Jasper.ai vs ClosersCopy

Looking for an AI copywriting tool that can write high-quality copy and doesn’t know which to choose from Jasper.ai vs ClosersCopy?

No worries! I have tried both writing tools and I share my experience with you in the comparison I did in this blog post. 

My aim is to help you make an informed decision as to which of them suits you based on your needs.


4.8/5 Rating


50+ templates to write any type of content, write in 24 languages, high-quality short & long-form content, integrates with Surfer SEO, team collaboration, plagiarism & grammar fix

Ease of Use:

Easy to use, beginner-friendly, offers a free course to guide you


Creators Plan costs $49/month to generate unlimited words while Team Plan costs $125/month to generate unlimited words. There is also a business plan that has custom pricing – it requires you to contact the sales team of Jasper.


Yes, 16% discount for yearly plans


4.5/5 Rating


300+ framework for marketing copy, write in major global languages, high-quality short & long-form copy, team collaboration

Ease of Use:

Easy to use, the interface is beginner-friendly


(Power plan – $49.99/month) (Superpower Plan – $79.99/month) (Superpower squad Plan – $99.99/month)


Yes, 30% discount for yearly plans

Jasper.ai vs ClosersCopy[ Comparison Table]

Templates50+ advanced templates that cover any type of writing( New templates are added monthly for users on Boss Mode Plan)300 frameworks that focus mainly on marketing copy
Supported languages24 input and 26 output languages (Translates your content from one language to another)120+ languages ( Relies on Google translation API to translate content)
Recipes( Step by Step Guide To Write Various Content)Featured recipes + Recipes from the communityRecipes from the tool creator and from the community
Bootcamp ( Full-blown course)YesNo
Voice dictationYes(on Mac & Windows)No
SEO toolIntegrates with SurferSEO to optimize your long-form copy to rank for competitive keywordsHas an in-built feature called Compete that analyzes top-ranking pages for a topic
Long-form copyYes and you can command Jasper to write it for you. High-quality and original copy that ranks on Google and other search enginesYes (High-quality copy that ranks on search engines)
Plagiarism checkIntegrates with CopyScape to check plagiarismDoesn’t integrate with any plagiarism tool
AI Image generatorYes, Jasper ArtNo
Grammar fixIntegrates with Grammarly to fix grammatical errors. This service is free for users on Boss Mode PlanNo integration with any grammar tool
AI TechnologyGPT-3 + large database of words and phrases on the internetSelf-owned AI technology
Keyboard shortcutsYes, offers more shortcut commandsYes
Long-Form ContentYes, has a Paragraph GeneratorYes, has a Draft feature
Free trialYes, 10,000 bonus creditNo
Refund5-day money-back guarantee14-day money-back guarantee
Collaboration toolsYes + Group video callYes
Supports brand voiceYesNo
Customer supportYes, on its active Facebook community of 50K+ members. Jasper team including the co-founder Dave Rogenmoser offer answers to questions that bother you. You can shoot an email and get a response within 8 hoursOffers support through email. Facebook community of 10k plus members
Ratings and Review On Trustpilot2,021 reviews as of now and a 4.8/5 rating4 reviews as of now and a 2.7/5 rating
Pricing plans Creators Plan costs $49/month to generate unlimited words while Team Plan costs $125/month to generate unlimited words. There is also a business plan that has custom pricing – it requires you to contact the sales team of Jasper.Power Plan($49.99/month) Superpower Plan ($79.99/month) Superpower squad Plan (99.99/month)

Which is the best Copy AI between Jasper.ai and ClosersCopy?  [ My Verdict]

Jasper.ai is the best when it comes to important features you need high-quality content of any form and that gives it an edge over ClosersCopy. Its 50+ templates are advanced and cover any type of writing.

ClosersCopy has 300 frameworks that tend to favor only marketing copy. Jasper’s Boss Mode Plan is a game-changer, as it allows you to command Jasper to write for you using voice dictation.

