing plans, KoalaWriter made its AI image generator a free tool. This means you can use it without subscribing to any of its pricing plans. However, the quality of images it generates is low compared to what you get from Jasper Art.

In addition, Jasper Art generates 4 variant of image prompt for you to choose from while Koala generates only one.

For example, I asked KoalaWriter’s AI image generator to generate an image of an old woman blogging, and below is the output:

Koalawriter AI image generator

You can see that the quality is low. Also, I noticed that there aren’t many options to customize the prompt you feed the AI image generator. 

Verdict: Jasper Art wins. Though it’s free the quality of images it generates is superb which matters when it comes to image generation. In addition, it has lots of customization features. 

8. Ease Of Use

Jasper AI and KoalaWriter have beginner-friendly user interfaces. Once you login into your account, you can start generating images right away. The features are self-explanatory. On Jasper, the templates will guide you on how to generate content. Same is true on KoalaWriter using the Article Type feature. 

Verdict: No winner. Both have great user and beginner-friendly interfaces.

9. Chrome Extension 

To boost productivity Jasper AI developed its Chrome extension to save users the stress of login into their account to generate content. With the Chrome extension, you can just connect your account and use it to generate content from your PC with just a click. KoalaWriter also has a Chrome extension that you can install, and use to generate content without logging into your KoalaWriter account.

Verdict: No winner. Both have Chrome extensions.

10. Integration

AI writing tools integrating with other marketing tools help to boost your productivity. Jasper Integrates with Surfer SEO, Grammarly, WordPress, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Webflow, Make, Zapier, and even has an API which y, and you can use to integrate it into your applications and systems.

jasper ai integrations

KoalaWriter also Integrates with other marketing tools but just a few. It Integrates with Google Sheets, WordPress and also has an API. 

Verdict: Jasper AI wins. It Integrates with more marketing tools. The integration with Zapier is a gateway to connect plenty of third-party apps to your account. 

11. Jasper vs KoalaWriter: Cost

Jasper has just 3 pricing plans while KoalaWriter has 9 different pricing plans. Jasper’s Creator plan costs $49/month while KoalaWriter’s Essential plan which costs $9/month is the least. Looking at it, it may seem that Jasper is more expensive than KoalaWriter. But it isn’t actually because KoalaWriter has a plan called Scale III which costs $2000/month. It isn’t even a custom feature. Jasper has a business plan which is a custom plan, and you must have requested more personalized features for you to be charged up to $2,000/month.

Verdict: No winner

12. Free Plan

KoalaWriter has a one-time free plan that allows you to write up to 5,000 words. Jasper doesn’t have a free plan but a free trial that allows you to write up to 1000 words free, and it requires your credit card details.

Verdict: KoalaWriter wins. Has a free plan that doesn’t require credit card details. 

13. Community 

One of the best places to learn about how to use AI writing tools like a pro is the community. Jasper AI community on Facebook is active with over 70k users. You learn about the latest features on Jasper, and how fellow content marketers use Jasper for their projects. You can ask questions and get helpful responses from the Jasper team. KoalaWriter also has a community on Discord. Join using this invite link. The activities there are the same as the Jasper community.

Verdict: No winner. Both have active communities.

Jasper AI vs KoalaWriter On Reddit 

I jumped on Reddit to get a feel of what other users who have compared Jasper and KoalaWriter have to say. Many Jasper users on Reddit use it for blog posts, social media content, and business and marketing copy, and highly recommend it. However, they all agree that you have to edit your content to give it a human vibe. Some are of the opinion that Jasper Academy and the Facebook community are great places to learn how to use Jasper as a pro. 

On the same Reddit, many users free KoalaWriter for one-click SEO blog posts. According to reviews of some users I read, the in-built AI SEO tool is the game changer as you can use it to optimize your blog post without spending money on tools like Surfer SEO or Writerzen.

What Is KoalaWriter?

KoalaWriter is one of the best AI writing tools for SEO. Its interface is similar to Jasper AI and you can use it to mainly write SEO blogs meant to generate leads and drive affiliate sales. It has an in-built AI SEO tool, a free image generator, and other tools to help you generate high-quality and optimized content. 

What is the alternative to KoalaWriter?

Jasper is the closest alternative to KoalaWriter. In terms of high-quality content, it is a perfect match. Even the price of Jasper AI is a bit similar to KoalaWriter. 

What are Jasper AI alternatives?

Below are some Jasper alternatives:

Writesonic – Read this article where I compared it to Jasper

Rytr – Read this article where I compared Jasper to Rytr

Copy AI – Read this article where I compared it to Jasper

Content At Scale – Read this article where I compared Content at Scale to Jasper

Scalenut – Read this article where I compared it to Jasper

Final thought on Jasper AI vs KoalaWriter

Jasper AI and KoalaWriter are superb AI copywriting tools in their different ways. From my experience, Jasper is more advanced as you can use it to write any type of content. KoalaWriter is best for writing SEO blog posts.

 So making a choice depends on what you want. 

For any you prefer, start with a free plan to decide if it meets your requirements before committing your money.

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