It integrates with SurferSEO which beats ClosersCopy’s Compose when it comes to optimizing long-form copy to rank for target and competitive keywords.

In addition, Jasper.ai has a huge database of words and phrases on the internet, hence the reason it does better at writing high-quality long-form copy. Thanks to its GPT-3 technology, which is higher than the self-owned AI technology of ClosersCopy. 

Bottom line: Jasper is suitable for all types of content, while Closerscopy is best for marketing copy only.

Below are some testimonials from Jasper users on the Facebook community:

Pricing Plan Of Jasper and ClosersCopy

Jasper AI offers 3 pricing plans: 

Creator Plan, Team Plan, and Business Plan

Jasper ai pricing plans

How much is Jasper AI per month?

The Creator Plan costs $49/month and is for individuals, freelancers, and small businesses that want Jasper to generate high-quality content that is tailored to their brand voice.

Below are its core features:

  • Unlimited word generation 
  • 1 seat
  • 50+ templates 
  • 1 brand voice 
  • 50 memories 
  • Plus everything in the Free plan

The Team plan costs $125/month and is best for large teams and agencies that want to generate and repurpose content that is tailored to their brand voice for marketing campaigns. 

Here are its core features:

  • Generate unlimited words per month 
  • 3 brand voice
  • 150 memories
  • Workflows and documents
  • 3 seats with the option to buy more
  • Plus everything you get in the Creator Plan

The Business Plan has custom pricing, and it’s suitable for businesses that want customized features tailored to their workflow.

Here are its core features:

  • Unlimited memories 
  • Unlimited number of brand voice 
  • For teams that need up to 10 seats with SSO 
  • Unlimited words generated by AI
  • Plus everything you get in the Team Plan

You get a 20% discount when you subscribe to the annual plan.

Jasper AI annual pricing

For the Creator Plan, you pay $39/month

For the Team Plan, you pay $99/month

ClosersCopy has 3 pricing plans:

Power Plan- $49.99/month,

Superpower Plan – $79.99/month,

Superpower squad Plan – $99.99/month.

closerscopy pricing plans

The difference here is that ClosersCopy has only one unlimited plan while two of its plans have a fixed number of words you can write monthly.

Pros of Jasper.ai 

  • Has advanced templates 
  • Offers a free trial 
  • Has content creation recipes from top content marketers 
  • Offers support via its active Facebook community of over 50k members 
  • Flexible pricing plan
  • Writes  high-quality long-form copy
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Has shortcut keys 
  • 5-day money-back guarantee 

Cons of Jasper.ai

  • You can  write long-form copy only if you upgrade to the Boss Mode Plan
  • No in-built thesaurus 

Pros of ClosersCopy 

  • Easy to use
  • 14-day money-back guarantee 
  • It’s multilingual 
  • Has keyboard shortcuts 
  • Offers plenty templates 
  • Has an in-built thesaurus
  • Over 300 frameworks 
  • Has a Facebook community 

Cons of ClosersCopy

  • Doesn’t support voice dictation
  •  No integration with advanced tools that help you write high-quality copy
  • No free trial 
  • Customer support is poor based on Trustpilot reviews 

What is Jasper.ai ( Formerly Jarvis.ai)?

Jasper.ai is an AI copywriting tool built on GPT-3 technology that helps you write high-quality content of any form with ease.


Dave Rogenmoser, the creator of this tool with the help of top content marketers and SEO experts trained Jasper on how to write like a human.

Its features are top-notch and that has made it the choice of over 50,000 content and copywriters. The interface is beginner-friendly and you have advanced templates that can help you get started with any kind of copy you want to write. 

Features of Jasper.ai 

1. Templates 

Jasper.ai has over 50 pre-made templates. These templates have various fields like audience, target keyword, and a lot more to guide you towards writing high-quality content.

Jasper.ai templates

If you subscribe to the Boss Mode plan, you get new templates monthly. 

Jasper recently rolled out an update on its Boss Mode plan features. It increased the input text boxes in templates from 600 to 800 characters.

That’s a 33% increase that will allow you to add more inputs for Jasper to generate output for you. It also added a template for Tiktok video captions to help you create funny, persuasive, and eye-catching captions for your Tiktok videos in seconds. 

2. Languages 

Languages on Jasper are divided into two; input and output languages. There are 24 input languages for you to type in and 26 output languages for Jasper to write in.

Jasper.ai supported languages

This implies that Jasper can translate your copy from one language to another. 

3. Boss Mode

This is the heartbeat of Jasper AI. Just like the name sounds, it is the plan that offers all the advanced features you need to write like a Boss.

Starting from Integration with SurferSEO, Copyscape, and Grammarly to commanding the Jasper Assistant to write long-form copy for you, the Boss Mode has been the game changer and places Jasper above other AI copywriting tools.

You can write original high-quality long-form copy in minutes. The AI does 80% of the work while you put in 20% effort to fine-tune the copy to suit your needs. 

4. Long-form 

When it comes to writing long-form copy, Jasper is a wizard. It can write thousands of words without plagiarising.

Users on the Boss Mode plan can command the AI assistant to write using voice dictation. Whether you want to write a blog post, report, business proposal, books, and more, Jasper got you covered. 

5. SurferSEO Integration 

Surfer SEO is one of the best SEO tools which many webmasters use. Jasper.ai in its bid to ensure that you optimize your copy to rank on search engines partnered with Surfer to allow you to integrate with Jasper and optimize your copy within the Jasper interface.

Watch the video below to see how to use SurferSEO to optimize the content you write with Jasper.

Bear in mind that your subscription to Jasper.ai doesn’t cover the use of Surfer SEO as a tool. You have to subscribe to it and then connect to Jasper.ai. 

6. Jasper Art

Jasper officially launched its AI image generator – Jasper Art on August 19, 2022. The aim is for you to turn your imagination into awesome original, unique, and quality images that will complement your content.

This is an add-on, so you gotta pay to use it. The price, for now, is $20/per month per user. And you can generate unlimited images per month. However, Jasper is likely to change this price when its billing cycle for this product is ready.

A few days after Jasper Art was launched, a lot of Jasper users were on the waitlist, including me. Those on the annual plan were given preference to first have access to it. 

However, developers at Jasper did the magic and opened it to all paying customers. So as a Jasper user, you can now have access to Jasper Art. 

This is an add-on, so you gotta pay to use it. The price is $20/month per user. And you can generate unlimited images per month.

So if you are on the Boss mode plan and want to use Jasper Art, it is $59/month for AI writing + $20/month for Jasper Art = $79/month

Note: It’s not compulsory to sign up for Jasper Art. You can subscribe to the AI writing tool only.

You can also decide to subscribe to Jasper Art alone and just pay $20/month/user. It’s up to you. 

Below are some images Jasper users created with Jasper Art:

Pencil sketch of a cat

pencil sketch of a cat created by Jasper Art

Simply EV charger 

Image of Simple EV charger created with Jasper Art

Plain cheesecake

Plain cheesecake created with Jasper Art

Here is an article where I reviewed Jasper Art 

7. Voice Dictation

This feature allows you to use voice to command Jasper to write for you. It works on Mac and Windows PC. When you enable voice dictation on your PC, use the shortcut which you have set to activate it on your document on Jasper. Then you can use voice to tell Jasper.ai what to do for you. 

8. Plagiarism Check 

Although Jasper.ai doesn’t plagiarize, it integrates with Copyscape, a popular plagiarism checker to ensure that you can cross-check your copy to be sure it is original.

Again, Jasper.ai doesn’t cover the cost of using Copyscape. You have to subscribe to it and integrate it with Jasper.ai. However, Jasper.ai has a deal with Copyscape that offers discounts to users who want to integrate it with Jasper.ai. 

9. Grammar Fix

Grammatical errors are likely to happen as you fine-tune and tweak your copy to suit your needs. That’s why Jasper.ai integrates with Grammarly, a top grammar tool that fixes all grammatical errors in your copy. This service is free for users on the Boss Mode Plan. 

10. Collaboration 

This helps you work with your team on large writing projects. Content marketing agencies will find it useful. Apart from assigning tasks to team members and setting permissions, you can have a group video call where you evaluate the progress made so far on a project. 

11. Keyboard Shortcuts 

There are keyboard shortcuts on Jasper that help you write fast and also save you time. Some of them are: 

  • Command/ Control + J = Compose
  • Command/Control + / = Re-run the last command 
  • Command/Control + Enter = Run a Jasper command 

12. Recipes

These are pre-built workflows that act as templates to guide you on the steps to write any form of content on Jasper faster.

To access Jasper’s recipes, you have to upgrade to the Boss Mode plan. On your dashboard, click on Recipe and you see featured recipes. If you’re not cool with the featured recipes, you can find more using the URL to Jasper recipes from the community. 

13. Jasper Brand Voice

This feature is available on the Jasper Business plan and is for businesses to use Jasper to generate content that conforms with their brand voices. 

It takes into account 3 core identities of any business:

Knowledge: The product and service you offer to your target audience

Tone: How your brand sounds like and the best ways to use it to win over a potential customer

Style: Writing style that makes it easier for your audience to recognize you anywhere. It could be grammar, punctuation, verbiage, etc

14. Jasper API

With Jasper API, you can now integrate Jasper into your CMS, workflow, or app to create branded content at scale. This feature is also available to Jasper Business plan users only just like Jasper Brand Voice. Tech partners are also welcome to collaborate with Jasper and have the API integrated into their systems. 

15. Jasper Campaign

Jasper just launched a new feature that allows businesses to create marketing campaigns tailored to their brand voice.
Once you login into your Jasper account, you will see the campaign tab on the left side panel. Click create a campaign and enter the campaign brief which serves as a guide.

Choose the assets you will need for your campaign – Google text ad, blog post, press release, landing page, etc. Within a few minutes, Jasper will output the asset you need based on your brief and according to your brand voice.
This feature is available on all paid plans of Jasper and is a game-changer for businesses that find it hard to create marketing campaigns that will convert to sales.

16. Customer Support 

Its Facebook community with over 50,000 members is the best place to get support. I’m part of it. You connect with fellow Jasper users who share their wins writing with Jasper.

You can ask questions and get helpful answers from fellow Jasper users, group experts who are part of the Jasper team, and even from Dave Rogenmoser, the co-founder of Jasper.

There are plenty of video tutorials and articles that can help you resolve issues. The Bootcamp is also there for you to learn how to write like a pro with Jasper. Also, you can shoot them an email and get a response in a few hours. 

What is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting tool that focuses more on helping digital marketers and small businesses create long-form marketing copy that can convert to sales.

Closerscopy AI

Nico Engler, who is the creator of this tool is a renowned copywriter and has worked with other top content marketers to train ClosersCopy on how to create high-quality sales copy.

The tool developed its AI writing technology and offers advanced features geared at creating an original copy. For example, It offers 300 marketing frameworks that are the same as templates and has an intuitive user interface. 

Features of ClosersCopy 

1. Compose 

This is an optimization feature that informs you on the steps you need to take to ensure that your long-form copy ranks on search engines for target keywords.

You can search for the topic you want to rank for and it will show you the pages ranking for it with a breakdown of their outlines.

You see the number of words, sentences, paragraphs, H tags each of the pages contains. The question tab shows you the question people ask about such a topic.

It gives insight into the number of times each word appeared, and the number of images in each of the ranking pages. 

2. Compete

You use this feature to generate different headlines which are related to the keyword you entered. Sometimes the headlines might not make sense. But it gives an idea and with a little tweak, you can have a catchy headline.

3. Workflow 

These are step-by-step guides on how you can write your copy on ClosersCopy. ClosersCopy users create these workflows to help others since they have achieved results with them.

Nico Engler, the founder of this tool has his own workflows and one of them is a guide to writing a blog post. Also, there are workflows from community members.

4. Languages 

 ClosersCopy is multilingual. It supports you to write in 120+ languages. This means that it covers many major languages around the world.

ClosersCopy supported languages

5. Framework 

There are over 300 frameworks that are the same as templates. These frameworks are well organized so you can find them using the search bar or under categories. 

6. Long-form Copy 

You can write long-form copy. The creative command which ranges from 0 to100 will help generate a group of words that can fit in your outlines. 

7. Thesaurus 

This functions like a mini-dictionary inside ClosersCopy. You can find synonyms and antonyms to words in your copy. 

8. Wizard Tool

The wizard tool helps you to get started with direct response copy if you don’t know how to go about it. There is a template that guides you including insights from experts on what should be in your copy. 

9. Collaboration 

The collaboration feature allows you to assign tasks to team members and set permission. 

10. Shortcuts 

ClosersCopy has keyboard shortcuts you can use when creating, formatting, and editing your copy. This is for convenience and productivity purposes.

11. Draft

This is a new feature that allows you to write over 1500 high-quality blog posts in minutes. It is similar to the paragraph generator which Jasper.ai launched not long ago. When you have an outline, format it into H1 and H2 headings. Open the Draft feature and click on build draft from canvas, which reads the formatted headlines and put them into your draft blog. Click on it and you have your draft outline.

Then fill your formatted H1 and H2 headings in the appropriate spaces. Use the slider to see the number of words you want to write. Click on schedule and within 2 minutes, a draft is generated. Remove the outlines from the canvas and click the plus icon. That’s it! Your new draft is ready on the canvas for you to read and review. 

11. Customer Support 

It offers support via email. There are tutorial videos that show you how to use all features. It has a Facebook community where you connect with other content writers who write with ClosersCopy. 

Similarities [ Jasper.ai vs ClosersCopy]

Now you know the features of these two top AI copywriting tools, now it’s time to look at how similar their features are.

1. SEO Optimization 

ClosersCopy has the Compose feature which is an in-built tool that helps you optimize your copy while Jasper.ai integrates with SurferSEO for the same purpose.

The goal is to rank for competitive keywords or outrank your competition. You don’t need to pay separately for Compose since it is an in-built tool on ClosersCopy.

The case is different with SurferSEO. You have to subscribe to it and integrate it with Jasper.ai. But SurferSEO is more advanced than Compose.

For example, It has Content Editor Extension, Free Outline Generator, Content Planner, Content Editor. All these are what Compose lacks and are key to being on track with your content SEO strategy.

2. Multilingual

Both support multiple languages and  Jasper.ai still has an edge despite that ClosersCopy supports more languages.

For example, Jasper.ai has input and output languages. It also developed its technology that translates your copy from one language to another. ClosersCopy relies on Google’s translation API to translate content. 

3. Templates & Frameworks 

Both offer templates. ClosersCopy has more templates which it calls frameworks and it tends to favor sales copy only.

Jasper.ai templates cover any type of content you want to write including sales copy, poems, songs, press releases, books, etc. These templates have fields that guide you on how to get started. 

4. Write Thousands Of Words 

ClosersCopy writes long-form copy and it supports this in all its plans. Jasper also writes long-form copy but it is only available on its Boss Mode Plan.

While ClosersCopy doesn’t support the use of voice commands to write, Jasper does.

5. Recipes & Workflows 

The function of these features is to guide you on how to write a copy using step by step strategy that worked for other writers. Jasper calls it Recipes while ClosersCopy calls it Workflows.

6. Shortcuts Commands

Both have keyboard shortcuts to help you write faster. However, Jasper.ai has more shortcut commands than  ClosersCopy. 

7. Money-Back Guarantee 

Jasper.ai gives a 5-day money-back guarantee while ClosersCopy offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can ask for a refund within the mentioned days after purchase and you will get a refund. 

8. Facebook Community 

Jasper.ai and ClosersCopy have Facebook communities where they interact and support their users.

While Jasper has an active Facebook community with 50,000+ members, ClosersCopy has 10,000+ members and its level of activity is low compared to Jasper.

Differences [ Jasper.ai vs ClosersCopy]

Jasper.ai and ClosersCopy are not equal in features. Below is what separates them.

1. Voice Dictation 

Jasper.ai supports voice dictation. Enable it on your Mac or Windows PC, and create a shortcut that you can use on a Jasper document to command the AI to write for you. ClosersCopy doesn’t support voice dictation.

2. Word Synonyms & Antonyms

ClosersCopy has the thesaurus function that highlights a word and finds its similar or opposite words.

This is helpful when writing long-form copy as you may have a need to use similar words instead of repeating the same word severally. Jasper doesn’t have this feature. 

3. AI Chat Conversation 

With ChatGPT seriously competing with Google, Jasper, and Writesonic knew they needed to respond to remain useful to their customers. Jasper launched its own AI conversational tool – Jasper Chat which is available to users on the Boss Mode plan.

ClosersCopy doesn’t have an AI chat conversational tool.

4. Free Trial  

Jasper.ai offers a free trial where you get 10,000 bonus credits to write any copy. This is for you to explore the tool and see if it is worth paying for. ClosersCopy doesn’t offer a free trial.

5. Lifetime Deal

ClosersCopy offers a lifetime deal. For the professional plan, you get it at a $237 one-time fee while the unlimited plan goes for $367. Jasper.ai doesn’t offer a lifetime deal.

6. Bootcamp

Jasper.ai has a Bootcamp which is a course that teaches you everything you need to know to write as an expert with Jasper. ClosersCopy doesn’t have a course on how to use its tool. 

7. AI Writing Technology 

ClosersCopy boasts of developing its own AI and doesn’t rely on GPT-3 technology which many AI copywriting tools run on.

Jasper.ai runs on GPT-3 technology and it appears it delivers more than ClosersCopy which brags of not relying on GPT-3.

For example, Jasper writes longer copy than ClosersCopy. Also, it has a huge database of words and phrases on the internet. 

8. AI Image generator 

Using AI to generate images is the new cool and Jasper understands this.

It has its own AI image generator – Jasper Art which allows you to create unique and original images to complement your content. With $20, you can generate unlimited number of images per month. ClosersCopy doesn’t have an AI image generator.

9. Reviews 

The reviews on Trustpilot, a top review site show a clear difference between Jasper.ai and ClosersCopy. Currently, Jasper.ai has 2,021 reviews with 4.8/5 ratings.

Jasper.ai reviews on Trustpilot

ClosersCopy has 4 reviews with 2.7/5 ratings. Many users of ClosersCopy complain of poor customer support.

ClosersCopy AI reviews on Trustpilot

How do you use ClosersCopy?

The following steps are how you can use ClosersCopy  to write long-form copy:

  • Choose a framework or template for the copy you want to write
  • Choose a language and set a tone
  • Use the compose feature to generate a headline
  • Create an outline 
  • Use the creative tool to generate a hook
  • Let the creative tool generate copy for each of the outlines 
  • Generate your conclusion

Alternatively, you can use the workflows from community members or the team at ClosersCopy to write your content 

Watch this short video to see how to use ClosersCopy to write a copy

How do you use Jasper.ai to write?

The process is similar to ClosersCopy:

  • Choose a template from the 50+ advanced templates
  • Choose a language, tone and fill in the appropriate fields
  • Enter your title or keyword to generate a headline
  • Use the headline to generate an outline
  • Enter each of the outlines to  generate a copy 
  • Guide Jasper to generate a conclusion 

If you subscribed to the Mode Boss Plan, you can use the voice dictation to command Jasper to write for you. 

Final thought on Jasper vs ClosersCopy

Both AI copywriting tools are good in their different ways. Although both have many similar features, Jasper.ai still has an edge over ClosersCopy.

From the comparison made with their features, ClosersCopy is more suitable for writing sales copy while Jasper.ai fits in for any kind of writing including sales copy.

But it’s up to you to compare their features side by side against your needs and decide which to settle for. 

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